Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Against Chris Christie

Freepers were never going to vote for an impure candidate after McCain. Then, they all voted for Romney, but that was the last time for sure!

Still, I may be naiive, but I do wonder what will happen in 2016. The organized opposition to the (Limbaugh-coined) GOP-e continues to grow, and it continues to urge Freepers to turn their hatred towards RINOS. You can see the growing 'let America burn' nihilism on Free Republic - will their paranoia reach the point that they don't even see tribes anymore, just Crus/Palin and a vast sea of evil?

Well, they're starting early ginning up some rage at Christie:

dforest will only vote if the Democrat is worse than Obama, something he is sure is impossible!
The DC GOP has ran out their chances with me. I despise Obama, so I voted for their moderate losers. They were unable to deliver. So...they are done. If it is the big mouth crude Poppin’ Fresh. I stay home.

No more. We know the worst, that is Obama, can’t get any worse than that.
DannyTN knows the power behins modern American politics is the gays:
What drove both the MSM and Drudge's love of Romney was Romney was supportive of Gays. Romney promoted gay activists in the judiciary. He was quick to throw in the towel.

It should be no surprise that Obama has been a champion of the gays either.

Christie recently through in the towel allowing his state to have gay marriages. Christie signed a ban on gay conversion therapy.

Unless there is a more pro gay candidate than Christie, you can bet both Drudge and the MSM will be promoting him.
chris37 has his plan all set up:
Don’t matter to me.

I’ll be voting for Ted Cruz, or I won’t be voting.

That is all.
Cementjungle has decided every election post-Bush has been a sham:
Cristi has been selected by the DNC. Like Romney and McCain, I’m sure he will do all he can to make it look like he’s trying, but will be very careful to not accidentally win.
sunrise_sunset can't deal with fatness:
I can’t respect someone who needs a lap band to control himself.

I don’t see America voting for a lapband president, yet.


  1. Something interesting happened in the 2-3 years since I stopped being republican. The Tea Party numbnuts have hijacked the vocabulary. In my day, RINO meant a very liberal, usually northeastern Republican like Olympia Snowe or Lincoln Chaffee.

    Now the Teabaggers apply it to any Republican who even simply disagrees with the Tea Party conservatives' most extreme tactics. Tom Coburn and other conservatives have been labeled as such. And the reaction to alleged RINOs has become much more extreme.

    It's definitely intentional, and a tactic to take control of the party and redefine the GOP in particular and conservatism in general. Under the current definition, there's no such thing as a solid mainstream conservative republican. You're either a Tea Party psycho or a traitorous RINO.

    Where does someone like Christie, who isn't overly conservative or liberal fall out? It's a real recipe for electoral disaster, which is why the so called GOP-e is trying to seriously rein in the teabagger element.


    1. I should add that it's forcing folks like me, who are not psychos nor necessarily Democrat to abandon the GOP completely. From there we either vote futilely for a third party or switch over to the Democratic Party. Especially since ive gotten past the TP propaganda and realize that 90% of Democrats are not the caricatures they are made out to be. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way.


    2. DEM RATS aren't caricatures?!?!?


  2. "I can’t respect someone who needs a lap band to control himself. "

    Well, there was WH Taft and all ...
    but all told, Cristi at least seems to be otherwise healthy.

    Repubs are going to be just as ignorant about this as Democrats.

    1. As if you have any room to be lecturing others on ignorance.

    2. Learn how to use a washcloth for once in your life, bitch!

      Your ass skank is so funky we can smell you over the internet !

    3. Don't make me pull over.

  3. Don't kid yourself. Freepers will scream and cry about RINOs during the primaries, but in the general election, every one of them votes GOP. Hell, they would vote for Leon Trotsky if he had an (R) next to his name.