Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia Governor Election

Freepers do their usual thing when they lose:

"It wasn't as bad as I thought!" 
central_va's sources say the coup is over:
This election is the high water mark of the socialist cloward-piven attempted coup. It really starts falling apart for them now. Mark my words. Even though this looks bad tonite they are finished.
bigbob knows liberals are scared, since it was closer than polls said!
Even if McAwful eeks out a win, this will have scared them to the bone, and they will be spooked (can we say that?)
jwalsh07 has the most common spin - the GOP-E is in trouble!
Geron, here’s the takeaway. The tea party guy, Cooch, outperformed the GOPe guy, Romney, in Virginia without one thin dime from the GOP plutocrat bastards.
Yes, the GOP civil war oontinues apace.

"The world is over!"
CatherineofAragon laments how unworthy this guy is:
So now, we have Patrick Henry....Thomas Jefferson...James Monroe....and TERRY McAULIFFE.

What a sick joke
Cooch? Basically like Patrick Henry, so he woulda fit right in.

Sarah Barracuda takes refuge in the eternal outrage-font:
Libtards love abortion..single women went overwhelmingly for the Commie..they love murdering their children more than they love freedom..abortion trumps everything..the next time there is a story about kids dying by some act of violence I dont want to see ONE Dem on TV pretending to cry like they give a crap, they are the party of baby murder..PERIOD
Everything CivilWarBrewing knows about women he learned from his divorce:
I think single/divorced females view the Republican party as “their ex-husband’s party” and seek to RETALIATE by voting Democrat! There’s probably a shred of truth in this dynamic. Their vote is an act of retribution. Unfortunately, they’re killing their children’s futures in the process but it’s more important for them to make a statement against their ex-husbands or the man who jaded them. It’s the ‘War on Women’ “GET BACK AT HIM, LADIES.. GET BACK AT HIM!”

"It was fraud!"
Viennacon looks at the numbers:
This was fraud. Look at the numbers, and how long Fairfax took. This is close enough to demand the absentee votes be counted, and then a total recount!
GeronL knows there are no GOP losses, ever:
Nah, the fix is in, just waiting until the Dems start turning on the crooked vote tap
txhurl is amazed at how well Cooch did, despite all the obvious fraud:
F*uck the headlines. The Conservative that the GOPe refused to help lost by one hair. Officially. Running against the Clintons. Counting RAT fraud, Ken most likely won. This is the ‘internal’ poll that has the GOPe ready to jump out of windows - DO IT!

miserare hates to the point of illness:
I feel sick.
I think I have to throw up.
McAuliffe’s face does that to me.

"The sun will come out tomorrow - that's when we burn everything to the ground!"
rollo tomasi is looking ahead to McAuliffe's nonexistent reelection:
Well in 2017 I hope the repubs robo calls 36 hours before the election will be:

McAuliffe wants to bring slavery back (True in a economic sense). McAuliffe believes in the right for pedophiles to sexually rape your kids (True because he serves satan). All is fair in politics and war...
Darnright thinks liberals want to secede after their victory:
I advocate getting rid of Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Give them to Maryland and DC. They have almost nothing in common with the rest of the state.

I heard this sentiment many times today from native Virginians. People are disgusted with the democrats in the rest of the commonwealth.
Special mention 
 the Biblical superstition of Hoodat

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:21


  1. I wonder what metric jwash07 used to determine Cuccinelli out-performed Romney. In terms of percentage of the vote, Romney ended up about a couple points higher. In terms of total votes, Cooch is about 800,000 shy by my count.

    I know it's an apples and oranges comparison but jwalsh is the one making it, or at least making stuff up.

  2. according to the Huffington Post live update thread, Cucinelli was ahead for much of the night as votes came in, leading to some giddy excitement in freeperville early on.
    That made the final thwarting all that more sweet.

    As for the complaints about "vote rigging" and being outspent, and the GOP-e ... please.
    I could have written all those posts myself, freepers are nothing if not formulaic in their complaining.

    1. Yup. Heck they don't eemn need to type. Just Cut n paste old comments into new threads.
      Hey Freepers just start your own country up in Idaho and be done with it. No doubt the new Freeper Country will thrive in all respects proving once and for all to the CommeeUSA how right you are.

  3. One of your best posts. Love the taxonomy.

  4. Fact is, the Dem advantage was about the same as in 2012, despite this being an off-year election. There's no conceivable way that this is bad news for Democrats or good news for FReepers! As awareness of what a disaster this election actually was slowly sinks in, I suspect the voter-fraud narrative will become FR's New Official Truth. Which is fine by me...FReepers learning no lessons from lost elections is preferable to the alternative.

  5. McAuliffe believes in the right for pedophiles to sexually rape your kids (True because he serves satan).

    I really hope they run on this message. Hell, I'll chip in for some billboards.