Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rare Photo of Barack Obama & the ‘Choom Gang’ Unearthed

Hehe, Anonymous rightly noted that this was going to be an epic thread.

Before it's recent spiral into a racial cesspool, Free Republic was notable for making the political personal. Especially pictures. So a new pic of a young Obama? A little speculation is all it takes to show that it is very significant, very damming:

al_c knows the press is going to ignore this damming evidence:
The media will just ignore this one too.
ken5050 can sense an imminent gay orgy:
Dare I say it..looks like the start of a daisy chain..
Da Coyote is sure Putin wasn't a weak friend-having child:
One can just imagine the laughter this pic produced in Putin.

I really cannot even begin to generate an ounce of respect for the complete idiots that elected this smelly piece of excrement.
True Republican Patriot is enraged!
Ugly! Dispicable! The Idiot is a total Fraud! and a Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood intent on taking Control of Syria, as he did in Egypt and Libya!
A Sad Time for America!
duckworth - "Fags indeed!"
Fags indeed! I’d like to know which of these fellas sashayed over to the bakery and had this cake made! What male (I mean real male) would even THINK of having a pretty flowered cake made for his own graduation. You don’t see any girls there, do you?
dennisw knows Obama is a pothead, and that's why he Iran isn't giving up the nukes:
From the state of our foreign policy and economy I’d say he’s still choomin.

This is what got me to post the photo. Barry can fool stoopid, indulged, race guilt tripped Americans with his speechifying but real world leaders like Putin and Assad and Iranian mullahs are strangely immune to it. They all came up the hard way
PGalt is slowly solving the riddle of Obama:
Another piece of the POSOTUS puzzle. Most are still missing. Thanks for posting. Thanks to Maraniss on C-Span and Adams at theblaze.

JimRed is confused that Obama doesn't seem racist in this pic:
Lots of white acquaintances for a hate-whitey kind of guy. Maybe “Frank” hadn’t indoctrinated him yet.
gaijin sees evidence of gay drug orgies.
Wow —I didn’t know about the POPPERS part.

I lived in SF, and I heard that passive male homoz take them for 2 effects:

1. euphoria

2. butt stuff - relaxes the sphincter, in case the person wants to be butt humped by many people.

Lumper20 knows who is obsessed:
True. Barry is so obsessed by his delusions.
little jeremiah lays it all out perfectly to a skeptical Freeper:
I’d be more impressed if you had a photo or other evidence that:

1.”he was a serious doper for years, and

2.not just pot, and

3. probably still is.”

I’m not saying you’re wrong. You could be right. But the photo isn’t proof of any of your allegations.

You apparently don’t read much on FR....


  1. Freepers went straight out of their mom's pussy to old geezer "get of my lawn" status..jeesh I have ton's of pics just like the one shown with my friends back in HS

    They are getting more bizzare every day. Freeper post form 3-4 years ago were sane compared to recent post..

    1. Yep. They are getting really weird. What the hell is wrong with having a nice cake? One of the Moms probably arranged for it/baked it.

    2. I demand to know who bought the cake. Was it a gay "sugar daddy" or Muslim terrorist? Was it YELLOW cake? I'm just asking questions.
      Why is Obama silent about these grave matters?

  2. Good old geronl just makes shit up...noticed more people are starting to call out his crap.

    I understand the Boy and Girl Scouts in the UK are okay with sex in the tents,

    totally disgusting

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  3. FR turns on Netanyahu:


    "It's sad that Bibi has joined 0bama is his War on Christianity. Putin is starting to look like the only good kid on the block."