Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Pix

Only Freepers could make a 9-11 tribute sound like whining.
How quickly they forget.
That Obama, he never uses the military!
I love it when Freepers buy their own BS to the point their jokes turn back upon themselves
Obama can't President because he's a girl haw haw !
...troubling implication in this one.


  1. What is the word geronl is referring to? _e_en T_o_as


    There are worse things to dream about.

    Like _e_en T_o_as

    916 posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 11:20:49 PM by GeronL
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    1. I think he means Helen Thomas.

    2. I was thinking of various forms of the words kiddie porn, naked children, pedophilia and his normal buzz words.

    3. In actual news, The Magic Negro's approval rating has sunk to 39%.

      Yes We Can!....Fuck up worse than Bush!

    4. I disapprove of Obama right now, because he's NOT SOCIALIST ENOUGH.
      It's not like the only alternative to Obama worship is becoming a rabid Freeper.

    5. "I disapprove of Obama right now, because he's NOT SOCIALIST ENOUGH."

      Well then, you're the lowest form of life on the planet. Congrats. Your drunken cunt of a mother must be ever so proud of you.

    6. Now were making progress.
      Your mother, she was a drunken cunt, abusing you mentally and physically all during your youth.
      Let out all that rage, bring it forth.
      You'll be cured soon.
      We're here for you honey.

      Another late night at the Cluck Bucket, oh how it adds to your rage, poor baby.

    7. Heh. Thing is, you don't actually seem angry to me. More a weird combination of smug and irritated.

      Kinda like the strawman liberals Freepers love to make up stories of confronting...

    8. You know, Comedian, if you wish hard enough and click your ruby heels together, maybe, just maybe, Obama's low ratings will retroactively make Bush a good president.

      Not fucking likely, though.

    9. "Yes We Can!....Fuck up worse than Bush!

      Gosh Euphdick, you're right! I'm a big fan of George Amnesty Bush!

      Your inability to read makes me wonder if you're an illegal alien piece of shit. The stupidity on you is fucking amazing.

    10. And I'm sure you never voted for him either time, right? And you also disagreed with every single one of his policies, just like you do with Obama, right?

      You know, though, if I had voted Republican my entire life, I'd be pretty ashamed to call myself a Republican right now, too.

    11. "Gosh Euphdick, you're right! I'm a big fan of George Amnesty Bush!"

      Of course not, you are just full of hate and rage, you poor thing.
      Every failure in your adult life is due to your rage and hate for everybody and everything.

      And here is another clue ... "stupidity".
      No one has ever given you a chance or given you any respect in your life.
      Since you were a child, you were called "stupid" and "hopeless" and "nothing but a piece of shit" and a "worthless human being".

      Thus your impotent flailing out now as an adult, just trying to hurt others with the hurt you've suffered your entire life.

      At least it's nice to see you got off early from the Cluck Bucket today.

      Please, rage some more here, it's therapeutic for you.

    12. "And I'm sure you never voted for him either time, right?"

      I voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000. In 2004, yes, I voted for Bush against my better better judgement and I hated Kerry far more than Bush.

      So again, fuck you.

    13. Did you irrationally disagree with every single Bush policy just like you do with Obama?

    14. I opposed: the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security's creation, TARP, Bush's stimulus, Medicareless Part D, and amnesty for the illegal motherfuckers.

      So, unlike you, I'm not a fucking drone.

    15. So in other words, you didn't irrationally disagree with every single Bush policy like you do with Obama.

      And what makes you think I'm a drone? Are you a telepath? Can you read minds?

  2. Proving once again that satire sails right over the heads of Freepers, who take everything literally, whenever they decide that humorists prove their point of view.

  3. Freeper misogyny and fear that every woman who rejects them must be lesbian results in a long thread scoffing at the notion that there is rape in Asia, basically claiming either "bitch had it coming" or "bitch hates all men, anyway."

    1. This across-the-board, lock-step agreement that men never rape (even by freeper women!) must be some more of that "lack of ideology" I keep hearing about! That good ol' conservative objectivity!


    They have gone on to demand his EXECUTION:

    To: Red Statements

    Obama is an invader at war with the west, and should be impeached, prosecuted and hanged.

    5 posted on Sun Sep 15 18:44:12 2013 by Hardraade ( (Obama: the bearded lady of the Muslim Brotherhood))

    To: Hardraade
    “Obama is an invader at war with the west, and should be impeached, prosecuted and hanged.”

    I think beheading in pure muslim style for the muslim in chief would be more appropriate!

    8 posted on Sun Sep 15 18:47:42 2013 by dalereed

  5. I was going to splutter about the first pic. We did promise to never forget - nor should we.

    Then I saw it is Diogenesis that keeps putting it up and brain screeched to a stop. I'd rather swallow live coals than agree with that sod about anything.

    1. Here's the thing about that. In his mind not forgetting is equivalent to being racist, anti gay, and having the USA become a theocracy with Sarah Palin as the Queen for life. If you question any of their outrageous beliefs then you are "forgetting 911." They can't take any other beliefs but their own and are attempting to hide behind 911.

    2. OK, that made me laugh way more than it should have. Sad but true.