Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All gay men are the same

kidglov3s found this thread over Christmas, though there have been many others recently.

A gay activist dies. Freepers know all they need to:

lurk has mixed up correlation with causation again!
Like smoking, the lifestyle tends toward a shorter lifespan. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.
haircutter Knows all he needs to:
fattigermaster explains why gay people are basically like 1300s rodents:
Gays seek to infect society with their values, pervert culture, rewrite history, and teach children to accept and be receptive to their sickness. In short, they become an infective virus in human form...not satisfied with the destruction of their own lives, never satisfied with practicing their behavior amongst themselves, they must inject their gay mores into healthy hosts and putrefy all that is around them to promote the spread of the disease.

I feel nothing at the passing of a plague rat. I grieve for the warped destruction they cause.
bmwcyle draws a sweeping conclusion:
He added nothing to the world.
I went to a supposed “gay wedding” in Allentown PA in 1971.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the so-called “celebrants” killed each other shortly thereafter.
From attending a gay wedding in 1971 to Freeper assuming everyone has AIDS today. Well, at least they're so crazy they help the opposition!


  1. Here's one to look out for: Al Jazeera to launch in the US after buying Al Gore's Current TV. The Freepers are going to go flippy.

  2. Boehner wins

    I like dfwgator's use of the blink tag.

    1. ladyjane rather. I always mix that up.

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