Thursday, January 3, 2013

Single Women outreach

Ahh, Freeper outreach. Whether blacks, hispanics, or single women, it involves a lot more blanket condemnation of the group they're courting than is traditional.

This one is single women, because racists are racist in roughly the same way, while sexists are sexist each in their own way.

VanDeKoik knows single women - and they're all hipsters!!!
Know several of these “girls”, because that’s what they act like, seventeen-year-old girls. They hate men, have these things called “gay boyfriends”, pretend like they are lesbians, dress like hipsters, spend all day on social networking sites, and askew the idea of having kids.
originalbuckeye blames college:
Many college educated women are being taught that men are evil, users, etc., and will not end up getting married. Men do not want to be married to this type of women.
Perdogg knows it's not abortion, it's the entitlements!
It all has to do with Sugar Daddy Govt. They throw out this rubbish about abortion rights, which is a smoke screen. If you ask most of them about Todd Atkin, most of them will say they tried the diet and it did not work.
MinorityRepublican agrees - women are genetically predisposed to want to be nurtured:
The single ladies expect the government to take care of them. That's not surprising. When they get married, they change so they expect their husbands to take care of them.

If feminists tell you differently, they're wrong. That's just how women are wired.
knarf also knows all women who aren't housewives are unhappy whores:
They will trade p---- or whatever for the security/comfort they will desire/need later in life.

Females are not stupid

ANYone, male or female, EARNING a living is at least superficially aware of something called taxes and they will be forced soon to DEAL with rising tax taken from their paycheck.

Love is a decision and the magic and sparkles come after you've made a decision .. they don't "just happen"

The "girls" will make a decision later in life closely resembling the one stay-at-home-having-babies-baking-cookies ladies did earlier in their life.

THOSE ladies have a shine on their face, a very nice smile and contentment with being alive..
rintense knows all women who disagree with him are guildy of unoriginal thought:
The problem I see with many liberal women is their need to be part of a collective so they are accepted. Heaven forbid they have an original thought or individuality. Amazing how the original mantra of feminism has completely failed, and liberal women are now nothing more than indentured servants to collective group think.
SaraJohnson explains it's feminism. And the military? And socialism:
Feminists have culturally cleansed women from a mentality and behavior of high character, self control, honor and love and into the dyke perception of a man, without character, honor and crazed, self serving brutes (animals). No where has it been more successful than in the African-American community.

So, I guess drafting women so they can learn some self control and character to control the immediate gratification beast-female liberalism programed them to be, is the next move on the chessboard for humanism’s man-women.

Socialism’s politics is like theft gang activity on a large scale. It is illegal under the constitution, but we don’t have that anymore, it appears. You can’t exactly call upon Humaninism’s socialist woman’s honor to protect the rule of law and freedom. It’s the “gimme what you got” mob.
SaraJohnson also hates black women:
Black women will always suck up this liberal death. The statistics of the Black race prove the outcome and should be discussed. But we stand a chance in awakening Asians, whites and hispanics to the power and goodness of the American soul. No one came here to be enslaved to an limo liberal elitist class who view them as animals and slaves their environmental zoo. The poverty and elitist oppression of socialism is not American and will not produce a future that anyone would come here to experience.
kearnyirish2 thinks white women have gotten as far as they're going to get:
White women foolishly vote Dem and contribute to the extinction of whites; how is Obama doing anything to help today’s white women? They were already getting the token jobs and promotions; they are already 59% of college classes. At the same time, their opportunities to have a family have plummeted (those jobs, promotions, college seats were taken from SOMEONE), so they get to pay hefty income taxes to subsidize the breeding of other women.
kearnyirish2 understands the heart of the liberal woman:
They hate men

That’s until they realize they will die alone and childless; then they “love” any man who will impregnate them (and get very bitter when none will).
hal ogen hates when women disagree with him:
Mouthy LIB women are truly insufferable.
LibLieSlayer thinks single women will soon die off in the apocalypse:
These women are not going to survive the coming times.
ReformationFan knows feminism is secretly lies to grow Marxism:
Feminism has always been about collectivism/socialism. Betty Friedan, the mother of the so called women’s “liberation” movement, was a child of what Michael Savage calls “red diaper doper babies” i.e., liberal Marxists. They encourage women to see themselves as victims who need to be “rescued” by an ever expanding government. That’s why both Phyllis Schlafly and Ayn Rand were so critical of it.
jsanders2001 lays out the liberal game plan:
I think it’s all part of the game plan for population reduction by the Feds:

Promote the gay lifestyle
Promote feminism
Promote birth control
Attack the institution of marriage

...using the MSM. Result - less children born; more resources available, less overcrowding, less payouts to entitlement programs, etc... Next to find a way to reduce the senior population which is less productive (pays much less taxes) and a drain on the federal programs; oh yeah, Obamacare is designed to do that; simply cut them off or restrict their care so that they will die years soon than expected.
Blue Ink has no idea what a gold-digger is:
Middle-class America now looks down on women who fail to get an education and support themselves. “Gold-digger” is the nicest word for those who don’t, when they used to be called aspiring wives and mothers.
Kenny Bunk thinks women used to have a "privileged position" till equality screwed that up:
Effectively, the younger white single women have traded away a privileged position for "sexual and economic equality." Take a while to straighten that out. If ever,,,,
ConservativeStatement found some foul mouthed liberals, and told on them!
I have heard liberals use the nastiest word (starts with “c”) to describe Palin. A person with whom I no longer tolerate used the word, he is a libtard. I mentioned it to a lib woman and her answer to me was “I hate that word but in her case, it fits.” My next step was to mention both responses to a conservative chick I know, a tough Italian lady, who wanted to track down both libbers and smack them around.
Betis70 laments the lack of Freeper women:
I’m still trying to figure out where to meet conservative women. Even my church seems to be infested with liberal single women. All the conservative women I know are already married, though I am not sure if they were conservative before or after being married and having children.
Psalm 144 knows ya gotta stay away from liberals. Cause he didn't!
Having skinny dipped with debauched sirens in the dark side of the lagoon, my most sincere and succinct advise is:


You have no idea how much pain, bewilderment and vileness you will let into your life if you dabble with leftard honeytraps.
Mark17 is one of many who gives the standard Freeper advice:
Yes Filipinas work harder. I have one. It was the best decision I ever made.


  1. "I have heard liberals use the nastiest word (starts with “c”) to describe Palin."


    /too easy

  2. When I read "Single Women outreach" from Freerepublic I envision hoverhand from a bald overweight sixty year old.

  3. Apparently jsanders would prefer we all fight over scarce resources instead of maintaining a reasonable population.

    1. Do you deny that there is a sekret cabal of anti-population people using nefarious means to make women not want to have babies with jsanders?!

    2. It must be the cabal! What other explanation could there be?

  4. I heard the next Bond girl is going to be named Leftard Honeytrap.

  5. And in the next Bond movie we will see this scene:

    "skinny dipping with debauched sirens in the dark side of the lagoon,"

    Oo la la.