Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hillary Clinton pre-Death Celebration

Thanks to Anon!

At this point, most Freeper reactions to notable liberals' deaths are tiresome and repetitive. But Hillary is special. Free Republic was started as an anti-Clinton site, and both Bill and Hillary remain up their with a few other Designated Enemies like Obama, Kerry, Pelosi and Reid.

While Freepers did flirt with supporting Hillary as an alternative to the Kenyan Usurper, that's long gone, and they're returned to their true colors with news that she's been hospitalized with a blood clot:

muawiyah knows Hillary is the key to all Freeper speculations:
She’s gonna’ die, right? We’ll never know the truth ~
abb thinks it was the booze:
Fell off the wagon the first day out of detox...
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America gives the alternative possibilities:
Either this is a total lie, or she was whacked over the head in her home by someone not wanting her to testify on Benghazi.
ChildOfThe60s knows the concussion is fake, so what witchery is this blood clot?
This just smells to high heaven.

Seriously, we now have blood clots from a fake concussion?

Is there any limit to the sh*t they are going to shovel down our throats? More to the point, that we are going to swallow?

I don’t give a rat’s ass whether the Hildabeast lives, dies or loses the hair on her testicles. If she does indeed have clots (yeah, sure) it’s certainly not a result of a fabricated concussion.
apillar thinks Obama may have knocked her off:
the question is, “Is this just another attempt to avoid testifying to congress (and if it is she must REALLY have something to hide)? or is this the real deal which could very well mean that that Obama camp has decided to knock her out of the 2016 race before she can soak up any money and support, (nothing like paying a foreign doctor to inject some clotting agent)..
DAC21 keeps it classy:
If she dies I'll be truly saddened for her family, but ecstatic for this country. But the way this is setting up is pure BS, no Benghazi, now, no Benghazi later.
Gay State Conservative explains:
Either she's convinced a member of the medical community to help her in her deception or else she really did fall and injure herself.

Knowing this crowd I'm more than a little bit skeptical.
either she is lying or telling the truth, and Clintons usually lie. LOGIK!

ConservaTexan still recalls how she's a murderer:
She may be getting the Vince Foster treatment from the current regime. Karma.
GBA thinks she's murdering herself, or something:
Early onset Arkancide?
piasa knows all deaths are suspicious when properly viewed:
Wasn’t there something equally fishy about the way Bill Clinton’s mom died?
gaijin has decided this is proof all his crazy speculations are true!
We already knew that Bengazi is bad, but this means that it’s really, really bad, and there’s probably lots more that we do not yet know.

Maybe 90% of the dark, crazy stuff we’ve been theorizing here about it might be true:
gaijin follows up by bravely taking revenge for a designated victim:
Chickensoup's cloak and dagger world gets another twist!
Funny I thought that the puppet masters would off Hussain, didnt really think that she would be a target.

Bengahzi changed the game
Jim Noble's analysis is also flummoxed. Needs more blackboards:
it now appears that Hussein is more important in the organization, and the Xlintons less, than I believed.
Reddy takes the low road about the high road:
Noticing all of the evil, horrible, disgusting comments willing/commanding her to die slowly and painfully /sarc

(like the left has been doing to George Herbert Walker Bush).
I'll believe that there are liberal forums that say awful things about ailing conservatives. But about HW Bush? I call BS.

rcrngroup shows how a Freeper can use the bible to keep it classy:
Soon to meet her Maker and be FORCED to bow, "at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord".

Next stop -- Hell followed by the Lake of Fire for eternity. All her lies & political scams & ill-gotten gains won't do her any good in the Lake of Fire.

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