Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Spotlight: rcrngroup

Heavy on the name-calling, light on the content, this guy's profile is blank, though I gather he lives in Minnesota.

Not a fan of Piers Morgan:
Ted Nugent literally thrashed the metrosexual British faggot Piers Morgan. (And Shirley, what idiot would ever name their kid “Piers”? Like boat piers or fishing piers, or what?).
Not a fan of Boehner:
Boehner the crybaby will fold quicker than a wet single ply of toilet paper, before he would ever stand in the way of the demoRATs or 0dumb0shit! All 0dumb0 has to do is to give Boehner/Boner another free pass to the tanning booth and Boehner will cry and then fold. What an a__hole for a majority leader. Could we swap Nazi Pelosi for Boehner/Boner ?
Not a fan of Hillary:
That's not a a clot! That's what left of pea-sized addled brain! God's judgement is coming earlier to Hitlery!

Now we can add, that not only is liberalism/socialism a mental disorder, it is a neurological disorder as well!
Doesn't like Biden OR Ryan:
Even with his atrocious behavior, & smirking & laughing, Bite-Me still came out on top while Ryan looked scared & intimidated by Bite-Me. And now Ryan & the other RINO Repukes screw us again while voting to fold & capitulate once again, to that RAT bastard commie pig 0dumb0! As much as I hate 0dumb0, I wish we could put a conservative inside him and I would trade for him in an instant over any Repuke at this time. God forgive our country for having such gutless & lack of principles leadership.
Not a fan of Democrats in general:
the Repuke party is pretty much all annihilated by the RAT bastard socialist 0dumb0 and his fellow RAT annihilators
RAT annihilators sounds pretty badass to me.

REALLY not a fan of Obama:
Not sure about last year’s Christmas photo of the 0dumb0sh_t’s, but this year’s Christmas photo was of their mutt dog with a hazy view of the WH in the background. And I can’t remember the saying, but I am pretty sure it was a secular humanist/non-Christian saying. In other words, no “Merry Christmas” or “For unto us a Savior is born”. After all, that would offend their own muzzzlim beliefs as well as those of their fellow muzzzzlim terrorists.
Making up Obama's behavior to better hate him:
RAT bastard commie pig 0dumb0 having a great laugh, as he beats the sh_t out of the cowardly Repukes once again, in both the Senate & the House.
He even thinks Reagan's a softy:
I like Ronald Reagan, but I wonder why he stayed so congenial with the RAT bastard demoRATs, instead of forging ahead via executive orders on spending cuts as well as border enforcement in exchange for the amnesty that Reagan signed. Never should've happened! And Reagan should have been astute to know that Rat bastard demoRATs never keep their word! He should have exercised the executive order pen, the way that 0dumb0 is doing right now!
The solution - Fuck everything:
Let the country go down the crapper is what I say!
Bring it on!
Fiscal cliff, go for it!
Rioting in the streets, hilarious (especially when the blacks burn down their own neighborhoods)
Vigilante squads to patrol our neighborhoods, sounds great, sign me up!
He's totally a rebel, too:
Not that I care! Into the garbage my empty coumadin/warfarin bottles will go. Especially if some state agency or EPA bureaucrat warns against it. I wouldn't trust them or their edicts as far as I could throw their flabby bureaucrat pasty asses. My own little private way of telling the gubmint to shove it!
I'll bet he uses incandescent bulbs too! What a badass!!

He can't understand why God allows Democrats to succeed:
I have prayed that same prayer thousands of times, and I have to confess, I don't get it. God was willing to save Sodom & Gomorah for only 10 righteous souls, and yet we had millions of evangelical & fundamental Christians praying for different results, mainly to throw 0bama out of office. Instead 0bama wins (granted, there was cheating although I wish God had thwarted that as well) and even more so, the Repubs got slaughtered for the most part, in federal & state elections. And now the most evil vile socialist bastards like commie pig-in-chief 0bama are rewarded with power & prosperity and pretty much a near dictatorship. I really don't understand it.
Anyhow, I'm still searching for a liberal Freeper as per request. Nothing so far.



    Thar's talk of reparations agin!

  2. There are a couple threads about Barney Frank wanting to fill in for Senator Kerry. It's the usually freeper reaction, but on this thread there is the strangest GIF I've ever seen on FR


    Government light bulbs are evil again! This is what they've resorted to now that they've lost in every other way.