Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Freeper 2013 Predictions!

Coast-to-Coast AM's New Years show is always one of my favorites, with predictions of an earthquake in California following predictions about UFO's finally coming out of the closet.

Freepers provide that same entertainment, only a bit more angry.

TexasTransplant just goes with economic pessimism:
INFLATION, High Taxes, More Unemployment, More folks leaving California (bringing their Socialism with them)
mountainlion switches predictions for complaining about generalities:
More corruption, theft, too much in taxes, too much spending, too big of government. Gloom despair and agony on me.
Forward the Light Brigade brings the good stuff:
My mother was a Medium and so such things are normal for me—so I will put on the swami’s turban and try my hand at looking into the top stories of 2013.

1. Heart attack and death of Bill Clinton.
2. Terrorists will blow up the downtown of Houston Texas using explosives smuggled in from Mexico.
3. New scandal will hit Michele Obama—white house money gone missing.
4. New rise of the Tea Party but morphed into a more radical and less nice movement.
5. a New War between Japan and China—only six weeks —with the USA neutral.
6. Revolution in France with cars burning in Paris. Government forced out.
7. EU will dissolve—as Uk and Italy leave.
8. New Royal Birth will be a girl.
9. Harry Reid will be forced out for reasons of health.
10. President Obama will be the focus of assassination attempts by Islamic groups for the death of Ben Laden.
SunkenCiv likes that assassination thing:
These look interesting. In the case of #10, I hope they shoot straight, and carry it out on foreign soil.

Kevmo wishes for better opponents in the future:
I’ll make a prediction about 2014. Vice President Biden will resign. The new VP will be viewed as the heir apparent for the 2016 election. The new VP will be someone almost as liberal as 0bama but with deep pockets — with the obvious possibility that the Vice Presidency went up for sale just like 0bama’s former senator seat. Maybe someone like Nancy Pelosi, maybe Feinstein or Babs Boxer.


  1. I can't believe they both openly hope for the assassination of the president of the united states by Islamic terrorists, yet also believe he is a secret Islamic terrorist himself.

  2. So two people post that they hope the president gets assassinated, isn't that the kind of thing that used to trigger "tut, tut, we don't say those awful things around here"? Thinking about it I can't remember the last time I saw that reaction to something on FR, it used to be whenever something was like stupidly obviously racist.

  3. Only numbers 4 and 8 have any chance of occurring:

    4. New rise of the Tea Party but morphed into a more radical and less nice movement.

    8. New Royal Birth will be a girl.

    And those are toss ups. I predict that this Freeper will get nothing right and never mention his failed predictions again.

  4. I predict some crazy reader of Free Republic will shoot someone.