Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boehner remains!

Freepers despair that the GOP has not, despite right wing blogger's hints, thrown Boehner over for another more Freeper-ish speaker.

demshateGod knows politics aren't the answer!
Patrick Henry’s speech in that church in Virginia is almost as relevant now as when he gave it. We have but two options, fight or get comfortable in slavery. We’re dealing with a tyrant. Elections don’t work with a tyrant. R’s are destined to lose because they still think there is a political solution. The Tea Party thinks their is a political solution. There is not. You can’t negotiate with a despot. This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.
Internet whingeing, though - that's key!

Graewoulf waxes as lyrical as ever:
It seems that the RINOs are serious about doing everything that they can to continue to lose to the Democrats. “Lose at all costs!” is now their battle cry!

The esteemed Sobber of the House was re-elected to that same kneepads post, and true to form Boehner did crack under the EXTREME pressure of the moment, and bawl like the loser-baby that he has proven to be in the past.

Small wonder that his one-on-one meetings with hardened Bolshevik Communist B. Hussein Obama are behind closed doors in the White House.

What next will bawling blue-eyes give up in sobs of fear to B. Hussein?

Will Boehner try to prove that he is a bigger coward than Benghazi-Coward B. Hussein Obama?

Will Boehner and Obama jointly update the US Constitution and then post it on the Internet?

Will Boehner still honor Obama’s duty to bypass Congress by making “deals” to fulfill lame duck Obama’s Communist Agenda?

Obama can now breathe an Hawaiian sigh of relief as the RINOs in the US House have again pledged to follow ol’ rubber-spined Boehner into the abyss of Communist Obamanation.
LucianOfSamasota takes refuge in hoping America fails:
No, this is good news. With the Federal government taking the express elevator towards economic and moral collapse, Obama’s helpers should all be in place to share the ‘credit’.

The real question is: What will we rebuild when the current system collapses?

Because its going to happen soon.
It's just as Sam Gamgee thought!
Just what I always thought. They are all RINOs now. Every last one of them. Something happened to them on the way to Washington.
PowderMonkey Goes. Dramatic.
Dead. To. Me. That’s it. Game over.
GeronL totally saw this coming:
I really had no doubt. I thought it MIGHT go to a second ballot with some Dems voting for crybaby.

Bachmann sold her vote for something, I wonder what?
longfellow turns his lonely eyes to...
The TEA PARTY is our only hope.
ladyjane thinks it's massive, massive blackmail:
Everyone in Washington DC is a whore.

It appears that way. Either that or they have pictures.
hummingbird seems to think the House is a game of dodgeball:
The only hope I have now is that Conservative Republicans - if there are any - surround Boehner and prevent him from making any decisions without such a committee agreeing or disagreeing with him.
napscoordinator seems to have gone away from reality to some dreamscape where anything's possible:
Congratulations. Now get to work and cut cut cut. A flat tax would be a good beginning....cut 3 departments...any 3 you want. Cut all government aid to foreign countries....cut all government aid to non profits....and that is on the first day.
Lazamataz knows gun control is coming:
I saw the signs this morning.

The GOP is as much my enemy, and an enemy of American freedom, as the Democrats are.

Every little bit.

Guarentee you that sweeping and complete gun control is 100% likely to pass, and that in the end, our gun laws will be much more stringent than Russias.
It’s sad reading the majority of replies on this thread. It simply illustrates the fact that most here, either refuse to accept it or have no comprehension of what time it is.

The bewilderment over Bachman, the repeated calls to ‘primary’ the Ruling Class Judenrat to the MarxoFascists, the continued strategizing and worrying over elections in 2014 and 16.

The National Socialists have achieved total power folks. The Ruling Class and all in the halls of D.C. know what time it is. They are going to do whatever it takes to share in the power as it will be wielded, or be run out of power by their own. Some even in talk radio appear to be resigned to acknowledging reality here.

As for the rest of us - we’re having pretty yellow labels sewn for us by the Regime and it’s media that they are slapping on our lapels. The hatred against such targets is being stoked by this regime for acceptance by the populace. Calls to kill and treat Conservatives and gun owners as terrorists is being promoted in the mainstream. The punishments, criminalization’s and eventual genocide against us is in the ‘initiate’ phase, make no mistake. That is why the massive push for gun confiscations and bans is being rushed on through - just like ObamaCare was.

And like the budget deal - the legislation will arrive right as the votes are being cast and no one will read what is inside, total criminalization with massive punishment for anyone caught not complying with surrendering their god-granted rights.

Don’t kid yourself and wave that notion off. History speaks to what is taking place here.

I only read one person here who spoke words that indicate to me that he gets it: he’s in survival mode.

We ALL should be in survival mode and ready to defend ourselves from what is coming.

There ARE no more elections to win, we have already been transformed into a National Socialist Welfare Party run by overt MarxoFascists. What they need to establish total and complete rule over us - is violence and bloodshed and chaos to create empty shelves and a populace willing to trade every birthright they have, for the promise of bread.

That my FRiends is what is happening right in front of your face.

So I guess if it comforts you to delude yourself into strategizing the next election and what party to join - I see no difference in that than simply digging a hole to bury your head in.

Know what time it is.

For assuredly our enemies know the time, because they are acting on it.


  1. Bachmann is a RINO now. Also a K Street Hooker, traitor and they never liked her anyways. By the way, someone keeps calling her "bockman" in a way that's clearly meant as an insult but I can't figure out why. Did they mean Balkman and their tenuous grasp of spelling 'Murikan words got in the way?

    1. Maybe they mean "bock" as in the noise a chicken makes.