Thursday, May 14, 2015

Boycotting Arabs Muslims.

Via ay-nony-nony.

A Freeper named Din Maker takes Freeper's broad-brush hatred of all Muslims to it's logical conclusion - why aren't Freepers out protesting and boycotting all Muslims, instead of just complaining about them?

Hilariously, he calls them Arabs, thus making it an issue or pure racism, rather than just prejudice and bigotry.

Mostly, it's re_nortex flying amazingly close to the sun and not getting burned, and Din Maker maybe being pathetically serious.

MeshugeMikey tells a story:
Back in the fall of 2001....I stopped frequenting a small local market owned by an Iranian.

He had told me that America Had it the attacks on the 11th of September.
re_nortex one-ups him with an amazing tale of bigotry:
I've run completely out of what little tolerance I may have in the reservoir for islam and its satanic adherents. As a case in point, an otherwise outgoing and quite pleasant fellow who owns a convenience store that I frequent and I developed a relatively friendly relationship over the past several years. I always thought he was of Indian decent judging by his accent and complexion.

Just a couple of days when were amicably chatting about our milder than usual weather and the Dallas Cowboys defensive squad's woes, I finally asked about his background. He revealed that he was from Pakistan but lived here in Texas for the past thirty years.

I then bluntly asked if he was a mooselimb. When he replied affirmatively, I literally threw my money for the purchase at him and loudly proclaimed that I would never come to his store again. There's no doubt in my mind that he was practicing taqiyya all of those years. I have no use for him or any other member of that pernicious death cult.

I want them gone! All of them! Every single muzzie! No exceptions! Period.
Is doc1019 aware his revenge sounds super gay?
Considering that Obama wants this country to be overrun by ragheads and his desire is for the US to be under Sharia... Obama is going to do little to stop this and that is his job.

As for boycotting Arab owned business ... what business?

As for your last statement ... I see them all the time (the females in their tents (I guess what I’m seeing are female)) in our local mall accompanied my a male.

My general response is to giggle and look the male directly in the eye while doing do.
re_nortex then one-ups himself:
When I'm in the mall and I see a muzzie couple, I make a point to stand right in their way and block them. I look them right in the eye and hiss, "Get out of my country!" in my best Clint Eastwood voice. While I don't threaten them with physical harm, they get the message that they're not wanted here. Rude? Yes. In your face? Absolutely! I'm just one guy but I can imagine the positive impact this would have if it became widespread.
Din Maker on the Arab-Muslim distinction:
Not all Arabs are Muslims.

The illegal Mexicans who are here are not Muslim either. How do you feel about them?
The Toll contemplates arson:
Last week while meeting a friend for dinner I looked to my right while stopped at a red light, there I saw it, The Hijab Store. That was the name. It was empty and closed at the time. I’ve never set fire to anything, but it took all my will this time. All of it.
Din Maker is seeing Arabs everywhere!
Are you telling me that within 20 miles of any direction from your house there are no raghead owned businesses? Come on dude...... You must live in a very rural area where it is 20 miles to the closest, Muslim-owned Gas Station/Convenience Store? As far as your Pakistani, Christian, American doctor, you asked a dumb a** question that to which you already know the answer. Of course not. Now, please don’t waste my time with crap like this. Methinks you’re a little offended over me Posting this thread.
9422WMR tries to invent a new slur:
Look at the doctors at your hospitals and medical offices. I’ll bet a large number of them are sandies...
Din Maker seems really intent on making it pure racism:
Some Arabs are Christian.

So they say. Ask them where they go to church and who is their Pastor. Granted I should have said boycott Muslim businesses, not Arab businesses.
caww, as usual, has heard a thing on the Internet that he will now pass on as truth:
Some Churches are telling Arab Christians they can continue to worship in their Mosques even if their Christians. This is part of the merging of faiths........even though they will not make it known they converted....dangerous ground the Christian churches are treading on today.


  1. Re_nortex makes me LOL on the daily, and the tagline is absolutely the best part.

    1. No WAY that Nortex is a true believer in the FR ethos. He has GOT to be a troll.

      Clint Eastwood impression?!

      Come on!!!

  2. "Back in the fall of 2001....I stopped frequenting a small local market owned by an Iranian.

    He had told me that America Had it the attacks on the 11th of September."

    Why can't I believe this? For the most part, immigrants from Arab countries (and Persian ones too, I guess?), are typically supportive of American policies- especially shop owners who've invested so much of themselves into making their lives better. Apparently they're willing to sacrifice their livelihood by making off-hand remarks to some random individual about Americans 'deserving' 9-11? And apparently they do it a lot? I don't buy it.

    1. That's Meshuge Mikey ...
      he seems like a rather lonely old soul who just makes up stories like this to try and fit in.

    2. He also makes gifs of people with blinking eyes. Don't forget the blinking eyes.

  3. "Last week while meeting a friend for dinner I looked to my right while stopped at a red light, there I saw it, The Hijab Store. That was the name."

    The Hijab Store?!!?

    Give me a fucking break!

    Where in the fuck is he driving where he can casually look over at a red light and see a store that specifically sells the Hijab?!? Beirut?

    1. Suspect. After all what kind of Freeper actually has a riend in the "real world"? Klan brother maybe.

    2. Actually, there's a Hijab store in Chicago called El-Jeeb Hijab at 3944 W Lawrence Ave. It's near a red light and can be easily seen by casually looking over while stopped. But there's no store specifically called "The Hijab Store" that I could find anywhere in the U.S. or other country. He may have been hallucinating that. Free Republic is a hell of a drug.

  4. Fwdudes obsession with gays.hmm I bet he is jerking off to gay porn every night..freepers a re going full wackjob status the last few days over the gay engineer
    Still high from his Ecstasy party at the bath house from the night before?

    378 posted on 5/14/2015, 9:34:33 AM by fwdude (The last time the GOP ran an "extremist," Reagan won 44 states.)
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    To: EEGator
    So he crashed because he’s gay?

    Open, embraced "gayness" is associated with a risk-taking, careless mentality. Don't you see a connection there?
    379 posted on 5/14/2015, 9:35:31 AM by fwdude (The last time the GOP ran an "extremist," Reagan won 44 states.)
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  5. Sigh. We should realize by now that Freerepublic has a set protocol for affixing blame for any crime or act of incompetence.
    1. Muslim extremist.
    2. Amish
    3. Amish Muslim extremist
    4. Hispanic (must be illegal though)
    5. Hispanic (can be lily white but as long as the last name has a "dez" or "illo" in it then by freepers standard illegal.
    6. Homosexual Man if perpetrator is white.
    7, Mentally unstable woman.
    8. Hot school teacher.
    9. Meth Head (if white Freepers will grudgingly acknowledge while putting the blame on the drug and not the doer)

    Of course it's understood that all of the above are all Liberals. white person that does not fit the about category are capable of committing crimes in America.

    1. Rimjob is zotting folks on the Gotnews/gay thread..sane posters who made decent arguments..fwdude is lapping it up..

    2. That just goes to show how much of a moron jimrob is. Re_Nor is blatantly parody trolling the fuck out of FR in that thread and Jim doesn't even notice. Brilliant. Zot the sane people and let the infamous "disruptors" stay.

      How is that freepathon going?

  6. ReNortex, and the like, when confronted with a "swarthy" business owner do one of two things.
    1) treat them like anyone else they meet

    B) shake, poss themselves, pay quickly and leave the store in a hurry

    Then they go to free rethuglic and boast about putting said swarthy person "in their place"

    Keyboard Kommandoes and mall ninjas are silly.