Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Potpourri

Slow week, so Freepers mount up the anti-Islam hate.

That Amtrak crash sets JLAGRAYFOX off on government quality:
The chairman of Amtrak appears, looks and sounds like he is braindead!!! Another Obamabot appointee!!! Is the train engineer being portrayed as another “Gentle Giant” like Obama’s “son”, the would be cop killer, Michael Brown???

The only thing and organization the USA federal government can run effectively is the USA Military!!! They fail at everything else!!! The powers that be up to Obama should be giving the third degree to this, at a minimum, careless train engineer. Instead they are coddling him like he was a saint!!! He must have something really good on Obama & Company!!!
DesertRhino make up an epidemic of pollster jihadis:
Tricking pollsters is always fun, and can only make conservatives work harder. But England has gone Orwell. It really could be dangerous to your job or expose you to prosecution to say the wrong thing to some pollster. Also remember that this is the UK, and the pollster could be a moslem.

The wrong truthful answer on the most crucial topics in the election could quite literally get you murdered.
elcid1970's post goes on, but I like how Buddhism and Hinduism get only 'courtesy.'
Islam does not deserve the respect accorded to Judaism or Christianity, nor the courtesy accorded to Buddhism or Hinduism.
Go Ted go! Crush islam! Restore America’s Biblical foundation!
DesertRhino knows tough love will cure autism:
Howzabout tell your little hellion, “NO, The world won’t always adjust to make you happy. You better learn that soon or you’ll get your happy little ass kicked by someone when you pull this on the wrong person.”

It coulda been a teachable moment. That concept that nobody else cares about making the world simply perfect for them. If the “autist” really, seriously, literally cannot stop from scratching people when they cannot have a hot meal, the person should be institutionalized.
Don't ask how boycott found a picture of some black drag:
If barack had a son, he'd probably look more like one of these guys ........ some_text He would likely be a tranny muzzie.
MeshugeMikey - homegrown ghetto jihad:
s a black thing...we cant understand..according to Obie's 3rd Cousin...Rrichard Pryor
you’ll get your happy little ass kicked by someone when you pull this on the wrong person.”

I understand that the Regimes quite pleased that things are continuing to cannonball toward thier ultimate goal...of homegrown ghetto jihad!
Gen.Blather calls for deep analysis of a picture of Obama and Michelle looking serious:
I see the expression they’re wearing as unattractive. Since I’m certain that wasn’t the intent I’m wondering why I see it so. Even if I try to imagine they aren’t communists out to destroy America I still see the looks on their faces as (threatening? Insolent?) Joseph Stalin could look very (I hesitate to say attractive as that isn’t quite the right word.) You get no sense of the monster in him. Any thoughts?
al baby wonders when the genocide will at last begin:
I wonder when good old boys will mount up say lets roll and go and take it to them at Mosques, CAIR offices, 711’s cab companies and the like It passed time
cherokee1 strains to make the VE day celebration anti-Obama.
Speaking of peeing you might notice that the Grand Kenyan got completely out of town for the occasion. As far as he could get. He’s hiding out in Oregon. I imagine he just couldn’t say anything positive about US winning WW II.
jimbo123 wants to deport all non-Freepers:
Deport Jeb Bush. Deport Columba Bush. Deport George P. Bush. Back to Mexico for all of them.
A CA Guy imagines liberals jacking it to Hillary:
Do you suppose there are liberals looking somewhere at a picture of Hillary while doing nasty things to themselves believing the end is near?

If so, in a way, hasn’t the end of the world really come?
Moonman62 wishes he could say nigger:
Eventually teen will become a banned word like niggard.
arthurus sees Muslims behind Obama and Hillary:
Eldie then. Huma now. And Huma represents a major jihadist penetration of the State Department and prospectively of the Presidency. Of course we have an ongoing penetration of the White House by the Jihad. It in fact rules the nation.
txhurl heard the Amtrak engineer was gay. This explains everything!
I think PA Gay Mafia got him the job, and he scared the staff (and likely passengers) for a while now. Neurotic, drugged up, there are likely many people lined up to testify against him.

ER had to take a blood sample.. is why he was lawyered up immediately. He is likely deeply in the gay power structure in PA.
re: the Amtrak engineer's gayness. re_nortex is a magnificent bastard:
Sodomites have a death wish as clearly evidenced by the way they live. Since they brazenly reject God, they have no sense of morality. Thus a sodomite thinks nothing of murdering others while on a suicide mission.
CGASMIA68 wonders if maybe it was blacks that crashed that train:
Amish have been acting up in the subways and seeing how trains go through so much of amish turf it makes sense.....
fireman15 hates how Obama's past is so obviously fake:
These pictures are only the tip of the iceberg. Similar discrepancies and worse are found in their wedding pictures and also pictures of their kids. Everything about Obama is manufactured and most of it looks like it was done by complete amateurs yet no one in the mainstream media wants to challenge any of it.
jsanders2001 has another word for vaccinations:
Operation Beast Mark in progress. Get the kids used to being forced o do whatever the government tells them to and they will accept the tracking / citizen tracking vaccine or tattoo without question later as will their children...


  1. Mark me down for "Nortex is a troll."

    He's subtle, but the trollishness is there!

    1. I hope re_nortex isn't overplaying his hand ...
      I notice Oliviaforever has dialed it back a bit lately.

    2. Didn't Oliviaforever get the zot not to long ago for telling wagglebee to fuck off?

    3. If she did, she's been reinstated.

    4. I think OF has grown a conscience, and spends a lot of time these days educating Freepers on vaccines and whatnot.
      More power to her - re_nortex can keep things going just fine on the entertainment side.

    5. "Didn't Oliviaforever get the zot not to long ago for telling wagglebee to fuck off?"

      That was PowersBootheFan ... a true FR crazy lady.
      I was sorry to see her go.

  2. The freepathons are just becoming amazing now. We're at less than two weeks left in Month 2 and the ol' meter hasn't even hit 60% yet! AND Jim keeps "processing a batch of monthlies" every few days (how the hell does that even work) to make it look better, but that will just mean he has less to top up when he "adds the balance of the monthlies" a few days from now!

    How far into June is Jimmy going to let this charade play out? I mean, the freepathon threads are getting sadder and sadder each day, with just the same five old freepers posting dog and baby and evil Obama/Clinton pics, so really, no one else on the site would even notice no matter how shamefully Jim does the faking cause it's not like they're paying attention. But there have been a few posts here and there indicating that some freepers are actually getting a bit suspicious of how the 'thon will creep along for weeks and weeks before suddenly a giant bunch of cheques or donations arrive in the space of a few days to finish things off. When will we have someone with the guts to accuse Jim to his face? Hopefully soon!

    1. My bet is he is collecting $8-10k tops per quarter and that is being generous..especially when most threads now have at most 10-15 replies and maybe 30 new threads per day.. the site is dying

    2. Even by his own posted account (the "scoreboard"), FR is hemmoraging monthly donors.

      Last year at this time, FR was reporting 677 monthly donors. Today, the monthly donor count is down to 606 ... this even with the harpy club advertising the dozens and dozens of new monthly donors signing up every quarter.

      I'd guess the take is greater than $8-10k per quarter, but no where near the $88k goal.
      Somewhere near the $55k-$60k mark, you can tell the fakery really gets underway to end it before the third month.

      Every time Jim "adds in some monthlies", you can see the monthly donor count drop as he sees how many bank accounts stop transferring the expected payments.

  3. I eagerly await the Palins' next stern lecture for us all about family values and the sanctity of marriage.

    1. The freepers will eat it up, the woman can do no wrong in their eyes.