Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bin Laden Trutherism remains strong

Perhaps the craziest result of Freepers' willingness to accept any delusions rather than give Obama credit for anything, many Freepers continue to believe the raid that killed Bin Laden was a fake. While their initial impulse was to assume a mini military coup, but by 2014 they seem to have settled on the more crazy idea that the entire raid was fake.

Now investigative reporter Seymour Hersh published an uncorroborated account that the Bin Laden was done in cooperation with Pakistan. This is scanty evidence, but there are crazier conspiracy theories than that. Wanna see them?

FreeAtlanta has a theory.
My theory is that we were after the paki nukes, but when we lost the helicopter we had to come up with a cover story.

There was no bin laden, thus no pictures or independent verification of his body.

Just my hair brained theory.
advertising guy has the best little factoid upon which to hang a conspiracy:
I must have posted this a dozen times yet no response,Usama blow’d up at Tora Bora and the Pakistan Usama was 72 inches long,not 79 inches long
HarleyLady27 is having trouble reconciling her gut's desire to hate Obama with all of the evidence that points to Bin Laden actually being dead.
I have often wondered if the killing of OBL was real or made up...

You know when you have that feeling of ‘huhhhh’ yeah, that’s what I mean...

So if we didn’t kill him, where is OBL? Did the Pakistan people kill him, did they hide him, is he still alive????

These questions we need answers to, don’t you think?
Logical me literally cannot believe Obama is capable of anything good.
At the time something smelled fishy. I knew something just did not sound right because of the one picture I saw of King Obama sitting on the floor watching real time. I will never forget that picture and the look on his face told me this coward could never construct the raid on Bin Laden.
Chainmail knows the best conspiracy theorists rage at how obvious the conspiracy is:
"Hersh is a fraud"

Yes, but a broken clock is right once every 12 hours. That whole "long distance raid deep into Pakistan without the Pakistanis knowing about it" struck me as ridiculous. Helicopters, "stealth" or not are the most detectable devices - and the least reliable - on earth. Nobody in their right minds depend on helicopters for critical long-range missions.

That, and the whole "no photographs of OBL's body will be released" and the "burial at sea" stuff is beyond belief. They must think that we're all brain-dead children.
treetopsandroofs knows how to silence Navy Seals:
A whole chopper full of Seals were taken down, biggest ever message sent to the Seals. I don’t recall more than a couple of them vocally “corroborating” the Fraud’s story.
treetopsandroofs next post makes me wonder where he does get his "facts," if not from the news.
I’m unfortunately still amazed that so many here are willing to believe Hussein if a particular news article is well written or appears to present cogent “facts”.
bgill has got to be taking the piss...right?
Do you know for certain they are really SEALS? With this administration, who knows if anything is the truth.


  1. The 79-inch Osama sounds right- he was pretty damn tall:

    A 72-inch Osama? No way he was only 6'-0" tall.

    Sorry to debunk advertising guy's theory.

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    The prude mods might be on duty. You’re gonna get this thread pulled!

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  3. Suspect named in D.C. Murder case ...
    freepers THRILLED to find out suspect is BLACK!

    Wednesday night open racism FR thread ... here!

    1. I think the freep a thons would go faster if Jim would install a racist word jar and just let them say what ever that want.