Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Baltimore Narrative

It's always interesting to watch Freepers flail around over the right story to decide is true, only to have their clarity locked in by some event. Usually it involves rallying to the defense of someone being criminally prosecuted. Hell, Freepers' nobility complex meant that it even worked for Chris Christie for a bit there.

It's even better when there's a picture, and better still when the villain is black.

So when the Baltimore DA charged 6 police in Freddie Gray's death, it's just about decided (and Freepers know all they need to about her from her picture). There are a few holdouts, but they will tire, and then this will become unquestioned and received wisdom as was Trayvonn Martin before.

cripplecreek doesn't like how zealous the prosecutor is:
I agree with the union’s call for an independent prosecutor.

This one is practically chanting “No Justice, No peace” which is a clear signal that she has no intent of seeking justice.
rhubarbk knows an uppity black woman when he sees one:
Cocky little sh!t isn’t she, did anyone else happen to see that huge chip on her shoulder or am I the only one?
JewishRighter is unimpressed by the DA's resume:
I want to emphasize that she is not an affirmative action baby. No way. Purely on her own merit and genius, she graduated from Tuskeegee in 2002 and from nationally-renowned Michigan State-Detroit College of Law, where most of our Supreme Court Justices earned their Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees. She earned her JD in 2005 and then spent about half the time since them in low and mid-level jobs in the prosecutor’s office and the other half as an insurance fraud investigator for Liberty Mutual.

Overall, I would say she is one of the most qualified 35 year old prosecutors for a major American city since Clarence Darrow. /sarc
That's actually a great American-dream-esque success story. But black people cannot actually merit success. Fuck this guy.

CivilWarBrewing has this DA figured out:
Cocaine is her best friend. Makes her animated and VERY outspoken. Oh yeah and it also makes her snort every 30 seconds and lick her gums. She's been raiding the evidence locker.

If that woman wasn't coked up I'll eat my shorts.
The clear signal here is: Rioting and looting works.
ilovesarah2012's initial impulse is supportive...
I am listening to her and am impressed. It won’t be an easy job. I wish her the best.
Roman_War_Criminal knows who the real lynch mob is:
So you vote with the lynch mob eh?
ilovesarah2012 soon leaves the thread.

ducttape45 knows black people all think the same:
The city attorney is black. She’s gonna toe the racial line and try to charge and convict these men. This is only going to cause more harm than good.
Conscience of a Conservative tries to keep Freepers from passing judgement:
This person is low life scumbag. She has made the decision to politicize this and ruin the lives of 6 officers without doing proper investigation. At the end of all this I expect the 6 officers to beat all charges and sue for damages.

How do you know whether there has been a "proper invesstigation"?
Conscience of a Conservative is a bit exasperated.
What if the DA really *is* an incompetent racist black bitch? Just like the mayor?

Do you have a shred of evidence to support this theory, or is it wholly based on "all that we know about black racism in America today"?
Cementjungle knows that the real facts will be known only to his imagination:
The city and the police department are run by black leftists, so why would they release something that impugns Gray's character?

Have they released the tox reports? Have they released the arrest report? How about the arresting officers' statements?

It took lawsuits for Sanford to even admit that Trayvon was beating Zimmerman's head into the pavement... and even then, ABC and others tried their hardest to continue to deny that any such assault had been taking place.
uncitizen goes full doomsday:
here comes martial law in Baltimore. The first American city to fall.
Iron Munro also seems to confuse the prosecutor with the judge:
On the one hand she seemed to be seething with hate and on the other hand almost gleeful that she was getting to burn some police officers and eager to get to it.

One of her promises during her recent election campaign was to be more aggressive in taking on police misconduct.

I sure wouldn't want to rely on her sense of fairness and justice.
MinuteGal keeps her eye on the important facts:
With all due respect, you called serial criminal offender Fast Freddie a "kid" three times in your post.

He was 26 when he passed from this mortal coil.
Old Sarge senses a larger conspiracy at work:
And the next venue for the Leftist Racism Road Show is about to be booked. Just as in Ferguson, and Sanford, and Los Angeles, and Noo Yawk...

The stage is now being set for a public trial of LEO's, held to an impposible standard in what will be the court of public opinion - guaranteed to ignite more riots regardless of the verdict - and the race tensions escalae.

All according to plan...

The Watchman Ping List - FReepmail Old Sarge for details!
manc knows where there's this many black people in power, white people cannot help but be oppressed.
Black Mayor who has made political statements.
Black prosecutor who was given thousands of dollars off Grays lawyer and is married to a whack job racist. A half black President who has always jumped in against cops and whites.
A black Fed AG who has stated she will nto follow the law and is replacing another racist black AG.

Yep they are getting their social justice and fighting the late 60’s but we will still see dopes who will say they are right wing and then repeat the left wing agenda.
Funny, 3 of the 6 charged police are black. I look forwards to how manc develops his story.

Shortly thereafter, manc is suddenly against generalizations.
The police and prosecutors are no better than the criminals they deal with. They are all criminals.

You know every cop in the country, WOW you are popular.
manc ends up calling a skeptical Freepers Al Sharpton.
Funny how the likes of you and the other left wing scum anarchists were silent when cops are killed or hurt especially during the riots.

How about looking into the prosecutor received thousands of $ off GRAYS LAWYER .

Look who she is married to.

The Mayor stating how 3 black females can get this justice done for Gray and harping on about no justice no peace which is political .

Sometimes when I read your posts I get the impression I am reading posts by Sharpton or Michael Mooore .
dragnet2 sees bias in how the prosecutor only talked about the case at hand, and didn't rage at the mayor.
No one claimed the State Attorney is on trial.

But the fact remains, the poster implied she appeared to be a no nonsense, unbiased "Protector of the people" in that image.

Yet I have not seen a single comment or quote from the "Protector of the People" directed at the Mayor for publicly instructing law enforcement to give “Space” to those who wish to destroy.

Does this not seem a bit odd?
Biggirl's revolt-sense is tingling!
Look for angry “blowback” to come down the road. It will come, mark my words.
CivilWarBrewing is clearly directly from Stormfront:
Sharpton, Cummings.. Media circus by order of the White House!!!


The ONLY way to stop this media madness is to BOYCOTT TV NEWS IN ALL FORMS. If they cease to get ratings, they will go out of business. Get all news from the Internet.
Slambat is a parody of Freepers.
Depraved Heart Murder Definition:

Where an individual under circumstances evincing a depraved indifference to human life, recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death to another person, and thereby caused the death of another person.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Benghazi.
RetiredArmy heard who was really in control:
Rush said that the Rev Al was there leading the mayor around by the nose telling her everything to say. Using the “justice or no peace” which he said the race pimps use all the time in these riot events.
re_nortex blames the victim, but is weirdly mostly alone in this.
It's very simple, live like a feral and the wages of sin are death. As Rush pointed out, Freddie the Thug was arrested numerous times and never died. If the police were trying to put the feral down, why didn't they do it before? There were plenty of opportunities to rid the world of this menace, right? Thus, a honest, dispassionate evaluation of the facts reveals that Freddie the Thug deliberately fatally injured himself.
apoliticalone would solve police brutality by arming everyone.
My view on all of this is changing big time. My suggestion is many of these problems could be eliminated by reducing our police by 50% and encourage every law abiding American to be armed like the Swiss. Use the resulting savings to pay down our national debt.. Too many police leads to a police state.


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