Friday, May 1, 2015

Freddie Gray totally broke his own kneck

So the police officers involved in the Freddie Gray death have been charged with various flavors of homicide. With the usual scattered exceptions, Freepers are fully on Team Cop now.

You could see this coming to their eager adoption reaction to the Police Union's rather dubious theory.
Now, stranger things have happened, but I will admit I'll need some extraordinary evidence before I buy the current police story that Gray broke his own spine in the squad car.

Freepers, though, cannot resist such a clear narrative. Blaming police violence on Democratic policies? Obama's martial law plan? Those are fun excuses, but there's nothing better than a good-guy/bad-guy story. And when one side is dead (and black), and the other is the police...Is it any wonder why the putatively anti-government Freepers always seem to side with the cops? Once the tribal line has been laid down, even if some officers are black, they're suddenly one of the good ones, and their race is just more proof they're correct!

jurroppi1 totally knew it:
This was my first suspicion...
Enterprise is clearly excited he can simplify his thoughts:
A twist in the narrative. WOW!
gaijin is immediately, fully on board:
Of course!

Via the lead poisoning lawsuit that he and his sister ca$hed in on, he became intimiate with the Las Vegas tort law system.

He resented his arrest, and decided to turn lemons into lemonaid —squeezed those lemons a bit too hard.

PLMerite is witholding judgement, even as he wonders if it was a "drug-induced or low-intelligence fury."
So, to recap: First, he wasn’t injured, but he faked being injured to “game the system.” Next, he injured himself, in his continuing efforts to game the system. Next, he broke his own neck (3 vertebrae) and crushed his larynx.

Am I getting that right? Low that what you think happened?

Hey, it’s a theory. Stranger things have happened. He could have been injured in the takedown and whatever was done to subdue him. He could have been injured in a “rough ride” in the van. He could have injured himself in some kind of drug-induced or low-intelligence fury.

Take your pick. All have about equal probability in my mind.
CaptainK wonders if it was the heavy drugs:
Was Gray on a heavy dose of drugs? What will the toxicology report say?
Norm Lenhart is clearly an expert:
If he was on dust he could easily.
MeshugeMikey is already disbelieving all evidence otherwise:
What will the toxicology report say??

Cause of Death...Racessness!

beyond that many dont want any answers!

with his arrest record in mind Id say theres a strong possibility of heavy drug use yes.
caww is an expert on gang tactics - and Freddie Gray's past, as it turns out!
I can believe’d be surprised what injuries you can do to the body when in handcuffs and leg cuffs while trying to create injuries to yourself by banking your body around an enclosed vehicle.....especially since you know you can sue and settle for some fast payout. A spinal injury doesn’t necessarily mean he broke his neck either.

Look this guy was for years well familiar with the tricks of the gangs he hung with and played them himself. I put nothing past this man....(BTW he isn’t a kid as they keep trying to make him out to be)
concerned about politics finds this super believable:
Yeah. I can easily see this happening these days. The MSM makes every black criminal a victim. All they'd have to do is report his version of the story and show the bruises. He'd become a national left wing hero overnight.

If this is what really happened, I'm glad he wasn't able to pull it off. We don't need any more MSM lies. They've done enough damage already.
Even as everyone else flocks to the new story, Norm Lenhart knows false flag conspiracies are simple AND let you keep hating Obama:
Yup. He seized the opportunity to carry out his programming.
kjam22 just condemns the dead guy to death retroactively and washes his hands of the whole thing:
either way he was on borrowed time. And, another bad guy, drug dealer, drain on our society is off the streets now. No doubt there.
rikkir is still focused on hating Obama for his evil, secret, yet futile plans:
See 1600 Penn Ave.
He wants an excuse for Martial Law.
He will fail. All Liberals live in a bubble. He thinks we will all react the same way his liberal buddies do when threatened by 13% of the population.
He and they will be gravely shocked when they move from their big city cocoons.
RetiredArmy knows the important thing is to live in constant, resolute fear:
It doesn’t matter about THE FACTS or THE TRUTH. It gave the black gangs of ObamaLand a reason to riot and riot they will. You’d better arm yourself and prepare to defend YOUR fort. YOU are the ONLY line of defense for you and your family. My 12 gage tactical shotgun with double OO buck stands next to the bed, ready to use. My cousin is sheriff of our county. He said that unless a patrol car was near, it would take 30 minutes to dispatch one out to where we live. What would happen to you and yours in 30 minutes. Right, dead, looted, and gone by then.
Melinator packs so much racism into one bit of doggeral...
Oh my goodness gracious me!
However could this ever be?
The 15x felon got a ride for free
Perhaps his peeps should steal a t.v.?
Torch their neighborhoods on mtv?
Where oh where is Beyonce and J.Z.?
Wait they cannot show for free
Perhaps obama can rob you and me
To pay the thugs and bend a knee?


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