Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The TX biker gang fight

Some biker gangs act like Freepers assume all black people do, and have a shootout in a local restaurant in Texas. Nine are dead.

Turns out the bikers were almost all white guys. Before this can be confirmed, Freepers rush to find the tiniest clues that there are minorities involved. The urgency to have figured out their own narrative before the press does some actual reporting that contradicts it is palpable.

re_nortex makes an amazing showing here, with blizzards of fallacies akin to Oliviaforever back in the day.

NormsRevenge jumps straight to Muslims:
A recruitment event..

Run by who?

re_nortex's amazing performance begins:
Isn't oh-so surprising that the leftist lamestream media isn't mentioning the race or the religion involved in this murder spree. Thankfully some good guys with guns were nearby to put an end to it before the kill count went into the double digits.
CivilWarBrewing really wants this incident to speak to his racism.
Are these primarily white gangs? Are any one of these gangs heavily Hispanic versus the other gangs??? I can see the phony ‘diversity harmony’ cr*p coming to a head soon, especially with illegals overrunning us.. Is race in play here, or is this just old rivaries? Anyone know?
mylife isn't buying that Texans can be bad:
I just find the flavor of the article to be off.
Slandering Texans an bikers.

No facts
mylife has come up with a theory
I’m gonna go about on a limb and guess this gang was not from Tx

Here in Tx we do the ride and the meet and greet we do not shoot the place up.
re_nortex is the best:
I suspect our perps where from south of the border and the dispute was with brothers that where also from south of the border.

That's an excellent application of Occam's Razor, FRiend! Thanks for cutting to the chase and exposing liberal lies.
re_nortex also hits the Freeper trope that whenever race/religion/party isn't mentioned, it's cool to assume whatever you want.
Not only was the race and religion covered up by the lying television station and newspapers, they also failed to mention if those involved were illegal Mexicans. It's well known that real Texans don't wantonly kill as was the case here.

Fortunately an authentic armed Texan was close at hand to put a stop to it. God has Blessed Texas yet again!
stylin_geek is another Freeper to take refuge in vague paranoia:
SWAT opened fire and killed a few people who may have just been getting on their bikes to get away from the gunfire.

This may have very well been exactly what the paper is saying it is.

However, there are too many things going on in this country for me to be able to take anything at face value any more.
katana knows white crimes are organized, unlike Mexicans:
The outlaw ones are a bit like the Mafia. Treat them with respect and stay out of their business and they’ll generally do the same for you. Mexican “clubs” excepted, and my guess is that’s probably what we’ve got here. It would explain why the reporter refrained from naming the clubs involved. Locals would know who’s who and did what and why.
re_nortex continues:
The picture in the post is from the New York Daily News, a northeastern far-left newspaper. The leftist media has been known to doctor photographs to push hussien's anti-American liberal agenda. It's best to wait until a reliable, Conservative Texas source provides a real photograph.
BeadCounter suddenly finds it important to figure out the demographics of various biker gangs:
“Mongols formed because the Hell’s Angels mainly wanted white members. Mongols so have some of your minority types.”

Correction: Vagos seems to have been the gang. Something to research.
defconw is already halfway to trutherism:
Where is the blood? Where are the walking wounded? The pictures all seem staged to me. Just a bunch of guys sitting around looking at their phones? Seems very odd.
fwdude knows to trust no one whose story doesn't agree with what you want it to:
Just I don't trust anyone anymore. I must have seen it in person with my own two eyes.

I fully understand. Deceit rules the day.
re_nortex is getting cocky, but it's awesome:
You might want to learn what your taking about before you try and “fix” something.

So you're implying that this rogue gang of murderers is comprised of God-fearing, pro-life, pro-gun, anti-sodomy Conservatives. If that's true, then why is there not a mass movement by the "Banditos" to support Ted Cruz for President?


  1. Freepers are in full panic mode to excuse any crime done by a white conservative Christian. Either that, or they proclaim them "not a TRUE conservative".

    1. In this case, freepers are ignorantly pretending their little weekend motorcycle club taking a spin to the lake in their bedazzled leather jackets are equivalent to the Hell's Angels and the other drug dealing, pimping, murdering gangs.

  2. We all read the same newsfeeds that the Freepers read. It's gotten obvious to me over the last few years that Freepers will not even post stories where a white person is committing a crime unless they can spin it a certain way. That is especially frightening when you take into account the Freepers that proudly say they get all of their news from FR. That means that some of these idiots truly believe that only minorities commit crime.

    1. I like it when freepers link some WND or Gateway Pundit story about a black-on-white crime, saying that "the main-stream media would NEVER cover this!" ...
      when even the WND and Gateway Pundit articles link to the original story from the AP or CBS news or some other main stream source.

      Freeper dummies think their right-wing bloggers actually do original reporting.

    2. The most hilarious aspect is that Freeper reporting essentially defines the term "Politically Correct" as the facts must be interpreted, distorted and selected to conform to a preconceived political world view. An approach essentially indistinguishable from Pravda and Izvestia in the days of the USSR. The delicious irony is, regrettably, wasted on them.

  3. CivilWarBrewing really wishes he could say N-----.