Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bill Nye

Bill Nye of Science Guy fame has become an evangelist for global warming.

At this point, all but the most committed partisans admit the earth is getting warmer, with the GOP quibbling only about the cause.

Freepers, though, are not ones for shifting their positions once they're dug in, and here they have a target ready-made to ad hominem, which makes their claims extra outlandish.

JLAGRAYFOX knows what commencement speakers should say:
Bill Nye....the total Obamabot boring deadbeat!!! Rutgers University should be ashamed of itself. A commencement speaker should be urging the graduates to use their individual talents & skills as they might choose in a free society, not try to brainwash them into a Obamabot, “1984...I love Big Brother march”!!! Useless human being, that Bill Nye!!!
Gaffer focuses on what's important:
To me, there is something inherently evil about a man that always wears a bow tie.
BenLurkin knows a Commie when he sees one:
The guy is a notorious pinko.
Cincinatus makes an odd reference:
Maybe he’s a Nation of Islam member — he seems about as scientifically well informed as Louis Farrakhan.
JimRed has a dilemma, folks!
My nephew is in the graduating class and we are going to the commencement. How do I restrain myself from voicing my disagreement with Nye’s lies? Mrs. JimRed will be awfully pi$$ed if I do so; but I might work myself up to a stroke if I don’t!
acapesket councils pettiness:
As the parent of a College Senior, I would be pissed off if I paid all of that money to send my kid to Rutgers and this buffoon was his graduation speaker.

In fact, I would skip the ceremony.
The thrilling, petty conclusion of the JimRed saga!
So, we went to the commencement Monday, which was nephew's college of education department graduation for his masters. Not the one at which Nye spoke.

The key speaker there was a highly honored (and highly propagandized) student who ranted about "social justice" issues, which was OK until he mentioned the "murder" of Trayvon Martin. I'm sure a lot of the audience heard me say "self defense is not murder", and it earned me an elbow from herself. Then he quoted W.E.B. DuBois and Paul Robeson, two out and out communists! Indoctrination is proceeding apace.
HotHunt's science is so clear, he doesn't get why liberals are all being so silly as to disagree with it:
Just one eruption of a volcano nullifies what man could even come close to doing in a hundred years in attempting to alter nature's climate on earth. We have no hand in this. Not only in causing climate change but in having the ability to stop or reverse it.

What are these idiots like Nye thinking? It only makes them look like bigger fools in front of the world than they already are. Why are they confirming what most people think about their ideas already, that they are the ones being fooled, not the rest of us?
fireman15 has been reading the blogs:
I should probably say the “urban heat island effect” has much more of an effect on the temperature record since many weather recording stations which were once located in rural areas are now surrounded by asphalt jungles which negates their usefulness as a temperature trend indicator. Yet these are the stations that show a positive trend. Recording stations that are still located in rural areas show that the temperature trend in the United States has been flat for the last hundred years or so. They show clearly that the dust bowl era was clearly warmer than what we have been experiencing more recently.
palmer sniffs out some BS:
Back in 1991, the government had a several day seminar on global warming in which our, and many other companies sent engineers to hear the government spheel.

As the Pinatubo volcano had just erupted, one of the engineers asked the speaker, “Compared to the Pinatubo volcano, how much pollution does the industrial world produce?”

The answer...”five percent!”

Many of the representatives started laughing, got up and walked out right then.

Mankind: 30 Gt/year. Pinatubo: 42 Gt total, see
caww enthusiastically decides what is true:
BTW....I was online throughout the night and next day when the e-mails were anonymously sent, (regarding the climate warming fiasco data as it unfolded that night), It was one of the most memorable times ever on line I have ever spent. What was also revealing is as the scientists came on line and those who had been trying effortlessly to disprove the was well noted how explicit they were to make sure the info was legitimate. They checked and cross checked communicating from one site to another to face-book pages was extraordinarily exciting HotHunt.

Let me add that I know nothing of weather data etc. but it was not hard for even me to see what was being disputed, and who was being truthful and not.

I fully believe that those open to "truth" will always follow thru to whatever end might be....those who are concealing or falsifying information will not be so eager and in fact 'easy to see' they prefer the issues be left aside or twist what is already known.

As said it was beyond amazing watching these people who did seek the truth operate all night into the next day....I was privileged to observe it all as it unfolded.....and for that knew truth as it was revealed.
Reeses brings it all back to anti-liberal xenophobia:
About half of Rutgers students are now foreigners, coming from 115+ countries. They can greatly lower their CO2 output by going back to the third world economies they came from, and taking their newly minted leftard indoctrination with them. A country’s CO2 output is proportional to their GDP, and nothing destroys GDP more than leftism.


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