Friday, June 26, 2015

Spotlight Friday: HomerBohn

What makes this guy stand out is not his beliefs. Well, other than his habit to explicitly call for a conservative dictatorship. But his views are largely the usual - Muslims must be deported, the GOP is in league with the Democrats to destroy America, Obama is a Muslim, blah blah blah.

But Homer brings hyperbole and drama. They aren't illegals, they're "disease-ridden animals crawling towards the voting both." This coming election is America's last chance, just like all the previous ones. His ability to maintain such an energy level is impressive, really.

The other interesting thing is that he's one of those Catholics who thinks all the Popes since Vatican II have been heretical fake-Popes. A hyperbolic faith for a hyperbolic man.

the most IMPORTANT time EVER in the history of the United States of America
Fact is that upcoming is the most IMPORTANT time EVER in the history of the United States of America. We cannot elect another Democrat to serve in the White House, and more importantly, the SKANK Hillery Rodham Clinton. If you think things are bad with this Black/White ISIS supporting Muslim President in the WH today, wait until these American Idiots elect Hitlery. Talking about the SHTF, we will be kissing the US goodbye forever. 12 years of Democrat Marxist leadership will NOT be a good thing. We MUST prevent this from happening AT ALL COSTS, even if it means a RE-Revolutionary WAR.
Soon, everybody will be dead I guess?
When this current evil regime packs up and moves off to their new headquarters in the Obama Liebrary and Foundation, this nation will be in ruins similar to Dresden at the end of WWLII.
Who taught him to hate:
Wookie could be wearing a gorgeous gown of gold, spun by fairies and she'd still be what she is: a large caboose-d (you could play pinochle on that posterior) zombie-brained socialist so advanced that there would never be any reasoning with her.

Top that off with being wedded to the worst thing to happen to America since the civil war and you have two bottom feeders, much like the Clintons, but intent on completely destroying our nation now reduced to pitiful status.

A curse on them AND the damned Clintons: they've taught too many of us to hate!
pee-pee in the anus!
Homosexuals are only happy when either someone has shoved their pee-pee up their anus, or they are shoving their pee-pee up another’s anus.

The anus and the pee-pee are two objects of their adoration and love.

Ingesting fecal matter is another of their filthy practices where they either lick the stick or the anus itself.

Homosexuals are just not very tidy people and their health statistics are a horror.

However disgusting and evil their sodomy is they will still have their ‘gay pride’ demonstrations to convince themselves that what they are doing with each other is an honorable thing.

Skeeter Obama thinks it’s honorable and many people believe his butt rangering days were over when the idiots elected him president twice.

The Holy Bible explains what polite society did to homosexuals in olden times.
Note the advocacy of stoning the gays at the end there!

A growing problem.
This is why imprisoned negroes join the jihad.
Additionally, property owners should be the only ones that could vote. This would eliminate all of Manhattan AND boroughs.
An evocative description of Hillary:
Hillary is such a repugnant piece of work, that in a normal world and a polite society she would be relegated to cleaning ‘men’s’ latrines.

She looks like she has a serious vaginal disease. (No doubt due to a Muslim tongue.)
Our last pope was Pius Xii
The business of the new catholic religion is more about joining the rabid left and forget what Christ admonished Peter to do with His church on earth.

Francis, the talking mlule, now is foaming at the mouth over his new Eco-mania. He is joining the abortionists and the other Godless leftist crazies in a made dash to save the 'planet' from gorebal warming and those who call it junk science.

His recent statement begins thusly:

"Unsustainable consumption coupled with a record human population and the use of inappropriate technologies are casually linked with the destruction of the world's sustainability and resilience."

Like everything he's said since becoming pope, this makes little sense to adults with functioning brains.

No thinking scientists are being invited to attend the pope's little symposium on the ridiculous theory of the earth warming. As a matter of fact there's been no recorded warming over the past eighteen years.

Francis, like Obama, is a man with a devilishly evil mission as did his predecessors. Our last pope was Pius Xii.
A sober take in the issues of illegal immigration:
Who will be the next victim before our government takes a stand against ILLEGAL immigration and begins authorization of mass deportations? If Eisenhower could do it in the 50s, why can't we now? The reason is that the stupid Republican Party wants the Democrats to win elections with all these disease-ridden animals crawling towards the voting both.
What military drills really mean:
While the country has been sleeping and watching America's Got Talent, the preparation has been made to incorporate "control" for the Agenda 21 One World Government and economy that they are shooting for. It was very interesting when the operation organizers said : "please do not be alarmed".....that was what the Nazi SS Guards told the people entering the camps in Poland : "please do not be alarmed, the machine guns are for your protection only"......
His natural Presidential candidate:
Walker still looks acceptable, but Trump keeps looking better all the time.
The first completely black-hearted president
Wasn’t Hillay’s husband the 1st black president?

He was the first completely black-hearted president before the current parasitic foreign exchange student.

I know that covers a lot of ground when one considers FDR, LBJ and a host of others.
Obama poops in the White House!
With our Republican majority in Congress, how can he continue to eat, sleep and sh*t in the now disgraced White Hovel? After all, those Republicans we voted for are true Conservatives, aren’t they?

Third party, third party, third party......need a leader.
Bernie Sanders should be institutionalized:
Like all communists, Bernie's brain is severely damaged, but his vocal cords remain intact. He won't shut up.

He is, though, very much like a watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. This man needs to be admitted to an institution for the insane.
The time has come for an American Pinochet to save us:
The times are ripe now for a takeover of this nation by the far right! At this point I would welcome a benevolent despot like Francisco Franco or Augusto Pinochet. If this garbage that's running this nation doesn't think this is possible, then luck is on the right side

Such a takeover would not only affect the elite political class of asshats, but would sound the death knell for these prideful homosexuals and also our polluted system of courts.

The population would be emptied of all illegal housebreakers and Muslims. You wouldn't be able to see a minaret anywhere. The present exchange student occupying the White Hovel would be just a blot on this nation's history.
Yep, he's all for American Fascism:
The exclusive Congress Club should be forbidden to pass any legislation. They should just hold congenial meetings and retire afterwards to their tony quarters.

A benevolent despot, like Francisco Franco, would kick them out of the government buildings, tear out the phones and WiFi gear, then board up the doors.

The traitorous dogs amongst them would be sentenced to a life at hard labor....or something somewhat worse.


  1. LOL

    When the revolution comes and the now inevitable dictator marches the leftists and the degenerates into the death camps I will not lift a finger to stop it.

    231 posted on 06/26/2015 7:58:43 AM PDT by MeganC (You can ignore reality, but reality won't ignore you.)
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    To: MeganC; Norm Lenhart
    I couldn't agree more Megan.

    Honesty I look forward to that day.
    234 posted on 06/26/2015 8:00:17 AM PDT by KC_Lion (PLEASE SUPPORT FR. Donate Monthly or Join Club 300! G-d bless you all!)
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    To: MeganC
    In my youth, I felt sorry for the homosexuals that were beat uo for being who they were.

    Now I wish I had taken part in the ass kicking,
    236 posted on 06/26/2015 8:02:11 AM PDT by catfish1957 (I display the Confederate Battle Flag with pride in honor of my brave ancestors who fought w/ valor)
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    1. Now I wish I had taken part in the ass kicking

      Yes because one more person beating up the gays would have stopped today's decision.

    2. No, you don't get it: he forfeited his right to basic human consideration _by asking for it_
      You see this thinking a lot

    3. This guy Homer is a genius.
      I feel like Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now next to this guy.

      All you degenerate faggots, communists, and niggers do realize the DICTATOR is coming right?


    4. catfish1957 deserves cancer for his/her beliefs. What a scumbag.

  2. At this point I would welcome a benevolent despot like Francisco Franco or Augusto Pinochet.

    "At this point." Right.

    Like he hasn't been jerking off to this fantasy for decades.

    I love how many of these guys will claim Hitler was a socialist, and then turn around and praise someone like Franco, who was basically a Nazi fellow traveler right down to the concentration camps.

    1. Hitler was too much of a squishy liberal for their tastes.

  3. Replies
    1. Jim gives the rally cry and don't forget to donate!

    2. "Elections have consequences - we were warned"

      luke21 @ #22: "We want a candidate who stands for something, and who will give us SOME of what we want. Just some, with a few nice surprises going our way."

      but luke ain't no moocher lookin' fo' gibsmedats!

    3. I am slogging through reading that elections have consequences thread. So far no one has come to the conclusion that right wing nut jobs are vastly outnumbered. I'll keep reading, surely someone will say it. It's the obvious truth of the matter.

    4. "It's the obvious truth of the matter." This is Freeper land remember?

    5. crystal palace east @ 101:

      "P.S. attacking a person individually when you can’t attack their points is a dem-lib trick. True Conservatives don’t descend to it."

      until they need to pull the "no true scotsman" trick ...

    6. Yep, I thought the same thing when I saw the thread RimJob posted. He's worried about his income.

    7. anonymous @ 4:50pm

      "So far no one has come to the conclusion that right wing nut jobs are vastly outnumbered. I'll keep reading, surely someone will say it."

      do we have a winner?

      alanGreenSpam @ 219:

      "The problem is you’re only half right in making that comment about EVIL. You want a PERFECT candidate in a system where it is IMPOSSIBLE for current US demographics to elect a perfect conservative candidate. Be realistic about the context we’re in."

  4. Freeper tears are the sweetest elixir. ...and this week we got a bucketful

  5. geronL: 'I would rather fly it than the US flag on the 4th of July

    I hate what this country has become. I HATE it. I feel NO loyalty to this America. None.

    I am seething with it today. I passionately hate the Republican Party of today as much as I hate the Democrats too.

    They don’t deserve spit if they were on fire.

    You know what else. I’m not praying for this country, I don’t want to delay its collapse any more.'"

    sounds like ol' geritol hates america even more than obama, osama, lil kim, chavez, isis and pelosi combined. whatta patriot.

    1. More like whatta baby.

    2. Don't tempt Geronl with talk of minors!

  6. Homer Bohn reminded me of the Super Bon Bon song from back in the day.

    Which is great because I generally think of Free Republic as like a hateful resentment free form racist jazz.

    You thought we were going to say something about Obama being a muslim or Soros, but instead we went off on the UN and gay sex in a thread on fiscal austerity.