Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hillary: Doomer or Doomee?

There's an interesting split among Freepers these days. Naturally, both sides are crazy. One group has been so steeped in the triumphalism and scandalmongering right wing media that they cannot believe Hillary is viable. The other has so built her up they cannot believe her election is avoidable.

DaveA37 is not optimistic:
In the end, “What difference does it make” will end up making NO DIFFERENCE. Hitlary will get the demodummie nod as their candidate and she will be elected (I have no doubt illegally).
Biggirl remains resolute:
She is not going to be the next President, mark my words.
VTenigma thinks she's toast, but also she's Civil War time.
In 2004 I said she will never be president, and I stand by those words, ‘08 was her best shot and that was a failure. By some chance she does, That’s a signal this country is irredeemable and ( if it isn’t already) and to truly prepare for a complete societal breakdown or CW2.
Biggirl can't resist such an invitation!
She could very well be cause and the start of CW2.
Good, but needs moar 'revolt is coming.'

humblegunner then hilariously pokes Biggirl
You also said she wasn’t running.

Should we mark those words, too?

Lazamataz doesn't take a side, he just wants to keep on with the cloak-and-dagger Obama vs. Clinton drama:
This stuff is ALL coming from Valerie Jarrett.
Buckeye McFrog thinks even the Democrats are taking in only right wing news:
This stuff is being leaked by Democrat Progressives who know she is a train-wreck of a candidate, and who truly desire someone far more Liberal as their nominee.
GOPJ goes further, and posits that Hillary has no actual supporters.
Even Democrats can’t stand her. Hillary pays her shills for support - just like Soros buys fake protesters.

Have you seen anyone who’s not ‘on the take’ cheer for her? If you have - share the name...

Hillary’s not going to be elected... citizens don’t trust her. She has all her husband’s bad points but lacks his cheap shallow sociopathic charm.

Yes, she’ll get the lower-class black vote, the criminal vote, the dependent women’s vote and the white liberal elite vote. But that’s it. And it’s not enough to elect her.
Old Yeller knows Hillary is just a supernatural vessel of God's curse:
If God intends to put hillary in power because this country is under His judgement, then theres nothing that can stop it. I have a feeling that will be the case.
Jim Noble makes a bold prediction: She will be out of the race in 3 months or less.
Ann Archy goes Vince Foster:
women voters don’t care if she KILLED people.....oh wait.
dead describes exactly what Freepers see when they see Hillary:
At this point, she’s Tony Montoya at the end of Scarface. She’s survived a few hundred bullets so far, but they’re coming too quick and too many now. Where’s the grenade launcher?
citizen352 wonders if there is actually a bigger villain behind the scenes...
Just a thought for anyone who is interested - Hillary might be running a screen for another candidate. Jeb Bush might benefit from all of the Clinton scandals. Bush has not been in the crosshairs of the media for some time. The DemocraticRepublican party a chance to create a good narrative for Jeb.
showme_the_Glory knows Hillary will kill her way to victory:
Why do you assume that she will get elected?

Lest we forget that several people around the Clinton family have died in their quest for power. They are serious.


  1. The cracks are growing

    1. Jim has enough dough salted away to start his own cracker factory.

  2. FR beat out Rush Limbaugh. Wow. And some Freeper says that like it's some badge of courage. I still listen to Rush but I was never visit his site so I don't know if this is indicative of him losing his listeners or just a fluke.

    1. I'd have to agree its not indicative of his audience numbers ...
      people listen to Rush because of his delivery and his voice, which don't come across on his (rather primitive) website.

      Regardless, VermontLt is getting crucified for daring to point out some truths on that thread.

    2. His delivery and his voice? The last two or three times I tried to listen to clips from his show, he sounded like he was going to die right on the air from all the phlegm. Maybe 25 years ago he was listenable (to fans, I never could get through more than five minutes of that show), but now he sounds like Jabba in his death throes. It's brutal.

  3. If God intends to put hillary in power because this country is under His judgement, then theres nothing that can stop it. I have a feeling that will be the case.

    If these people honestly believe a god cares about installing rulers in an irrelevant geographic area on planet Earth, then why the hell do they keep dumping their money into an "activist" website?