Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Potpourri

Gird your loans for the loathsomeness of the Freepers' reactions to the Charleston church shooting. For now, some Monday peregrinations:

blueunicorn6 wonders what evil Democrats are threatening to prop up Hillary:
If the Democrats are fighting so hard publicly, imagine what they are threatening in private conversations.

“Yeah, she’s guilty, but we’ll.......”

Once the press figures out that Hillary is an awful human being who will destroy them if they support her criminal behavior, then the game is up.

I suspect the game is already up. They’re just negotiating Hillary’s future.
caww also sees signs Hillary will drop out:
I think Hillary is already out just hasn’t acknowledged it yet....there’s far too many candidates out there putting her to shame if for no other reason then she’s fearful of what people will discover and she won’t be able to deflect it.

She’s already brought Billy up front...and he’s doing media spots...they know they’re in trouble.

Bill Clinton said that He and Hillary decided she would have to carry her campaign alone and that HE would only come into view “maybe” at the end. The fact he’s up front now attests to the fact they know she’s not pulling things off.

IMO..Hillary cannot handle the race....healthwise....she’s almost 70 and so they’re protecting her health because she can’t stand the pace.
VerySadAmerican sees a sinister plot behind the global water shortage:
Could this have something to do with Agenda 21? No more home building because there’s no water. Put ‘em all in city apartments except for the Mexicans. They’ll keep living like they do now and keep picking the fruit and vegetables.
__rvx86 is worried black women will seduce our men:
Blacks are already winning. Their music and films own the culture. Their black men have sex with foolish white women to produce mulatto babies who will be treated as black and get sent to the government schools where he/she will be taught to hate whitey — all on our dime.

Yes, by their own foolishness, millions of American blacks still live in poverty but they can access untold riches in government handouts so long as they keep electing Democrats.

Killing whites is just the final step. Look at Zimbabwe. That’s their model.

What of those white men who take an immense risk in taking a negress as a wife?
InterceptPoint is in favor of TPP, based entirely on its associations:
Consider your bedfellows who, like you, oppose TPA:

Al Jazeera US
The Trade Unions
The Environmentalists
The Far Far Left
Bernie Sanders
Nancy Pelosi
Martin O’Malley
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump

On my side:

Ronald Reagan
Ted Cruz
Marco Rubio
Scott Walker
Milton Freidman
A majority of Americans
An even bigger majority of Republicans

You might really ask yourself this question:
“Is what’s good for Al Jazeera good for AmerIca?”
Haha, Ronald Reagan.

rdcbn knows who cleaned up our environment - industry!
In the 1970s, smog was so bad in LA you could not see the mountains and your eyes burned if you were not adapted.

These days the air is clean and visibility is unlimited.

Same with Europe and Japan.

China, on the other hand, is a disaster.

Who is responsible for the massive clean up?

The same industrial and business groups the Pope is demonizing and trying to undermine.
Defiant knows white people never kill blacks, except for that one time with that church:
I hope the news outlets will count up the number of whites killed by blacks yesterday and compare it to the number of blacks killed by whites. If this guy killed 9, that means there were probably 9 total. Want to bet the total the other way around is a lot higher? And that’s before we get to illegal aliens.
mrsmel finds it significant that Rachel Dolezal is unpopular on "race realists" sites:
From what I read on various “race realist” sites, most decent white guys wouldn’t have her back anyway.
txrefugee is done with debates:
You can skip all the debates. No matter who participates and how they are configured, the Democrat media will be unimpressed by the GOP candidates, and their only interest will be in who they can crucify for making “gaffes.”

Hillary could fall down dead drunk when taking the stage, and they would compliment her on her brevity. This is a rigged game that serious candidates should refuse to play.
Patriot777 is sure Obama is just biding his time re: Gitmo.
0 is going to set free every single one of those muslim terrorists (which are his comrades, of course), several at a time, until GB is closed as part of 0’s new deal with Fidel and Raul Castro.
Apple Pan Dowdy thinks the Pope is going to declare Holy War on Protestants:
Now that he is Pope, how soon will it be before he uses his position to command others to obey the oath and to:

..... make and wage relentless war, against all heretics, Protestants, exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; sparing neither age, sex or condition; hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants' heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race?

Could such a man (men) with such a creed be used by a tyrannical nation, or even the United Nations?
EQAndyBuzz contemplates the evil of the UN, and of course SOROS:
The UN doesn’t want the US destroyed. The UN wants liberty destroyed.

In my own twisted conspiratorial mind, the UN wants to be the “Vatican” of socialism., with the US as nothing more than a client state.

It seems clear that Obama, with less than 18 month left in office will not be able to finish the job that the 60’s radicals along with the brotherhood and communist party started. That means that Hillary must get into the White House since the Clinton foundation, Soros and Steyer are the bank rollers of this and will trust no one else do this.
PA Engineer thinks the FDA killed as many as Stalin, and has a plan to solve that:
Groups like the FDA created transfats inclusion with their war on fat. They should just shut up now.

Admit they were wrong and responsible for almost as much death and suffering as Stalin, and then advise people to avoid it.

Once they finish getting the message out, shut them down and let independent laboratories take over drug certification. Heck, if we can trust a coffee maker not to burn down the house at night (with independent testing) we can assume laboratories like UL can do just a good of a job for a fraction of the cost.
JennysCool wants more shunning of friends and relatives:
Part of what allows this bloated government monster to survive is that we all have friends and relatives who feed the beast by working for it. It may seem callous, but I think it's time the rest of us started shunning those people. They are participating in our destruction for a paycheck.
Crazieman is ready to take out food inspectors:
This food company is armed. Would be a shame to see what happens if you try to enforce a rule you have no right to make in the first place.
Norm Lenhart explains why men are all about masturbating these days:
Feminists hate men.

Feminists teach men are hateful pigs

Feminists teach women to ‘go all natural

Men reject ‘womyn’ harrier than themselves

Womyn say “The feminists are right!”

Feminists claim victory.

Men go buy a Realdoll made to order and save their sanity.

Society wonders why grown men revert into video games.
dp0622 fondly recalls being a pig to a pretty girl:
I was 19. Dating a gal that looked like Daryl Hannah.

She came to the door in a short skirt and hairy legs. I said go back in the house and shave.

Never happened again. yeesh.

But boy was she hot. Had a great job. Great gal. But i was 22 and wanted my freedom!! what a dope.
tcrlaf argues Dolezal is very powerful

“She’s a pathological LIAR!!”

She threatens the Democrats decades old racial-identity political power memes.

Robert A. Cook, PE tries to fathom why a good thing happened on Obama's watch:
So, does THIS explain the otherwise contradictory “acceptance” of lower oil prices by the otherwise-high-energy-price-crazed Obola White House?

Oil prices decreased by more than half - suddenly and without apparent “real cause” ...

Which harms Saudia Arbia and the oil kingdoms = Obola HATES that!
Which harmed Putin = Obola doesn’t like that.
Harmed Texas and the oil-fracking, oil-producing US states and the UK North Sea oil-producers = Obola LOVES that!
Harms the oil companies and their employees = Obola LOVES that!
Reduces ISIS’s illegal oil earming on the black market = Obola hates that.
Reduces gas prices for average US consumer = Economy loves that (and rebounds) = Obola LOVES and needs that!
Reduces oil and gas prices in the US = Obola and his enviro’s HATE that, but are they willing to put up with it to obtain the rest?

So, it now reduces Chinese oil costs as well = Obola LOVES that!
Squat wants to torture Sidney Blumenthal:
Blumenthal — a longtime Clinton family friend who is set to testify before the committee behind closed doors Tuesday morning

Hopefully they can make him squeal like a pig.

make sure he wears and orange jumpsuit and hold a ISIS kinfe to his head, maybe then he will not just talk but tell the truth.
who_would_fardels_bear finds a lesbian yogurt ad to be America's end:
This is not just an ad with lesbians in it. This is truly a lesbian ad. The one woman is simulating a sex act vicariously with the yogurt.

This is as bad or worse than those ads with women eating/licking popsicles in a suggestive manner.

The bottom has been reached.

The best we can hope for is a dead cat bounce that lasts for a year or two at most.
Darksheare is really into how gay Obama is:
our faggy limp wristed pole dancing drag queen “president” is the father of ISIS.
I’m surprised at the number of people who didn’t know this already.
re_nortex makes with the fallacies regarding an assault on Dallas police:
He was characterized as unstable, a chief trait of ‘RATs. Plus there’s a history of family violence, certainly not behavior of Christian Conservatives. This liberal Boulware scum also threatened churches — just like a certain usurper illegally residing in the White Mosque. In short, all of this guy’s actions and proclivities reveal a RAT.
jonrick46 hates kids these days:
I agree with you about the iPod generation. If they could have one implanted with the optic nerve generating video information, they would hop on the table as fast as they would go for LASIK Eye Surgery. This is a generation ready for the government to put them on the MATRIX to harvest their brain power to run the Borg. I use that language for the iPod coconuts because I have seen little promise that they will pass on to future generations the freedom America has known since its founding.

We may be the dinosaurs but our books may enable them to figure out how to get their world back.
dowcaet wishes Republicans were as insulting and hateful as she thinks Democrats are:
I’m glad the Donald and Carly Fiorina are going full tilt on Hillary. The mistake Republicans always make is being passive on the attack because Democrats and more than a few on our side warn our candidates that the independents will be turned off by attack politics. Meanwhile, the Democrats go nuclear on the Republican without a response. I’m glad that Fiorina and Trump don’t listen to the punditry class and are going after Hillary as they should.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin with the more and more common sentiment:
We are literally becoming slaves.


  1. I'm about to lose another FR account. I start to wonder that it might be because my posts are a little too rational.

    Does anyone have any ideas to help me at least attempt to subvert FR without being picked off almost immediately as a "liberal"? I mean, I know I could just type in something simple like FUJB or FUGOPe, but that seems a little trite to me.

    I'm sure someone here has successfully done it for a longer period of time (eg. re_nortex); any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. r u a super secret agent down at the Cluck Bucket? 10-4, good buddy!

      "Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work---and life. Until then, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers."

      Let he who has ears hear.

      Over and out.

    2. I've never had an FR account before, but try posting angry things, and if anyone disagrees with you, call them a commie, a secret liberal or something like that. In other words, post like you haven't got two brain cells to rub together and you'll fit right in!

    3. Try attacking everyone Freepers hold dear, just don't criticize JimRob. Claim that Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, etc. are liberals making conservatives look bad. Make statements along the lines of "The Muslims/Russians/etc. need to die, but they are a model to aspire to on how they deal with gays/immigrants/etc." It's rather easy to post silly crap which makes the site look ridiculous and get amens for it, and you may end up getting a Freeper to reconsider his viewpoint on some subject matters. Trying to directly reason with a a Freeper is much harder, and will probably just lead to you getting zotted.

    4. I've never made a Freeper account, so I cannot vouch for how it is on the inside. But from what I can see, there are 3 ways one can troll.

      1. the re_nortex way. Take things a bit further than even Freep. Logical fallacies and circular reasoning help a lot here (viz., 'the right wouldn't do this, so this shooter is liberal.') It's a lot of work, and there is danger of going too far - be ready to sullenly back off if called out. Of course, you're also writing awful, awful things.

      2. The new Oliviaforever way - pick a few fundamental Freep topics - immigration, abortion, gay marriage, guns, Obama bad. Be a yes man on these. Repeat what everyone else is saying, and do so often.
      Then pick side topics like racism, Ebola, sexism, vaccines, whatever. Take a reasonable point of view there. Thus, any sane posting history is insulated by a nice cushion of mainstream Freep.

      3. Stirring the pot. No one I'm convinced is a troll here, but it seems easy pickings. Start as a yes man, as above. But then post negative stuff about a candidate - maybe even past other Freeper's previous smack talk approvingly (pinging them, of course).
      The infighting is already growing, and this could be fun, if you have the patience and fortitude to build a robust posting history beforehand.

    5. Dr.Mrs.TheMonarchJune 23, 2015 at 1:27 AM

      Do as Ozymandias said. Pick a few topics to be boosters on and be yourself on others, but never cross certain lines. In other words, never be antiabortion, antigun, or anti Jim.
      Having a "ping list" as I do is a good idea.
      Pick a red state as your home. Texas, or the deep south is best.

  2. Oliviaforever has not posted since the 12th? has she/he been locked out?

    Who are you btw?

  3. Lol. Thanks Oz. I

    I tried to say that I don't fly the Confederate flag because I love the 'Murica one (though I didn't say 'Murica because that might be a little too much even for FR). Apparently that hasn't set well with a few Freepers.

    I guess there's a flag that's even better than the American one, and that's the one that tells blacks that they're better as slaves.

  4. It makes me happy to see Freepers get all up in arms about trans fats. Maybe they'll all eat a bunch of trans fats for MURICA and FREEDOM and all be dead within 5 years.