Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The defensive crouch

Perhaps because it's easy to predict the massive resistance to any actual change, most of the pressure for a reaction to the South Carolina church massacre has focused on the Confederate flag.

But a few liberals are calling out the right as causing this kind of racism. Personally, I think it's hard to draw a causal connection. But Freepers so need to be oppressed that they flock to these few people. Then, their victimization fully engaged, it's time to say crazy and horrible things:

Steve_Seattle suddenly discovers that categorizing killers by some speculative political party is a bad idea:
I have to agree that we shouldn't play the political blame-game and say this shooting was caused by the country abandoning Christianity and Biblical values, or because of liberal Supreme Court decisions, or because of some other liberal trend. There have always been nut jobs like this, and there always will be.
NormsRevenge totally isn't looking forward to shooting blacks:
We know which wing wants a race war.. They been waging one for years and years..
tcrlaf is one of many to point out that other murders are a thing, which means this mass murder isn't a big deal:
Which reporter will have the balls to ask him the names of the blacks murdered in Baltimore, JUST THIS WEEK, live on air??

That would be racist or sumpin’, and would mean the end of the reporter’s career, right??

Welcome to mid-1930’s Germany, folks.
kiryandil reminds us who the real racists were, 70 years ago:
More than one of Clyburn's Democrat predecessors in South Carolina's 6th congressional district were probably members of the KKK.

Why don't you look into that, Jimmy?
Biggirl will never pass up a chance to imply a coming revolution:
“America has been on a hard-left swing for a while now, and the results we see are the results of that.”

For now that is.
the_daug blames a lack of prayer in school:
The symptom of a Godless push. Push God out of the public square out of the schools out of the military ect.
a fool in paradise
The Left Wing slouch and twitterverse outrage about white privilege, the sin of white devils, etc. isn’t to blame for anything. Nope, just those who break down and snap who were “driven” to it by ‘right wing media”.

No one is defending the actions of this killer. The Left is using the murders to smear the political opposition.
Texicanus thinks this is a good time to go off on how bad black people are:
Just a bunch of partisan politicians following the script. Screw Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) and the horse (excuse me, donkey) he rode in on.

Wonder who he’ll be voting for in 2016? I bet he’ll be voting to keep his darkies on the government plantation, supporting their right to abort their fatherless babies, splitting apart their traditional two-parent families and their responsibilities to raise up their children in a Christian home, giving up Jesus and supporting the MUSLIM religion of their ancestors enslavers, supporting the gay and lesbian lifestyles and such other abominations of mankind within their communities, denying them the formal education and skills that will let them lead independent lives, while giving their jobs to non-citizens and claiming it the name of justice and equality for the races. Lyndon Johnson would be proud of this a$$hole. Yep, they’ll be voting democratic as usual and expecting everything to be given to them. Wake up sheeple, you’re not going to a greener pasture, you’re being led to the slaughter house.
Texicanus follows by saying that if he had gone back in time and beat up the shooter things would have gone better:
What an a$$hole. He is too stupid or insane to know that burning flag represents our Constitution and the bravery of those people who have died to defend it. That is the only reason he is not hanging from the nearest tree.

If it were me, I would have taken that burning flag and threatened to shoved it up his skinny arse. If someone had done that, nine innocent people might have been spared and he could have changed his attitude and learned respect.

At least he didn’t commit his evil deed in Texas. I know Jesus forgives, but not Texas. It will kill you back. So don’t come to Texas if you’re looking to murder innocent people.

BTW, some of our most innocent looking people are packing heat and awaiting your arrival if you decide to come.
kenmcg would also like to react to this shooting of blacks by yelling about black crime rates:
Maybe Clyburn ought to look to his own people to learn why many whites distrust blacks. People are fed up with thugs wearing their pants around their knees and in every other word using the n word or mf. They are fed up with white women being the victims of rape and murder at the hands of black men. They are fed up with elderly white folks continually being assaulted and robbed. They are fed up with schools being dumbed down largely because of minority students who don't want to learn. They are fed up with decades of free programs for schemers who have no intention of working. Liberals are always blaming the right for racism, yet you never see these hypocrites moving into black areas. It's a damn shame nine innocents were slaughtered by a nut. Maybe Clyburn ought to look at the number of black folks who are murdered this weekend in every large liberal city, instead of blaming everything on white folks.
LibWhacker has an odd thing to blame:
Dylan Roof was a dedicated Redditor, one of the most extreme leftwing websites on the internet. A lot of leftwing racists over there.
Hugh the Scot hates how the left politicizes shootings:
So murder is about politics ... Maybe for the Dems it is.

If only they could disarm us all, we’d see that right up close.
Mmogamer is part of the growing truther movement, as is becoming de rigour whenever a shooter is white:
I still think it all looks like some kind of setup. Those pics just look to staged to me.


  1. Holy shit. A completely clueless comment from this thread about the CSA battle flag.

    If they truly wanted to honor him and what he stood for, they would build a Clementa Pinckney memorial - a statue of the Hon. Rev., surrounded by his eight companions, with the Confederate Battle flag in his loving hands, and an inscription on the base saying, “I forgive you.”

    But this isn’t really about honor and healing, it’s about scapegoating and effeminate anger - qualities the gunman had in spades.

    15 posted on Sun Jun 21 2015 07:58:20 GMT-0500 (CDT) by cmj328 (We live here.)

    1. That's some completely bonkers shit there. Funny that this clown has to get in an anti lgbt or misogynist comment there too. "effeminate anger" is just so bizarrely out of place that I can't even tell which!

  2. I could explain to them the rise of the Dixiecrats and the movement of the modern day conservatives away from the Democrats in the 60s into the Republican party...but what would be the point? They're not people that can appreciate even the smallest bit of reality.

    1. I think it's precious that they claim to not know about that. Many of these people are plenty old enough to have voted for white supremacist Democrats before the southern strategy really got going. Heck, there were prominent southern democrats who didn't switch until the 1990s.

    2. I don't think they don't know about it...it just doesn't exist in their mind. They've created their own reality, which is really kind of scary when you think about it.

    3. I live in Oklahoma so I've had to put up with the "Heritage not hate" crap my whole life. State's Rights my ass. None of them would try to claim the Nazi flag only represented anti-communism or the Rising Sun flag was really a symbol of anti-colonialism.

    4. Anon @5:27

      You know, you might be right. Maybe they don't really know exactly why they shifted. That Lee Atwater quotation was really on the nose.

    5. You bring up a good point, Anonymous 5:32 PM. These people are always so quick to tell others (black Americans, Native Americans, women, among others) to get over the past and move on, yet they're living out an imaginary oppression in which whites in general and southerners in particular are the oppressed. Hey FReepers -- it's 2015 -- you live in America, and you're white. You'll be fine. Time to move on.

    6. Also their beloved CSA was no bastion of state's rights or individual rights regardless of race. The Confederate executive was all-powerful. It requisitioned lots of property, ignored state's wishes concerning their militias, suspended habeas corpus and instituted martial law. The confederate supreme court was never seated meaning appeais went nowhere. The CSA also started conscription well before the Union and had a domestic passport system. Yep clearly Lincoln was a tyrant and Jeff Davis the heir to Washington. It wasn't about slavery. All state's rights.

    7. "I could explain to them the rise of the Dixiecrats and the movement of the modern day conservatives away from the Democrats in the 60s into the Republican party...but what would be the point?"

      The point is that we'd only kick your butt in debate if you ever brought that piece of info to the table like we've done to countless others in the past who also thought they could nail us with that same thing.

  3. Believe it or not Glenn Beck made a very good point. If the confederacy wa so interested in being Americans and not the enemy of America why did they have their own constitution? Why did they not keep the American Constitution as their own. The goal was to be separate from the US. So it really has no business being on the State House grounds.

    Conservatives are being bull headed fools to even be getting themselves in this battle. Haley was smart to do what she did. Conservatives always talk about withdrawing from the Republican party but I think it's the Republicans that need to totally denounce them and come up with a new platform. Stick to Fiscal issues.

    1. Why doesn't Japan still fly the rising sun? Why wasn't Germany alowed to continue flying the swastika after wwii? Because when a country loses a war, they don't get to continue to fly their battle flag as a recognised symbol. The south lost. The flag is a symbol of the loss. They're toonstupid to realise that it's not a history they should be proud of.

    2. Actually the Japanese Self Defense Forces do fly flags similar to the Rising Sun flag. Japan has a similar problem to the South. They both white wash their history. Japan makes a lot of faux pas about war monuments and honoring Imperial soldiers from WWII. The problem - they were both treated with kid gloves after defeat. Despite all the bitching about Reconstruction it was one of the most magnanimous occupations in history. By the 1870's former CAS officers and legislators were in the U.S. and state governments. Something similar to denazification in postwar Germany should have happened.

  4. They seem to think that since Amazon (Before pulling them) was selling 3000x more Redneck flags after everyone (with a brain) called for them to be removed from state capitals, etc, means that millions are being sold. In reality, they probably sell a couple a week, and now rednecks and racists are buying a couple hundred or couple thousand thereby skewing the numbers.

    Confederate flag flying assholes are not the majority, you idiot freepers.