Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grappling with the Charleston Shooter's motives

Via Anonymous. Freepers try to find reasons other than racism for the Charleston Church massacre. Then, Iching basically endorses the shooting as righteous revenge for the black war on whites that the right has been ginning up for years. It's fucking awful.

FiddlePig isn't having a lot of luck with the "he's thinking like a liberal" thing:
Dylann Roof’s clearly learned his philosophy from liberals… their twisted thought processes are exactly the same! Blame everybody but the perps… pure liberal thinking! The only difference was the targets, Roof blamed ALL black people for the crimes of a few, and like liberals always advocate, he sadly “punished” only those who were innocent.
Using a broad brush to paint all liberals as painting with a broad brush is quite a trick. a fool in paradise tries to distract with some Obama tin foil:
If anyone knows about terrorism, it is the Obama Hate Department that had Gaddafi whacked in support of Islamonazi terrorists.
Chewbarkah weaves an elaborate narrative of this being a war on accomplishment:
By all reports, Dylann Roof was a slacker, ninth grade dropout, frequent drug-abuser, and obsessive video-game player, from a broken home with a violent father. He recently lost a bid for a girlfriend to a black guy.

People like Roof, of whatever race, find it hard to answer the question, “Why am I a complete loser and unable to change that?” by looking in the mirror. Racially-charged on-line rhetoric, crime statistics, news of hideous crimes chosen for publicity because of race, a culture that gives idiocy and criminality a pass, are pretty convincing to an ignorant coward who does not really want a solution.

Roof didn’t attack BGI leaders or crooked prosecutors or New Black Panther HQ. His first plan was to murder college students, then switched to elderly church ladies who most assuredly had never raped white wimin or taken over anything. I doubt these targets were picked for maximizing impact of terrorist deeds (i.e., grabbing maximum publicity via outrageousness to undermine public faith in their government to protect them). He chose people who had self-respect, who were trying to improve themselves, their souls, or their community, and as such were a major rebuke to someone who feels worthless but lacks the initiative to do anything positive. Anti-black propaganda gave Roof a convenient excuse. Calling him a terrorist dignifies Roof unfairly.
IChing then comes in and says this was a righteous massacre:
The AME hurch has been behind all the rioting and mayhem in places like Sanford, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., and Roof’s attack coincided with the anniversary of a black slave uprising/slaughter of whites led by Denmark Vesey who also helped found the AME church. Roof knew what he was doing.
Lest you doubt him, IChing explains:
The bottom line is that Roof acted because whites are being slaughtered and raped by blacks across the land, for year after year after year, AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT; the information is being hidden from the public, etc.
IChing is still arguing for white terrorism:
You’re asking me if terrorism is justified, then. I suppose in some cases, it is. The firebombing of civilians in Dresden and other Axis cities in order to completely break the enemy’s will, etc., eh? And when is it justified for whites to do something like Roof did about the race terrorism blacks have been waging against random, innocent, defenseless old white ladies and other vulnerable victims for decades?
Wow, a real life terrorist wannabe idiot.


  1. So basically Chewbarkah is saying that Dylann read to much FR, where such rhetoric can be found daily? See exhibit A: IChing, a truly revolting being.

    1. He deserves a spotlight at least.

    2. massive uptick in fascist/mass murder pics and encouragement now. that deserves spotlight.

  2. I've learned a new term from this shooting, "stochastic terrorism".

    "Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communications to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable."

    All of these calls for "someone" to do "something" can be part of a trigger for some people. And since we are awash with guns, this ensures we have these mass shootings.

  3. VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out In Front Of South Carolina Statehouse Over Confederate Flag

  4. "it wouldn’t surprise me one minute if the Klan leaders got PAID by Obama to stage this ill-timed and totally idiotic 'rally.'".


  5. Everytime something like the Charleston murders take place, JimRob is hyperventilating and hoping its not a freeper who did it (again).

    1. I don't think he has much to worry about. Freepers are all wheelchair bound shut ins who spend all their time on FR and collecting disability cheques.

  6. His profile:

    30 years in law enforcement & security, executive protection, cabinet-level & presidential. Veteran of USAF & ANG

    For his sake, he should hope to be known as quite the tale teller. Otherwise, Freepers might ask why he hasn't done anything about the Obama problem.

  7. I noticed that Viennacon is posting fascist imagery: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3305645/posts

    1. Wow.

      I'm compiling material now, but I may do so over a week or so, this is an impressive breakdown.