Friday, June 19, 2015

Spotlight Friday: treetopsandroofs

Time for full-on tin foil! Angry tin foil this time. A Freeper who has decided that you cannot believe Obama or the media - including talk radio. So he just fills in the blank with whatever horrid dramatic evil he wants. This not only lets him keep his world as black-and-white and tidy as he wants, it also lets him scold his fellow Freepers for buying into whatever story they're talking about. In fact, he's incorporated Freepers into his wide-ranging conspiracy!

A prime example, in a story about a wife who tried to run her husband over:
So while I agree he did not have a right to try to prevent her from voting

Responding to a fellow Freeper who does not believe Obama secretly transferred weapons to Yemen:
There's no way these ships docked, offloaded those weapons and left in less than a day. Hence, they turned away before they could do this. Simple deduction my dear Watson. The first report was bogus.

I asked “Why should we assume he has done anything of benefit to us now?” and you told me.

Yes, trust First Citizen Obama.

Elementary... or is that not a condescending enough reply to you?
Chief Justice Roberts, made simple:
And Roberts is gay and pwned by the left.
King Roosevelt:
What about St. FDR?

I call him King.

Saints are martyred for their faith.

King-for-life FDR took what he wanted from us and caused a big war. Only Democrats can get away with that.

GOOD King FDR, of course. /s
Liberals these days are all about admitting Obama's a Muslim:
I watched adoring Hussein Heads in 2009 say, “How DARE you accuse him of being a muslim!” and lately, it’s “So WHAT if he’s a muslim?”
How Obama cowed the timid Navy SEALS who pretended to take out Osama Bin Laden.
A whole chopper full of Seals were taken down, biggest ever message sent to the Seals. I don’t recall more than a couple of them vocally “corroborating” the Fraud’s story.
You can't even trust Freepers:
I often check join dates of the worst posters at FR, and 1998, 2000 and 2008 seem to be especially well-represented.

Last gasp of the Great Clinton lovers, the freaks spawned by the scorched-earth War on America because a Republican won, and the no-way-I’m-voting-for-a-Morman crowd.
If you're not a birther, you're part of the Conspiracy:
Up until a few weeks ago, I liked to remind antibirthers that Al Capone was owed a HUGE apology because we ruined his health and life over TAX EVASION when we had absolutely no evidence of murder and racketeering.

We went after Capone with everything we had.

I tolerated antibirther “freepers” because we needed all types to defeat Hussein.

Now I’m not so sure the obnoxious anti-birthers aren’t leftist Hussein Head freaks.
Big Radio:
Big Radio was drooling over [Obama singing] this morning.
Sean Hannity - secret Obamabot:
Several weeks ago, Hannity’s radio show stopped its intro that was saying “Making Obama a one-term president”.

I think the word went out that Hussein is in for another 4 years no matter what anyone does, and many prominent right wingers are worried about their careers.
Letterman only enjoyed the conspiracy in 2000:
I enjoyed his Top 10, Chris Elliot and Stupid Pet Tricks skits until he went Big Politics in 2000, and never watched the POS dirt bag again.
He's not a fan of Freepers who don't support the biker gangs in that shootout in Texas:
This is perfect. Please do keep your arrogant meaningless horseclinton coming.

Remember who these mindless FR thugs are, folks.

They’re the ones who are going to be most eager to be the administration’s community organizers to “keep the peace”.
It's so simple, yet Freepers always favor Obama.
Whoever the Fraud supports is our enemy.

Pretty simple, once you finally understand the POSOTUS cannot be trusted about ANYTHING.

People here who pick and choose which of his headlines to believe seem to most often give him the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.
More of this Freeper complaining about Freepers on Free Republic:
Why do so many alleged conservatives here insist on believing verbatim ANY of the news reports written by reporters whose only view is of Hussein’s internal nether regions?
Still more:
After more than 6 years, I find myself growing increasingly intolerant of alleged conservatives expressing their surprise and amazement at anything the Fraud has done.


  1. I don't understand, how they can call Obama a Muslim after the 2008 election when all they could talk about was his black nationalistic church? If Obama is a Muslim, wouldn't that make him an apostate accroding to the Hadith? And apostates are the worst kind of Muslim...because they're not Muslim according to Muslims!!

    1. Obama was a red diaper baby and a Manchurian candidate and he is really a secret agent for the communists. Since Obama was really born in Kenya it's tempting to think he is a Moslem but he is not, he is an agent of the KGB, the Kenyan Gang Bangers. These facts are only shared among the elite, those who have worked their way up to working the day shift at the Cluck Bucket, a super secret front for the CIA, Clearly Identifiable Alzheimers. These brave counter intelligence agents battle the forces of intelligence daily and thus we have Free Republic.

    2. You had me at Cluck Bucket.

    3. I like that the Cluck Bucket is a super secret CIA front organization, ha ha.

    4. Kinda the same as how he can be both an incompetent moron who is way over his head and be a criminal mastermind who is controlling everything to suit his whims.

      All at the same time, all as part of the same argument. These are scared, angry people and they have levels of cognitive dissonance that is astounding.

    5. Or the way they can't stop bitching that no one calls Nidal Hasan a terrorist because he wanted to kill as many people as possible, but Dylann Roof is a screwed-up "liberal" drug addict and not a terrorist -- even though he has reportedly announced he went there to kill black people because they "have to go." One person's terrorist is another person's scapegoat, I guess.

  2. Please let it be reported that FR was one of Dylann Roof's bookmarked go to sites.
    I can't with these people. I swear. Blacks and white get together to mourn. No riots. No violence but one loon starts yapping and this gives FRacists and excuse to get there rage on.

  3. Just remember: It's "white" Christians who are being persecuted. This shooting in a long line of attacked black churches doesn't count.

  4. Fuck Freepers are horrible. Graybeard would die of a heartattack if he were anywhere but behind a keyboard.
    A race war has been in progress for a long time now. I didn’t start it but I have “chosen sides”.

    23 posted on 6/19/2015, 3:11:46 PM by Graybeard58 (10 more shopping days 'til, Graybeard 58's b/day! The BIG seven ohhhh.)

  5. Awesome woman hating on this thread about changing the $10 bill.

    Some people unhappy that a woman will be featured on the $10 bill instead of the $20

    D@mn right! Given that no woman in US History has accomplished anything on the scale of the least of them, it becomes not about merit, but about politically correct pandering.

    There are no women in US History who did anything significant enough to be put on our currency. There just isn't.

    2 posted on 6/19/2015, 1:14:37 PM by DiogenesLamp

  6. @ Anonymous are they for real? That thread was full of it & finished with Aunt Jemima.

  7. This morning there are a couple of posts slagging on the Pope. One says that he is the False Prophet of Revelation or some such shit. Seriously, Republicans, hating on the Catholics is old timey KKK stuff. This may not be the best path forward for you.

    1. Hahahaha! "Forward" is a dirty word to them.

      These people, who always praise themselves for being about reason and logic and facts and not emotion, buy into a Middle Earth-style account of the world called Revelation.

    2. For example: Rush’s brother, David, is a Born Again Christian. If Rush’s name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life since the foundation of the world, then we need not worry about his soul.

      (1) What does that even mean, and (2) even if it did mean something -- people can now be redeemed magically by their non-showbiz brother's buy-in into a supernatural hocus pocus?

  8. So many retards, so little time