Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. II

1010RD knows God loves child labor:
God has designated work as special to his children. Even when little kids work, despite the lack of pay, they learn many critical skills.
I want the USA back on the darkening of Sweden:
Sweden was dull but safe. Then they let the savages swarm in, and now it’s becoming a hell.
Patriot Babe has a vision of Red Dawn II: this time it's for real!
Tell me if I am wrong on this. Iran, China are making inroads in Latin America including Mexico. Now imagine, ISIS members and its supporters, Iranians and its supporters, Chinese and it communist supporters, Hezbolla members and its supporters, Hamass members and its supporter, Muslims, also add the Drug Cartel. What do they all have in common - THEY ALL HATE THE UNITED STATES. Now imagine they MERGE as 1 whole group. We know that is what ISIS has been doing with other terrorist groups they are joining in forces in the Midle East.

Now imagine all these groups as 1 coming thru our border. Slaughtering everyone in sight as they ram thru.
Krosan is sure everyone he disagrees with is a KGB stooge:
KGB always controlled the "peace movement", the environmentalists, the conspiracy enthusiasts and other destructive movements. There is no reason to think Russia is not using these contacts now. Participants in these movements often don't know they are Useful Idiots.
yefragetuwrabrumuy know how best to lobby Congress:
The argument to congressmen should be succinct.

1) Nothing bad will happen if this TPP fails.

2) Many exceedingly bad things are thought to take place if Obama is given this power and he decrees the TPP without the vote of the senate.

3) If these exceedingly bad things do come about because of your vote, you will not only be stripped of office, but you and your entire family will lose their citizenship, be deported and denied reentry to the United States ever again, your names will be stricken from the rolls, everything you ever earned will be forfeit, and your name will be a curse on the lips of Americans for a generation.
Tomorrow how Freepers deal with being on the same side as Congressional Democrats on the TPP. Spoilers: via crazy false flag theories

hondact200 on the ever growing set of people owned by Soros:
So Cruz and Ryan have been bought and paid for by George Soros. That seems the only truth that I can find, Ryan is a joke and so is Cruz becoming. Rand Paul said he determined there was nothing outrageous in it. So Rand Paul has been bought by George Soros too! But 6700 pages means there are issues that mean disaster!
boycott would like to let a bunch of strangers know that he's not afraid of his black coworkers:
I’ve recently seen two young black women mouth off in work settings that they were angry. It’s like a threat to back off or I am going to take it out on you.

They want people to fear them. They should make note that I am not in fear.
blueunicorn6 makes up a double standard:
If it’s homosexual behavior with a Republican, it’s “abuse”?

If it’s homosexual behavior with a Democrat, it’s “just about love”?
Norm Lenhart is horrified by even pretend good faith with Obama:
“If elected, we will work with President Obama”

- Mitch and Jonbon.
US Navy Vet has an unsurprisingly Patton-centric alternate history of World War II:
Because the WEAK CinCs Ike and Generals Bradley was too busy KISSING THE A$$ of Montgomery and letting him DICK around with BULL$HIT “Operations(Market Garden)” that WASTED TIME, MEN and MATERIALS that would/could have been better put to use by Patton. The NEXT question I have is WHY didn’t Ike know about the German Build-Up before the “Battle of the Bulge”? Was he too busy SCREWING Around in Paris? Ike was(in my opinion) much overrated!
The death of Christopher Lee makes Norm Lenhart lament how no one ever performs Shakespeare these days.
Its sad that aside from a handfull of others left like Patrick Stewart, most left in the biz just aren’t of Lee’s caliber. Certainly no one under about 60.

Big difference between theater trained on Shakespeare and doing “Rent” or “Cats”.
Feckless goes full Dixiecrat:
For better or worse it seems George Wallace, Lester Maddox, and many others could see the future of this country better than most....

They would not be suprised at what they would see today.
concerned about politics is having some trouble understanding satire:
If I remember correctly, Rush(?) was interviewing a trans-species man. Inside, he believed he was a dog, but was trapped in a mans body.
Beck was talking about the trans-abeled movement now starting to show up. These are disabled people trapped in able bodies, and they're cutting off their own arms, legs, etc. (because doctors won't do it for them) to be "who they really are."

This country needs an exorcism!
TexasTransplant does not like that Cruz isn't gunning for a violent coup:
My only problem with Cruz is that he still thinks the Constitution matters ... it does, but he thinks he can save us. It has to be Re-Instituted from bottom to top.

Me... I’m jaded, old and experienced... just hopeful.
CivilWarBrewing is not an optimist:
One thing is GUARANTEED.. Whatever is WRONG is what WILL happen.
MrB pinpoints the cause of all of America's problems:
Bastardity is the cause of MOST of our social problems,

and ALMOST ALL social problems of the inner city.

You don’t “evolve” to embrace a destructive tendency of a society - you fight it.


  1. looks like patriot babe forgot about zombies, klingons, imperial stormtroopers and triffids.

  2. Freepers have had so much practice over the last seven years making up kooky conspiracy theories about Barak Obama, that they can't stop even when it comes to their own candidates.

    Cruz is now owned by shadowy forces, as is Walker, Bush, Perry, and any other republican who may say something with which they disagree.

  3. Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) turns 85 years old ...
    freeper filth follows.

  4. Jesus, I don't know why the Jim Nabors thing got to me. My grandpa was a huge Gomer Pyle fan, he also survived Pearl Harbor. Like Jim Nabors, my grandpa loved everybody, would talk to everybody and was kinda to all. I had no idea how many people knew my grandfather until his funeral. It was a lesson on how being kind can go so far.

    I don't know what has to happen to make people so angry and hateful as they are on free republic. I can't imagine too many people show up at their funeral.

  5. I know this post is almost a month old but still...