Saturday, March 25, 2017

Freeper regrets

I have a few regrets, looking over my life - you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't. Mostly these are professional or romantic, as one might expect.

But if one ever doubted that (despite recent electoral success) Freepers represent an...idiosyncratic subset of Americans, one need only gaze upon this thread.

refermech starts what will become a theme of women troubles.
Never trust a woman in matters concerning birth control. appears max americana is single!
too many regrets. I wished I saved my relationship with my 4th GF in college. She was the one that got away and would have married and settled down with her.

I’m a dog, you see ;)
Chickensoup was insufficiently self-absorbed.
What kind of everythings?

I would not have focused so much on other people.
For a 'conservative', Chickensoup really seems unsatisfied with responsibility.
I would have been a bit less independent.

I would have spent more time on fun things instead of always being the provider.

No one really loves the provider, they love the fun one.
daler is another who is unsatisfied and frustrated:
I wouldn't have stayed in the same crummy job for 20 years in the interest of "security."

My advice to young people is, while being logical and thoughtful about it, to always chase your dream(s).

Life doesn't give you a mulligan.
Drew68 is one of many who try and claim no regrets.
Not a thing.

I'm in a good place right now. Every mistake I've ever made has led me here.
Organic Panic has another common trend - getting rich quick via Apple stock:
Buy gold
Bought property
Invested in Apple

Then I would have been retired about 30 years already.
Stayed in college.
Mr. Jeeves  has a lot of dreams, all involving getting rich quick, and avoiding his unsuccessful attempts to get rich quick.
The list is large - all choices I had in front of me at one time, and made the wrong ones:

- Would have worked much harder in high school and tried to get into Stanford in 1982, majoring in Computer Science.

- Would have gone to work for Microsoft in the late Eighties when I had a chance to do so.

- Would have bought vast quantities of Apple stock at its lower points before the return of Steve Jobs.

- Never would have bought Las Vegas real estate in the last few years before 2008.

- Never would have left my job in 2008 to resume my consulting career.

- Never would have opened a retail store in a major mall.

Things look pretty good going forward, though, especially since Hillary will not be President. I'll try to avoid making any more massive blunders from here on out. :)
Ellendra was forced to quit school, and so could't get rich quick. Also she has had multiple weird health issues that turned out to be nothing...
I would have studied Medical Coding in college, and then after I got my degree I would have studied Accounting. That way when I was forced to quit school I would have had a fallback plan in place.

I would have waited 6 months before buying my land. The seller went bankrupt, and the lot next to mine sold for 1/3rd what I paid, for the same size property.

I would have gone to the hospital right away when I got sick that summer, instead of waiting until I collapsed and had to be carried. It turned out to be a mild infection, but the symptoms were so subtle I tried to power through them.

I would have gone to the chiropractor when I started having dizzy spells in 2008. Instead, it took almost 2 years and tens of thousands of dollars in tests, when it was a simple misalignment in my neck that was causing the problem. Even then, we discovered the cause by accident. None of the doctors I saw caught it.

I would have driven to Cleveland when I lost my voice in 2011. I was mute for 3 years, and went through more tests and doctors, got yelled at and accused of making it up, only to eventually discover that it was a simple problem, that a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic was able to fix in an hour.

I would never have trusted my father for anything.
InkStone exemplifies another common Freeper rout - Jesusing all up in the place:
I wish I would have given my life to Christ as a young man, instead of waiting so long...

Because I failed to do so, I made mistakes that caused a lifetime of heartache and regret for myself, and many others.
shhrubbery! blames everything bad on not being Christian enough:
Would've not let myself be influenced by the evil Left, back in the terrible '60s and '70s.

Would've stayed a faithful Christian, instead of letting myself be tempted to do the trendy thing.

Everything bad that happened in my life was a consequence straying from traditional Judeo-Christian morality.
Obbiee hints at some problems with the kids. This will become a trend.
I would live fully for the one who died for me. Every morning of every day.
I would have instilled in my children a love for Christ that no college education could question.
BelleAl's Christianity tortures her because her kids didn't stick with it. They say the best faiths make you miserable!
2 of my three kids have turned their backs on Christ. Knowing now that the world they grew up in was so vastly different than mine of the 1970s, I would have adapted my parenting accordingly. I used the parenting model of my parents where our faith was supported in our local culture and in college. It’s a greater fight than I knew - We were involved in a local church and walked the Christian path as a family. It just wasn’t enough in today’s broken world.

Not sharing this core belief with two so precious to me is my greatest heartbreak. It grieves me daily.
ZinGirl thinks misery builds character.
It sounds terrible...but we wouldn't have cared about the kids' "feelings" so much. It did them no favors. We see that now. We really thought it was the right thing to do. In a large part, perhaps it was. However, did we raise part of a generation who needed validation at every turn? Or, despite success, did it seem empty without "peer" approval?

WW1 and WW2 sucked, but it sure created some people with character, strength, and fortitude.
Poor mom4melody's unfulfillment has lead her to yearn for things no proper Freeper women should want - a career and no kids.
No to marriage, no to kids, more on my education and career
Harmless Teddy Bear's life is legit a bit tragic, and I guess adoption wasn't thought of.
I would have met my husband earlier. We were about two miles apart of years, probably passed each other in the store and other places multiple times and never met.

I would have ignored the people telling me to get a white collar job and gotten my certification as a master diesel mechanic.

I would have ignored that stupid OB-GYN who told me the problems I was having were normal and gotten one who knew what he was doing. Then our children would have had a chance to live.

That is pretty much it.

The third item is what I really regret. The rest is just life.

And God has given me a pretty good life.
ThunderSleeps regrets not having a threesome, which is kinda normal, I guess.
I had talked to a Marine Corps recruiter several times and almost signed up. Looking back across 35 years...wish I had.

If that's a little too corny for anyone, probably my second biggest regret is not saying "yes" to the two lovely ladies that propositioned me (at a party, not on a street corner) with a 3-some. I was too much of a good wingman, a buddy of mine had a tremendous crush on one of them. In retrospect, he never would've known, heck, he ended up marrying someone else anyway...
YogicCowboy, as he does, regrets women are such bitches.
I will be candid:

I would have refused to believe young women who called themselves Christians who wanted to marry a spiritually-minded man.

As an ordained minister, I have witnessed time after time how Church Girls choose the Bad Boys over the Good Guys.

I was a Good Guy. I was never a Bad Boy. I have never been drunk. I have never used drugs. I have never fornicated.

I was told numerous times by such a Christian woman that I was the most honorable man that she had ever known - yet such a woman rarely would date me even once, much less twice.
Meanwhile, I remain an adult virgin, since my profession of faith denies me fornication as an outlet.

I live in a culture that mocks virginity, especially in a male. (My virility was mocked - both behind my back, and to my face - by some of the above pew warmers, when they realized that I was actually chaste.)
jumpingcholla34's marriage has longevity, but doesn't sound so hot.
I'm 70 now. I've made some major screw-ups, but most big decisions have turned out all right. I try to leave the past where it lies.

But, one thing I might have done is to persuade my wife to be a frugal person, as she was at the start of our marriage. Now, I see that I have enough money to satisfy all of my modest needs for the rest of my life, but not enough to satisfy her needs. So, I keep working and worrying about money. That seems crazy.
right way right regrets not blaming more things on Obama.
In 2007 I decided to make a career shift and left a long term employer for greener grass. Then 2008 hit and diabetes and I found myself back at the same employer again, I was ecstatic, then Obama was elected and I was laid off. I bounced through 6 Jobs during this Obamanation period.

Much has been my own fault but, I also blame much on the spooked Obamanation economy and employers afraid to make total commitments to a diabetic employee because of Obamacare.


  1. Yes, I'm sure right-way-right's employers are going to love having a diabetic employee under Trumpcare.

  2. Wow, Freepers sure sound super conservative and tough, and not at all whiny and self-absorbed, unlike these millenials with their hippity-hop and all.

  3. In yet another Malia Obama thread thoughtomator writes, Why do you creepy crypto-perverts have such an obsession with Malia Obama these days?

    There’s something mentally and morally wrong with you people, in no small way.

    Gosh, I had to get all the way down to post 59 before I found a freeper talking about the death of Malia Obama again,

    Some 12-step hall is saving a seat for her for the future, if she doesn’t kill herself first.

    Freepers don't mention her death in every single thread about her but they do it most of the time.

    1. "Again, Malia Obama is at the party my friend is hosting in SoHo; she just literally started yelling at me lol

      — Lucian B. Wintrich (@lucianwintrich) March 26, 2017"

      So Gateway Pundit owner Jim Hoft's young boyfriend and provocateur gets a tip that Malia is at a private party and he goes to antagonize her...and when she tells him off, he blogs about it on Twitter.

      In fact, Malia sounds like the normal kid, this Lucian sounds like a stalker creep!

    2. They are soooooo let down that the Obama kids didn't make headlines like Palin kids.

    3. "Our country needs to put a stop to underage drinking and the best way to do that would be to put all underage drinkers in prison for 10-20 years. That will teach them!"

      Yes, because dealing harsher penalties than they do for rape is the way to go!

      Christ what a scumbag.

  4. "I would have studied Medical Coding in college..."

    Someone spends a lot of time watching television during the day instead of working at a job. What legitimate college has a Medical Coding degree path?!!

    " second biggest regret is not saying "yes" to the two lovely ladies that propositioned me (at a party, not on a street corner) with a 3-some."

    This is the only thing I've read here that sounds like a normal person wrote it.

  5. Confessions of a hypocritical sinner and confused soul...
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but didn't taxpayer money help pay for amputating his legs?

    1. I like how he has to add a note with an excuse for saying something nice about Jews.

    2. "... didn't taxpayer money help pay for amputating his legs?"

      FYGM ... the longstanding freeper motto.

  6. My guess is that it is hard to be a good witness for Jesus Christ when you are always talking about things like Arkancide and Pizzagate too. Who is going to take you seriously?

  7. Replies
    1. This will go nowhere. FR hates 9/11 truthers, even though many of them swallow every other conspiracy, no matter how thin.

  8. Hmmm, any bets on when JR will start banning those who disagree about the failure of/triumph over Ryancare, the self-righteousness/heroism of the Freedom Caucus, the naïveté/4-D chess mastery of Trump?

    JR seems to be on the edge of losing his patience.

    1. New thon starts up soon, that will keep him busy.

  9. Imagine, if you will, a circle of senile old geezers sitting holding the naked member of the fellow on their right. As they stroke the limp members of their fellows they read this thread aloud to each other...

    Comey Fired? Replacement is Gowdy? (Vanity FR Request)

  10. Freepers just cannot seem to grasp the idea that Donnie has played them for fools.

    GOP Leaders May Drop Wall Funding to Win Democratic Approval for Other Priorities

  11. I think a Freeper regret ought to be, if it isn't already, voting for a purported billionaire as your freedom fighter against an oligarchy, and then watching sadly as he installs his family into the government.
    oligarchy: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes º a military oligarchy was established in the country; also : a group exercising such control º An oligarchy ruled the nation.

    1. It's coming, it's coming ...
      I expect JimRob's first "FUDT" post before the summer is over.

    2. And here's Jim's latest rant and rage ...

      already with a few veiled threats against Hair Furor.

    3. Oh Jim, he already got your vote. You don't matter to him anymore

  12. Another Freeper regret is learning that Trump has sold your browsing history without your consent:
    House Votes to Let Internet Providers Sell User Browsing Data Without Consent
    onedoug: Why would Trump sign this piece of crapola?

    1. I would be willing to bet money that the more woman-hatey among them have watched (have continued to watch) some pretty abusive pornography when they are not on Free Republic and are fairly nervous about being exposed by now. I don't think ANYbody should have their privacy violated, but at least one Freeper on the thread I linked to does not think privacy is a right. We'll see how long it takes for them to change their minds.

  13. It is a bad day in Freeperville. They whine, they pule, they curse the day they were born.

    It's a Republican demolition derby up on Capitol Hill with Showbiz Donnie leading the way in an orange clown car with vanity plates that read, "I (heart) Ivanka".

    It's one crack up after another. Here is one (of many)

    Centrist Tuesday Group In House 'Will Never' Meet With Freedom Caucus

    Just in case you are wondering, I looked it up, the Tuesday Group has 50 votes.

    1. The wheels are coming off the demolition derby cars, parts are flying up in the air, steam is shooting up out of punctured radiators... Now that's entertainment!

      Paul Ryan suggests Congress will delay border wall funding until next year

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