Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Neo-Nazis?

We've discussed how Free Republic is basically Stormfront, with the exception of their attitudes about Israel. For now.

I don't keep up with Stormfront, but Freepers don't see themselves as racist, merely realistic. For all their negative generalizations about nonwhites, they often fantasize about seizing the black vote from those Democrats. (Not Latinos, though!)

So it is an amusing turn of events that the alt-right has outflanked Freep on the racism angle, proudly embracing the idea that white skin is proof of unspecified merit. I think I can see where this train ends up, but Freepers are a bit confused about why all these neo-nazis have switched from dog-whistles to megaphones?

Oratam thinks it's SOROS:
Is Soros picking up the tab for this guy Spencer?
MotorCityBuck will continue to allow his confirmation bias to shut out any white violence:
These guys are cranks, and we all know it. Ignore them. We have work to do. When coworkers complain about all the violence in our streets I point out the culprits. Illigals, BLM, Communists & Racists.
Still waiting for The Nazi’s, and Klan to show up. Hmmm.
4 Cops ambushed by BLM in 24 hours and NAACP clown couldnt find a link to Racism.
Zathras, using data straight from his ass, declares California and Carter as the only American centers of antisemitism:
In all my travels around the world, the only place I’ve seen active anti-Jew feelings were in San Francisco, Israel, Jordan and parts of Europe.

Oh, I forgot...President Jimmy Carter is clearly anti Israel in both word and deed.
poinq amusingly turns to the GOP brand as the party of small government. Haha.
If this is true. Its not part of Trump or conservatism or Breitbart. Nazi-ism was a total government control. We are the opposite. We loath fascism as much as communism. We find our ideal as close to libertarianism as practical. 
so_real declares all neo-Nazis false flags:
I suspect, as history repeats itself often, these were fringe whackos from the left paid to impersonate what the fringe left whackos project the "right" to be. And, as it happens so often, they are very far off the mark and end up putting their own dark desires on display.
Major Matt Mason still thinks the term alt-right is a liberal one. Also that the left-wing conspiracy knew Trump was gonna win...
The Left coined the alt-right term and will try to shoehorn as many right-leaning groups into it as possible. 
I have to admit, the Left went into full screech mode more quickly than I expected, which makes me think that the outcome of this election was not as surprising to them as they claim.
HollyB also does not read all the alt right stuff on Free Republic, I guess:
Can we please stop using the term alt right?

This is a leftist term.
grey_whiskers tries to set some Freepers straight. But they don't want to believe, so I suspect he'd better be ready to repeat himself a lot:
Go read Vox Day (for example) for details.

Although, I think the corresponding term recently coined ("Ctrl-Left") { think "Ctr-Alt-Delete") is pretty cool.
Not super coherent, \/\/ayne has found that Arizona has been chasing off neo-nazis for a while, but the only meaning he ascribes to their attraction to the right is that David Duke is totally a false flag:
I had thought "alt-right" was a liberal news media term to describe the conservative wing of the GOP and then they were using it to rope in some racists into their narrative. Still true but in a different way.

I have noticed our few neo-Nazis here in AZ have tried to insinuate themselves into conservative movements like Tea Parties, anti-amnesty groups and even troop support rallies. Usually they are soon found out and chased off, in those encounters I see there's not very many of them.

I, too wonder if they are being paid to smear the Right but I think most of them are too fanatical for that. David Duke is another story. I suspect he gets paid a lot to be liberal news media's neo-Nazi dog that barks on command; simply because he's always conveniently endorsing at exactly the time they want him to.
Eleutheria5 would like to give white nationalist Richard Spencer the benefit of the doubt. As in not looking up anything he says and embracing him as an ally:
Until he says or does something blatantly Nazi-like, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that liberal neo-McCarthyite brown-bating has earned for everyone on the Right. Cry wolf too often, and this is what you get.
Eleutheria5 soon switches from benefit of the doubt to willful ignorance.
I just read the full transcript of the speech. This Spencer guy is toxic. Trump made the right move in repudiating him today.

He skates at the edge of the line without crossing over, and it’s hard to pin anything on him. My main suspicion, and it’s only that, is that he so consistently skates at the edge. I wouldn’t say toxic, though. Still, he has nothing to do with Trump, and repudiating him would have been unnecessary, except that he’s a distraction and the MSM is putting the onus on Trump.


  1. atc23, a Freeper since 2007, has an interesting tagline,

    (The Confederacy was the single greatest conservative resistance to federal authority ever)


  2. Freepers are so stupid, they don't even know that Steve Bannon (aka "wormtongue") coined the term "alt-right".

    As for freepers being pro-Israel ...
    they like Israel, but would like it better if it wasn't full of "Jooooooooos!"

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    1. joshua c: Totalitarians like to erase history.

      central_va: I don’t think slavery happened. It think it is a made up lie.

      So logical!!!