Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tom Perez elected DNC chair

I'm not thrilled a this use of the energy on the left these days, but of course there was Democratic drama over the election of the DNC chair. Freepers may believe Democrats are in lockstep, but if anything progressives have bought into the narrative of being a benighted underclass in their own party more than Freepers have. And the Democratic party establishment are not nearly so able as their right-wing counterparts to cover that story with red meat.

Of course, I think there is a progressive shift coming to the Democratic party as well, so who knows which is which. I just hope it doesn't take the Dems out of the fight quite yet.

Freepers view internal Democratic politics dimly, and by dimly I mean fictionally. But they had their hate-engines all warmed up for the black Muslim guy. But even when he lost, that didn't stop them from deciding this was still totally yet more evidence for the right-wing story that Democrats were tragically out of step.

abb is sure that there were 'people' rigging the vote:
The same people who made sure Hillary got the nomination made sure Ellison did not get the chairmanship.
Az Joe makes some sort of distinction between Democratic factions, but only for smugness purposes
Ha ha Dems screw their base again!
IronJack struggles to discuss distinctions within Democrats:
Good. Now the ultra-extremists (as opposed to the run-of-the-mill extremists) will splinter away from the mass and weaken this pathetic, out-of-touch machine even more. Maybe they’ll even turn on each other and we can pop some corn and watch the bloodbath.
I guess thinking a lot of Democratic party members read Free Republic, M-cubed tries to stir some shit:
you mean racist-islamiphobic DNC!!!!.....Never forget......Burn the place down!!!
doug from upland also goes with the obvious crocodile tears:
Racism. BLM should burn down the place.
Probably yelled 'ALINSKY!' as he typed it.

TTFlyer...what, was BLM a talking point on FOX this morning?
Obama shafts African-Americans again. He backs La Raza over the Black Muslim.

Burn it all down BLM!
taildragger wants you to know that he hates any and all subsets of Democrats as well. But it's the Bernie people who are sane, and the old guard who are crazy!
What a choice, it is like choosing between Syphilis or Gonorrhea, they still lost. As one poster noted they will split, I have to agree, as much as they hate PDJT, they have given the Bern-Wing of the party no where go and the shaft again and what remains will become even loonier than they are now. The Bernsters going forward looking sane, now that is a concept...
connyankee was hoping for Ellison, but consoles himself that Democrats still suck:
At first I was bummed because I thought the other guy would really take the party down and they would never win again but I think the same is true if not more with this guy because Obama got no votes for Hillary and so clearly he does not have the “umph” that people seem to think he does....at least not on the large-scale. 
And with Donna Brazile hanging around they can’t help but lose especially with April Ryan running her lying mouth in the press.
sport blames Hillary. He is the only one. Freepers seem to be sticking to a darker villain:
Ellison and his supporters got the Bernie Sanders treatment. The Clintons prevailed one more time.
Candor7 is sure this is Obama's revenge:
Obama backed Perez. Obama must be pished at Ellison for screwing up the Somali back door entry of undocumented refugees in Minneapolis-St. Paul.. Now they are headed for Emerson, Manitoba.
goldstategop also with Obama.
Its still Obama’s party.

They’ll continue to lose elections.
goldstategop analysis shows terminal amounts of nonwhiteness:
between brown & black, not a white face in the party.

Good news when it comes to Democratic outreach to white voters.

Identity politics crap.
goldstategop really needs to get his message straight:
It was rigged against the Left.

They see the party is still run by Washington insiders.

The Party Of Change!
JLAGRAYFOX hate-watched the whole thing, and declares the Democrats to all be fat and sure to lose in 2018:
Overjoyed that the Democrat Party continues on its non-stop path to destroy itself politically. With purpose, I watched this entire farce today, with the greatest of uncontrolled glee. Ms. Donna Brazile was probably the worst moderator I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

As for the attendees, no new blood in sight, just ugly fat old men and women, party hacks, living off the USA taxpayers, few young people, no steel, auto, oil, coal workers or, truck drivers, etc.,...the real American people, to be found anywhere!!!

The election of Perez and his coronation of Keith Ellison as his co-chair is the blooming political joke of the century!!! A blessing from “Heaven” for Trump & his conservatives!!! I can assure every American....2018 will be a most lousy year for the now totally, failed, Democrat Party!!! LMAO, while rolling on the floor...with non-stop giggles!!! The real great news for Republicans and Trump is that, Obama/Clinton no longer control the Democrat Party......Clinton/Obama, is the absolute new gig!!! I mean...how dumb can a political party get?
Sarah Barracuda is stuck on the Muslm thing:
The Dems didnt choose the Jihadist..prepare for them to start screaming ALLAH AKBAR any moment now
alloysteel - whoever won, Democrats suck and love Muslims:
Face it, NONE of the nominees for the DNC chair would do much to rescue the Democrats from their race to the bottom, as that is their natural habitat.

The Democrats have chosen not to make a total and unilateral move to the Islamic faction (a most favored minority at the moment, over even the Hispanic and Americans of African origin), but have responded to some very earnest pleadings for the less extreme elements.
Inevitable when Democratic politics are discussed, GodAndCountryFirst brings out old USSR terms that he has no idea about:
The Democrat Party is engaged in a war between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists. Today, the Stalinists, led by a Fidel Castro fanboy, won. 
Don’t think this was a battle between the liberals and the commies. They are ALL commies. The most “right-wing” Democrat leader is far, far to the left of the average American.
ImJustAnotherOkie lays out American politics. It's different than I thought!
It most certainly will split the party. That’s always a good thing. Now we have 4 competing factions, Trumpers, #NeverTrumper Globalists, Far Left Wacko’s, and the Left Wacko Globalists..
Attention Surplus Disorder advises Republicans to get angry on behalf of black people, which will be super convincing:
Ellison was unintelligent and as flaming radical as is possible.

Perez is quite a bit more intelligent if not diabolically intelligent and about 90% as flaming radical.

What Republicans should do is to grind on them incessantly Alinsky style because they failed to elect the first Black democrat DNC chair, something the RNC did years ago with what’s-his-name.
Did they serve pizza after the vote today?
faithhopecharity thinks Soros failed, but breaks not a stried in hating Democrats even more after this vote for unspecified reasons:
200 votes for the Anti=American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish Moslem Ahole

every once in awhile SorozNazi doesn’t pass around enough $$$ to get what he wants (most famously, trying to defeat GWBush)

the D party is SICK SICK SICK and we need to explain this over and over again to every possible D voter, that the D party is SICK and should not be entrusted with power again, no matter if the folks we speak with want more socialism or whatever
OddLane argues that despite Obama supporting the winner, black people lost:
Make no mistake. This is an FU, once again, to the people who elected Obama President.

The idea that he [Obama] cares one bit about the well being of black Americans is risible.
Grampa Dave hauls out the old 'Democrats are the real racists because nothing has happened since 1865' crap. Freepers must need a lot of convincing, for how often they bring this up!
Democrats continue their racism as they have since their party was founded, based on slave ownership and racism.

The rats racist party was formed in 1828. So they have close to two centuries of racism against their black slave er voters and politicians,

People also ask Google Search:

Which political party freed the slaves?

Which political party supported slavery in the US?

Which political party is more racist?
hoosiermama shows how pro-black Freepers are:
Black panthers voted intimidation
George Zimmerman


  1. Freepers have latched on to a new villain lately: W.

    Lurkinanloomin:Unfortunately, I did not wake up to all of this until after I had voted for him twice.

    Does not bode well for their Trump learning curve.

  2. Rashputin wants our military to start assassinating people in our own government.

    "While this particular thing isn't a big deal, more PR BS than anything else really, I'm beginning wonder when someone within the military is going to get pissed off and pissed on one too many times and start their own little Phoenix Program in the US to clean out the shadow government running the well funded democrat fascist machine."

  3. Ozy, for the love of all that is a demonic, otherworldly portal being opened by a kid's game, please don't forget to include this Ouija board thread in your next blog entry:


    There's some seriously entertaining posts in there, including the incredulous non-believing types wondering (much as I am) what Universe I share with these morons.

    1. semaj: The “teacher “ needs to be found face down in a ditch or hanging from a rope. Suffer not a witch to live, as it would be better not to cause one of these little ones to stumble.

      I'm sure glad these retrograde witch hunters have succeeded in installing Betsy De Vos as Sec'y of Education. What could go wrong?

  4. In advance of tomorrow's hagiography of Trump, the latest 180º whiplash turn from Benghazi.

    ohioman: “The dad is a real POS. Being an active-duty Navy SEAL is inherently super dangerous. SEALs die all the time in helicopter, parachuting, diving and weapons training. He’s trading on his son’s death to get his 15 minutes of political notoriety. A real POS.”

    Travis you are 100% correct.

    But 13 Hours! So many tears for the fallen! BENGHAZI FOREVER!

    1. Bwahahahahah

      I mean... the rampant hypocrisy is the main reason I visit the site. In fact, it's the only reason I've visited since Trump launched his election, and now that he's president (excuse me while I hold back vomit), the sheer hypocrisy of justifying everything their Cheetoh Gawd did to a greater magnitude than Obama ever did. Oh, sorry. I meant "Obammy", "Zero", "Zerobama", etc....

    2. Ignorance and hatred, mixed with religion, allows for some pretty awesome levels of cognitive dissonance.

    3. For even more hypocrisy, one need only look at how they feel about law enforcement against BLM (black lives matter) vs. law enforcement against the Cliven Bundy goofballs: