Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Harward? I hardly knew her!

This Trump show is painfully good satire, but I think the immediate rush to declare everyone kept out of his cabinet as not good enough for Trump is a bit over the top.

McGavin999 goes for the tautology:
If he has turned it down he needs not to be there. We need a warrior with balls of steel. If this guy is wobbling already he is obviously not man enough for the job
HLPhat assumes Harward was motivated by greed.
Those Lockheed milk and apples must be tasty.

Just stay safe and warm in the farmhouse and suckle those teets with the other L.I.F.E.Rs out on Silver Star lane, admiral. Maybe somebody else with step up and do the heavy lifting.
You should be willing to sacrifice to work for the President! Except for Trump - he doesn't need to divest at all.

353FMG can't decide between shadowy conspiracies:
Did the long arm of the NSA get a hold of him?

Or was it Soros?
I think the way to read WENDLE is kinda like a poet. His words are more about evoking an emotional state than any sort of reality.
Either he was a serial adulterer or a homo. Adios!!
CyberAnt speaks on Harward's behalf that he wanted to spend more time with his family:
His wife intervened .. Husband has given most of his life for the USA, and they’re happy working in the private sector - overseas.

I don’t blame her for wanting to have her husband near after all the years they were required to be apart.
LS details Trump's winning, mostly based on cherry-picked economic numbers the President has no control over anyhow:
Huh? Guess you missed his presser.

Dow at all time high.
Retail sales shoot up.
Philly Fed says best outlook in 10 years.
Ryan says they will do O-care repeal.
Two more cabinet people confirned.
lodi90 is pretty excited about corporations explicitly working in support of the President, I guess unaware of the actual 1930s definition of fascism:
He won’t be working for Lockheed long dissing POTUS like that.
faithhopecharity keeps her head in the ground:

if President Trump offered a position to a senior Lockheed exec, I can ASSURE you that ....
either the exec would accept the job, or else
IF the exec declined the offer, he would do it gracefully
AND NOT INSULT PRESIDENT TRUMP by citing any supposed problem with DJT’s administration
Trump Girl Kit Cat also declares false news. Which won't last long, but is good enough to make her forget Harward ever existed, or that Trump has been handed another defeat.
How do you KNOW that what is being reported is true!!! Seems to me a seal WOULD NEVER make a comment like this publicly!!! Unless of course this was on the phone and LEAKED AGAIN!!!! Seems to me MAD DOG could step in and SAVE this nominee!!!
...a seal?

amorphous puts it all in God's hands:
maybe it's the hand of God at work. Some very famous actors got their start because someone else refused the part.
Arthur McGowan is dwelling on past failures:
Trump should say, “I made a mistake,” and bring Flynn back.
Lazamataz agrees that the definition of a good week is if Trump hasn't resigned:
Been a fine week. SH*t happens, and you plow right through it.



  1. little jeremiah :Milo recently stated that he is willing to try “gay” conversion therapy.

    I think the quotation marks should be around "conversion" and not gay.