Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

NTHockey has lowered the standards for what war is so much that now it's everywhere, and he's suuch a badass:
The last time the Democrats were this intent on bringing done the government, the country split in two and waged a bloody war against itself. Every thing since then has been a build up to this point in time where they are emboldened enough to try again.

We are at war. Not on two, three or even four fronts. Mohammedans are determined to kill us. Democrats want to destroy the concept of America. Republicans will do nothing until they have no more authority. Meanwhile, the media is busy stirring up trouble.

We are Texans at the Alamo. We are the 300 facing the Persians. We are with El Cid at Valencia. This is our battle, our war.
bereanrabbi joins many of his fellow Freepers in blaming Obama:
All this sh!t is coming from Obama. He has moles in all the departments. He bought a house in D.C. just so he can manage the opposition to Trump. Round one - they brought down Flynn.
Zathras blames...Romney? And then everyone BUT Obama:
We have found our leak.
I wonder what Romney’s opinion of 20 years in prison would be for aiding and abiding?


20 years in prison
You can tell how impotent Freepers are once again feeling by how much they are turning to jailing their opponents:

Not keeping track of Flynn's conspiracizing, unlearner explains that Flynn was gonna Mission Accomplished Trump, and now it's time to go after Pizzagate. ANd also Russia is awesome!
Trump did not cave. He responded.

Flynn was caught being less than honest with the Vice President. Pence, relying on what Flynn told him, made inaccurate statements publicly.

We can’t have that. That’s quite similar to Bush and Powell making bold public statements about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction only to be unable to find them later due to intelligence failures.

The left probably did us a favor unintentionally. Eager to do anything to slow Trump’s momentum, they got rid of someone who might have harmed us by his cavalier attitude. (I don’t mean to disrespect Flynn, who is probably a great man, but he brought this on himself. He’s not the right man for the job.)

His replacement will do better.

These things are a distraction from the real issues:

possibly illegal wiretapping
leaking classified information
publishing classified information
a massive, worldwide Satanic / pedophile network being exposed (while the mind-raping media and some of the likely culprits try to pass it off as fake news)

The globalists appear to be willing to go to war against Trump and Putin who are both strongly nationalistic.
Williams knows that if you truly commit to 'b-b-b-but Hillary,' there is nothing Trump will do that you cannot excuse:
you gonna tell me Hilary wasn’t communicating with the Mexicans and Europeans attacking Trump? I know EXACTLY who decided the election and I see him in the mirror every morning.
MagillaX thinks the Flynn failure is just more art of the deal!
This is my take on what happened.

The MSM had damaging recordings of Flynn’s conversation. Trump tried to hold this off but received pressure from the Republican establishment relayed through Priebus.

Trump made a deal to let Flynn loose in an exchange for an investigation into the leaks.

Trump can appoint anyone he wants to the position without confirmation and will choose someone he is comfortable with.

I would like to see President Trump find a non-official role for Flynn to keep him in the tent.
blueyon also still holds out hope of Trump doubling down on Flynn, and not actually being defeated by his own ethical turpetude.
Would LOVE to hear Trump name Gen Flynn as Security CZAR... CZARS answer to no one
sergeantdave smugly tells of how a CIA agent in Vietnam once liked whores:
One day a long time ago, we had a CIA flunky assigned to our unit. After we determined that he might be a detriment to our mission, we called the local mama-san.

Mama-san took him to the village and entertained him for the duration. He most likely returned home with various incarnations of VD that still have no cures.

The CIA is not special, unless you watch and believe Hollywood propaganda.
dp0622 wonders about how McCain will fair in the Civil War over Trump's impeachment:
They WILL try to push this russia sht to impeachment and i’m sure enough republican senators would go for it.

McCain may yet get to be a POW again if he turns on Trump and we take up arms.
Apropos of nothing, Yaelle posts a semetic-looking TV bad guy on a Trump thread:
That is one of the evil CIA guys on Homeland. He is a Muslim from some Arab country and he works closely with a Jew whose sister lives on the West Bank. (Of course he is really a Jewish actor playing a Muslim.)
LucyT is still on the totally not racist 'Obama smells' beat.
Can you imagine the odor in the WH after othuggas departed?
Intolerant in NJ heard Harrison Ford had an incident at John Wayne airport, and wheels begin  to turn...
Semi-deranged by need to land at an airport named after famous conservative and Republican John Wayne.....
Leep declares that Flynn and Puzder were never truly down with the cause!
Lost a democrat and now a conflicted Republican. Could be a lot worse.
Hostage wants payback against liberals for being sassy about Puzder  in his imagination:
He was criticized for hiring an illegal maid and being weak of immigration, but he would not be in charge of immigration as Labor Secretary.


And I would guess it’s the sassy hypocritical democrats taking shots at him. They really need some payback.
Rome2000 continues to urge Putin-esque police state assassinations against reporters, and Freep does not care:
When the “press” can operate as an enemy of the President and the right wing without consequence, there is no disincentive to them trying to destroy them.

The press in Russia behaves because once in a while one of them gets shot or disappears.

The US is made weaker and less safe by allowing these degenerate animals to operate against the national interest.

It is not “Patriotic” to allow them to continue unmolested, it is cowardly and wrong.
lodi90 doesn't care, but goes full McCarthy about people born on military bases overseas.
I don’t care about that but this guy grew up in Iran. He no doubt has a natural affinity for the place of his childhood. That’s the last type of person I want negotiating with the Iranians. Obama and Rhodes must be thrilled with this development.
Of course, said candidate since withdrew because Trump required FOX News flunkies be part of his staff:

Well, you can't argue with Terry Mross! No one investigated or wrote about Hillary's e-mails!
All of a sudden national security is important. Not the case when Hillary’s email was being hacked by the Russians.
RoseofTexas loves her some vague lack of commitment over the Israeli peace process:
Excellent answer by our SMART PREZ!!! Two state blahhh..GOOD ANSWER MR PRESIDENT!!!
semaj with the military coup:
Send military detachments to arrest everyone at the NSA and CIA. Then slowly sort it out.
It's gotten so bad HarleyLady27 is taking time off from Trump boosting to rejuvenate in some nice, hateful birtherism.
So does Barack Soreto and a fake SS#...remember the old man that died in CT. he wasn't old enough to go on SS so Soreto’s Aunt that made the ‘fake’ birth certificate in Hawaii and then died in a ‘plane crash’...

So Barack Soreto needs to be kicked out of the Country, and take that phony Wookie with you...the kids, since they are not theirs, put them in a Foster home somewhere in the Canary Islands...
Just like Trump, Vic S has heard things:
I’ve heard many stories over the years that people come here illegally, sign up for benefits and have them mailed to a relatives house. Then they move back to their country of origin and have their benefit check sent there (where they live like kings.)
Cicero explains that the CIA has always been Communist, just like with FDR handing America to Stalin:
The CIA has been stuffed full of Communists and leftists of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I used to think that the OSS was OK, before the changed the name, but then I realized that FDR was basically a Communist and that they were working for him and his good pal Stalin. 
Sure, they did a lot to defeat Hitler, but only to hand everything over to Stalin instead.

And the FBI has been pretty bad, too.
Leftist love prison. Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Look what prison did for Hitler. He became leader of his country, and lead it to ruin.
jjotto pushes some kind of Jewish exclusive theology about how Christianity is the product of broken goyim souls...?
The non-Jewish soul is a product of Shevirat haKeilim, so all unity is shattered, making multiple gods a natural view. The Trinity is an intellectual effort to acknowledge The One, but the emotions can’t quite accept unity.

The Jewish soul is chelek Elokim mima’al. so the emotions naturally assent to unity.


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