Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Freepers vs. Our Gay Pop Culture

A long thread results from a Freeper complaining that Supergirl has some lesbians in it.

Freepers view pop culture with fear and suspicion. Which is interesting, because it's more varied than ever before, and has no shortage of white male power fantasies, if you care to look.

But Freepers don't care to look, because they are not about finding what they like, they are about hating what they don't. So they care to look for examples of liberalism in modern TV, alongside smug declarations that they don't watch TV anymore taken directly from some liberals' playbook.

RandallFlagg stopped watching TV when Obama ruined it:
I stopped watching all TV since 2008.
Quite liberating.
glasseye stopped watching TV when Bill Clinton ruined it:
January 17th, 1997.
Clintons second inaugural.
Amazing how much time the TV steals.
ETL wants everyone to know he has never heard of the Supergirl TV show:
I have officially first heard of the show upon reading this thread.
max americana pops up, of course, to remind everyone that he's super important in Hollywood, and totally telling the truth:
I recommend Ash vs the Living Dead. I worked with Sam Raimi years ago on a certain “superhero” movie. If you watch his movies, what’s the most common thing visually you will see?
It’s the American flag in his movies. It’s shown at least 5 times. nice trivia from max..
aquila48 knows the key is to make your media choices entirely for politics:
99% of entertainment has been taken over by the left. Best thing is to not give them any ratings. Think the message it would send if all conservatives turned their TV off or only tuned to FNC.
drewh noticed that the show has hot ladies!
never watched the show but enjoyed her *ahem* action pics on the net...
Castigar explains the downfall of Supergirl and the implicit anti-Whiteness of the Martians. Which I think were a thing in the comics and based on Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I loved season 1 of Supergirl. Melissa Benoist was, and still is terrific as Supergirl. But Season 2 has been turned into liberal propaganda.

First of all they got rid of Calista Flockhart who was Great in her role.

Then, who knew that Supergirl’s sister was a lesbian? I thought, episode I can put up with...then two...then three...then four...and it became one of the central themes of a TRADITIONAL, OLD STYLE CLASSIC COMIC!

Then there was the Martian issue. There were the White Martians and the Green Martians. And guess who were the bad Martians...The WHITE MARTIANS. And the good Green Martin was played by...a black guy! Not TOOOOOO obvious! I have, after really holding on TOOOOOO long, given up on this piece of trash!
Ted Grant gives an exhaustive recounting of all the gayness in TV superheroes. Dude watche a lot of TV!
The CW DC Superhero shows all have recurring gay themes

Arrow depicts Mr Terrifc as gay and in a same sex marriage that’s experiencing stress because of his double life as a vigilante.

The Flash has the head of Barry Allen’s police department as a gay man planning his same sex marriage.

A main character on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, White Canary, is a sexually ageessive lesbian that routinely seduces women they encounter in time (though she’s had heterosexual relationships in the past, so she’s more accurately a lesbian leaning bisexual).

And now Supergirl’s adopted sister has discovered she’s attracted to women and is blissfully in a lesbian relationship.

Legends also makes a point to routinely diminish Dr Martin Stein (the brainy half of Firestorm) and Ray Palmer (The Atom). The only unambiguously masculine character is Heatwave (a criminal at heart), and he’s largely self segregated and ostracized from the team. Though to be fair, he’s presented as not as dumb as he plays).

I think I read that one of the Executive Producers is a very activist gay man, so there you go.

By the way, how soon do Betty and Veronica share that long awaited kiss in the bee, dark version of Archie comics, Riverdale?
HamiltonJay tells of how he watches with his daughter and hamhandedly fast-forwards through all the gay parts, hahaha.
Supergirl, other than a lesbian reference in the pilot, had been okay and my daughter enjoys the show.. I saw the gay angle coming before they even put it out publicly... so sadly nearly any scene with Montoya in it, or the sister getting ready to explain or go on a diatribe instantly gets skipped (DVR) 30 second skips quickly pass over that crap without expose my child to their propaganda. We have relatives who are homosexual, so it’s not that she is unaware of this stuff but I am not letting the sodomites indoctrinate my daughter with their propaganda.
who_would_fardels_bear finds comic books unrealistic:
Read the synopsis on Wikipedia:
Even without the lesbian story line this all seems ridiculous.

So Supergirl has to fight regular criminals, metahumans, Kryptonians, martians, cyborgs and people from alternate universes?


This is something that anyone wants to waste time with?

Why don't they just skip to the ultimate nonsense where this is headed and have here fight a pastel green mixed race meta-martian criminal cyborg raised on a planet Krypton from an alternate universe ... who happens to be lesbian.
Gasshog watches only old TV:
The only current television show we watch regularly is American Ninja Warrior.

All else in this house is re-run vintage on MeTV, etc. We like SvenGoolie on Sat. nights for the old horror flicks and coming up in Feburay, Godzilla month.
FreeAtlanta's favorite show had a lesbian vampire in it. As if that hasn't been a thing for decades:
The Librarians was fun and we would watch it with the kids, then last week... big fat lesbian kiss between the little red head and a vampire women. :-(

Every stinking show the left-wing homsexual anti-civilization agenda has to be forced on us.
Penelope Dreadful lists all the shows she hates because they are gay. Or because the race-mixing is unrealistic:
I am on the verge of dumping the show, too. I have already quit watching Conviction, and Sense8, and that thing with J-lo., and several others. If I want to watch a bunch freaks doing each other, I will just go to the Men’s Room at an Interstate Rest Stop, or a city park.

Plus, I quit watching Outsider, because I don’t believe some white redneck is going to fall in love with some ordinary black chick he meets in town. Too much obligatory inter-racial stuff, too. Way out of proportion.
txgirl4Bush found out her show stars a liberal, Oh no!
My favorite series is the Blacklist...On fb I find out Megan Boone is a hillary supporter and was at that filthy womens march. On her page today she is getting up another march against Trumps pick of Sessions!! Why cant these actors just do their jobs and keep their mouths shut?
YeahBuddy has some other shows that had gayness in them, and only Trump can save us?!!?
I was off work for awhile last year with a broken neck. Needless to say, I was very very bored and could literally do nothing.

I decided to watch some of these “new” TV shows. I absolutely loved season one of Truce Detective. Season two sucked. Of course they had a policewoman who was a fem-nazi with supperior knife fighting skills. She had daddy issues too. Another detective was a former military man, who was gay. The third detective had all kinds of drug and alcohol problems. Not one normal person on the show.

I moved on to the show Black Sails. I was enjoying it for a couple of seasons until, wham! They made the main character a queer and even showed him having sex and making out with a dude. I have never watched another episode.

I dont watch shows, movies and (especially lately) sports for a lesson in how I MUST accept every PC, LGBQRST-RSVP etc.

WTF is going on in this country.

Thank the Lord for Trump. Apparently there are a few regular people left in this country, although not enough.
Didn't Black Sails have a lesbian plot from like the first episode?

DoughtyOne thinks the concept of Supergirl is anti-man.
I contrast Supergirl with Superman.

In Superman, you have an entity that defeats the bad guy and support truth, justice, and the American way.

In Supergirl, you have an entity that defeats the bad guy, supports truth, justice, and the American way, and has to shove it in your face that she’s a female at every turn. Good freakin grief.

The formula is to do good. Folks aren’t going to fail recognize what your gender is. You don’t have to hit them over the head with it every ten minutes.
RW_Whacko just lives in the past forever.
There is much life outside the idiot box to be had. If I watch TV, it is a DVD from my modest collection.

I've RIPped all of my old DVDs to hard disk and use PLEX media server software in combination with My Roku to watch those movies on the tube.
Very little need to watch today's trash.
Randomly, someone may have made a mistake. Harmless Teddy Bear says 'no big deal' in the most mawkishly religious way...ugh.
As far as I can see you did it right.

If you didn't, no big deal. There was only one perfect person.

And look what they did to Him. :)


  1. These Senior Citizens are very much like their elders, the older generation who called rock and roll "the devil's music", aren't they?

  2. So much to pick apart in this thread ...

    max americana keeps flogging his involvment with a single movie from 15 years ago, and nothing since.
    Spiderman 1 - good, blockbuster
    Spiderman 2 - good, repectable box office
    Spiderman 3 - stinker, financial bomb

    Spiderman 3 ruined several careers ...
    i have a feeling max americana has been relegated to "green lighting" late night info-mercials since that crap fest almost ruined Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.

    aquila48 makes the plea for conservatives to turn off their TV ...
    let's see, I think that makes the billionth time a conservative has called for this. Hasn't happened yet.

    Yes, Castigar ... any other color other than white should always be the "bad guys" in shows, because judeo-christian western civilization.

    I think Ted Grant watches all the CW shows JUST for all the gayness he gets to see.

    Penelope Dreadful seems to know where all the hot gay sex goes on in her area ... I bet she would be OK with it if gay sex was all-white too.

    txgirl4Bush wants actors/entertainers to just do their jobs and shut-up ... I'd like to offer the same advice to txgirl4Bush.

    YeahBuddy says, "... Not one normal person on the show."
    Newsflash, thats what "shows" are all about ...
    maybe YeahBuddy would like a show about fat freepers sitting behind their computers all day typing bitter poison on their favorite hate-site. Yeah I'm sure that show would be a big hit!

    1. Max is a cursor jockey at an effects house, one of the 8000 names that appear at the three-quarters point in the end credits of a big movie.

  3. Meanwhile, back in the real world...

    Senators move to limit Trump on Russia sanctions

  4. Picture this if you will,

    "It may be time for Trump with Mattis to establish small, secure reaction forces in the Defense Department that can, if necessary, raid the NSA, CIA and the like to cleanse the nest of vipers that are trying to overthrow the Administration."


    1. Like Ronald Reagan's legacy compared to the reality of his administration,
      freepers' fantasies of a Trump administration are never going to come anywhere near the boobish reality of his nincompoopery.