Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. II

GailA - only Discover card doesn't give your money to SOROS:
The new chip credit cards are MORE HACK ABLE than the older ones.

Looking for 1 to replace my soros shredded Mastercard. I use Discover on 99% of my purchases, but a few places won’t take it. So a simple Visa would do for those odd purchases.
As California confronts a problem with flooding, sociopaths like HarleyLady27 think this is the time to gloat:
Well Governor Brown, where did all the money go for the ‘fast rail’ go to??? I don’t see a ‘fast rail’ in California yet...

Governor Brown, tell us how your going to support your ‘Illegal Immigrant State’ on YOUR STATE’S tax dollars???

And yet your BEGGING OUR GOVERNMENT for money??? Why don’t you start charging for all those ILLEGAL immigrants you have in your STATE for money to repair the dam so you don’t get flooded away??? No very bright are you, Governor Brown!!!
Screw climate, cloudmountain refuses to believe that weather can change:
*When California gets ONE drop of rain TOO LITTLE, they weatherwitcheswarlocks bring out the "drought" CDs.

**When California gets ONE drop of rain TOO MUCH, they weatherwitcheswarlocks bring out the "flood" CDs.


Humans have been weather watching for only a little while compared to the age of the sun--4.5 BILLION years. So, the weatherwitcheswarlocks think that they are hot stuff.

snarkpup thinks maybe California talk radio can save people from flooding!
Before I fled the state a decade ago, it was my observation that there were two political forces in California: The Democrat Party and Conservative Talk Radio. (There was no Republican Party.)

Which brings up the question: Are the local hosts of conservative talk radio stations (like KSFO) stepping up to the plate (on this Oroville mess) to substitute for an absent Republican Party?
The Sons of Liberty straight-up hopes Trump lets Californians die:
Only a week or so ago Gov Moonbeam thought he was hot stuff, showing off by challenging Trump by declaring kalifornia "a sanctuary state". He was like a child - neglecting the obvious fact that sooner or later he'd need something from Trump. So now the show is on the other foot.

Pound Sand Moonbeam and Go To Hell!
Pollster1 is part of the Freeper cohort who yells 'fake news' and then goes on to treat it as a real story, once is media-skepticism bonafides are out there:
N. Korea claims successful test of medium-range ballistic missile

I was thinking “fake news” - unquestioned by the mainstream media because our socialist journalists like and admire North Korea.
WashingtonFire is a complete believer in Pizzagate. Still.
So the crime that went on at Comet is now a big laugh for the Clinton’s.

Lives ruined, youngsters killed and for what Hellary ??
Wneighbor is still not tired of failed predictions of Clintons assassinating someone.
Does that sound like a threat to you? Arkancide on the horizon or a sacrificial lamb?
TigerClaws has moved on, but silverleaf cannot stop with the Pizzagate:
The nutter who took a gun to Comet Ping Pong Pizza is pretty much assumed to have been planned as a setup false flag to discredit the investigators

The Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis based on captures form his social media is a pedo with low friends in high places who visited the WH numerous times and has the goods on a lot of high level people in govt and business based on people who followed his twisted posting

The pedos think they will win because they are so much more clever than the rest of us and they’ve gotten away with it for so long and dragged so many people into it
eartick is getting restless about locking her up.
Ehhh, what the ehh Hillary trial is not happening?

WHAT, she murdered 4 of our bravest, she had secure documents outside a secure area and that was a campaign promise!!!!
Steelfish sees Satan in making funny faces:

So does Steelfish think Jim Varney is satanic?

FreedomGuru talks caveman talk for caveman ideas:
Us don’t want to be hated & killed.
Us don’t want Islamic terrorists and there is no way to id non terrorists from terrorists.
Helicondelta knows all that happens in the Trump Administration is automatically good because Trump is involved:
This isn’t a good thing for Trump 
Trump fired him.
He wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a good thing.
boxlunch is really troubled by speech he doesn't like:
Stephen Colbert featured a segment that showed Miller about to have his head bashed in

Something has to be done to stop this. What can legally be done?? It’s got to stop
Red Badger still remembers Valerie Jarrett, and the amorphous powers Freepers once projected upon her:
Former Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn

This has Lizard Face’s paw marks all over it................
txhurl refuses to believe Trump can lose:
General Flynn never should have resigned — unless he and Trump are playing a deeper game.

PS Leftscum, General Flynn has his own intelligence and other resources. Think you just made a bad move.

I vote deeper game, too, that the Left just again bit hook, line and sinker. I reckon Sessions’ to-do piles are to the ceiling.
txhurl continues to believe Trump's failures are Trump's strategies:
Starting look like a sting, and if so, if the dragnet is as big as it could be, Flynn will be enjoying island life for his services, working when he wants. Fingers crossed.
ClearCase_guy advises Trump start with the fascism:
The Left is fighting hard. They will take some scalps.

Trump needs to double-down and start sending people in prison. Start with big shots like that IRS guy. As far as I’m concerned, every Democrat politician or appointee could be put in prison for something. You just have to look hard enough. So start looking.
GrandJediMasterYoda...'Probably guaranteed.'
Probably some homo in the state dept doing the leaks guaranteed
Democrat_media is not optimistic:
This is a slow-motion coup d’état, it is already underway. They hope to have it done within two years. It will have the veneer of faux-legality, and with the help of bogus court rulings and a 24 hour a day press, very few people will question it when it comes.

We have to be very clear-eyed about what is happening. As importantly, Trump’s people have to be clear-eyed about it, recognizing that the government is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood, Leftists, people bought, bribed, blackmailed by Soros, the Saudis, the institutional Left. They have been given the signal, whether even they realize it or not, they’ve been mobilized and given the green light to do whatever it takes to undermine Trump and prepare the way so that people close to him can take him out legally, quasi-legally, or whatever it takes.

I don’t at this point trust anyone around him.

it’s looking bad . Trump risked it all for us

I’m ready to fight for Trump
More and more Freepers like ProtectOurFreedom advise jailing Obama. More on that tomorrow!
Bring back the Alien and Sedition Acts and arrest Obama for sedition. He’s running the shadow government he set up to destroy the current administration.


  1. eartick sure is out of the loop. Donnie laughed off the idea of prosecuting Hillary once he was elected. Try to keep up eartick!

  2. Trump risked it all for us

    Oh, barf alert.