Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

ConservativeMind dreams of dictatorship:
It would be great to have the authoritative ability to say you will implement institutional changes to make all sorts of liberal dreams into their nightmares, and to do so with a pleasant grin.
Theodore R. is still resentful/envious about desegregation.
Wash. governor orders agencies to ignore immigration requests
Where are the federal marshals going to arrest Inslee they way JFK sent them to Tuscaloosa in 1963 to arrest George C. Wallace had not Wallace stepped aside to permit UA desegregation?
FreedomStar3028 wants some secret police action.
Wash. governor orders agencies to ignore immigration requests

He should get tagged, gagged, and bagged in the middle of the night never to be seen again. 
Illegal aliens by definition are not American citizens and not covered under any states law or US law. Doing this is signalling to actual Americans that illegals are more important to this governor. This guy is simply a traitor to the US and to every Washington citizen.
And the next super white country Freepers declare Muslim ruled race traitors is...Born to Conserve with Sweden!
Sweden died in the nineteenth century.

The vigor and brains of Sweden emigrated generations ago. Their dregs coasted on geographical isolation for a hundred years, now they have been consumed by the islamic fungus.

— a fourth generation American swede.
richardtavor tells a totally true story of Jews in Sweden:
I have Jewish fiends who live there and they say it is much worse than reported even by Fox. They are in constant fear for their lives. They stay there to make sure that the Jewish presence stays there and not be erased as it has been in so many countries.
littleharbour tries to figure out a way to expel Muslims, even though he seems to realize it's unconstitutional:
not even conservative judges will uphold any law that attempts to expel muslims who are born as citizens, naturalized, or green cards, if those people haven’t broken a law. America is essentially stuck with 99% of the muslims who are currently inside its borders.

That’s why Trump needs to stop all muslim immigration now - regardless of country. Islam needs to be declared incompatible with the US constitution. Stop pussy footing around with attempted bans from terrorist nations.

The real threat isn’t the occasional terrorist attack - it’s the fundamental destruction of American civil liberties through sharia law, speech codes, no-go zones in cities, and special rights for a “religion” that hates American democratic institutions.
dragonblustar does not like the free marketplace:
I heard that Breitbart removed Milo because of fear of losing funding.

I’m listening to Info Wars and they are complaining that their ads are being censored by Google.

The left and establishment are trying to go after the money to shut up the right.
just as Flynn resigned to investigate Pizzagate, txhurl declares Yolo Mineapolis...
MILO Resigns from Breitbart News

I’ve just read thru 40 reply’s and no-one has yet mentioned that he resigned to help Bannon!

I’m kinda hoping he left to help Sessions with pizzagate. By telling his story, he can get underagers to possibly rat out their johns.
Titus-Maximus declares the only non-conman politician!
“Both are con men, wrapping themselves in higher causes”

Describes everyone from Al Gore Junior to Hillary Edmund Clinton to Brabra Streisand (Ms.BS).

They have been saying that about Trump for 17 months, and he is the only politician that keeps his promises. He is the anti-conman.
I guess hitting on some comment somewhere, IDontLikeToPayTaxes's really indignant that liberals never forget.
Did you know that the Left STILL makes fun of Dan Quayle for misspelling "potato?"

The whole thing was a scam and a lie.

But the media and the Left crafted a narrative and a hit piece against Dan Quayle and it's lasted for nearly 30 years.

That's just ONE example of the Left and the media doing a hit job on a non-Liberal.

My God, WAKE UP. How can conservatives STILL be this dense and naive about attacks from the Left?
Meanwhile, mention Ted Kennedy or Robert Byrd and it's 100 posts...

IDontLikeToPayTaxes has a new word for religious people he disagrees with:
It's a relatively new Christian phenomenon called "Churchianity."

One element that the "Churchians" use is to use the Bible as a weapon at ANY disagreement, no matter how mild and reasonable. They also use Christianity to completely buy into every premise of the Left.

Another is to destroy anybody the Left targets for destruction to "virtue-signal" your moral righteousness. The "Conservative" "Churchians" are not an ally to the Right or to Western Civilization.

Many of them are right here at Free Republic.
little jeremiah puts quotes around "gay" for unknown reasons:
Milo recently stated that he is willing to try “gay” conversion therapy.
Bastion of tolerance Boomer doesn't hate gay people, but will never trust them.
I won’t pretend to understand Gay men (women I kinda get) but what I have done, decades ago, was to accept they exist and have every right to their wants and needs as I do as a non Gay guy.

My personal interaction with them in the medical field all those years ago did teach me to not trust Gay guys (they can be really catty) but also to not automatically dislike them either. Some are as normal (otherwise) as any straight guy and some are flaming in your face.
tennmountainman is now just making up stuff to substantiate the protesters are dirty meme.
Protesters did more damage to the enviornment with their trash, condoms,
maxi pads and dirty underwear, than oil ever will.
henkster has a whole series of slippery slopes laid out:
I think they will go incest first before pedophilia. Once you get past incest, nothing will seem “disgusting” anymore. But pedophilia is definitely on the list. Homosexuality is like a virus; it cannot reproduce naturally, but must infect a new host in order to replicate. That host is in the form of young boys and girls who are just starting get curious about their sexuality, but have not created a sexual identity.

That’s who they deliberately target.

Oh, and by the way, on the list after pedophilia is bestiality and necrophilia. Not sure which order. Maybe they will combine them and sex with dead animals will be considered something to “celebrate.”
Pollster1 finds the dissent against Trump to be more proof of a coming Civil War:
the current rejection of Trump is dangerous in the long term, and I expect a comparable or even stronger response to the next democrat. It may be implemented differently, but we are very likely to reject the legitimacy of the next democrat’s actions. Their actions will certainly be unconstitutional (outside the enumerated powers, and in violation of the 8th, 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments), just as democrats are rejecting President Trump because they claim he’s rude or violating norms.

The solution? Civil war - eventually. Both sides have to be more tired of fighting than we are angry about the other side. Given the level of evil and intolerance among the Ctrl-Left, I am skeptical that anything short of a shooting war would end this. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve been hoping this would not escalate since the days of bill Clinton, and I never get my wish.
rockinqsranch wonders why no one has yet proven all these protestors are paid????
We need Fox, James O’ Keefe, somebody of record to launch a drone prior to one of these Town hall events anywhere USA, locate the busses, and video the agitators getting off of those busses. That, or locate the busses, and at the end of the protest video them getting onto the busses.

I’d like to see somebody interview the bus drivers to find out who the bus company is, and pursue that avenue as well.

Main thing I want to see is some attempt to identify the fact to the public these agitators are in fact bussed in, and somebody is paying for those busses even if we can’t get the fact established the agitators are being paid.

Nobody seems to be doing such videos.
Impy is willing to forgo due process, because he fears liberal plots to free terrorists:
Former Gitmo detainee blows himself up in Iraq, ISIS claims responsibility

I’ve said it before, release them ALL, into the atmosphere. Do it now, before some lib scheme to free them succeeds.

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  1. "henkster" sure knows a long list of paraphilias ...
    I bet his computer has a very interesting search history.

    As for littlejeremiah using quotation marks around "gay", is because she is one of those who think "gay" is a left wing euphemism for homosexuality.
    But something must have happened to her in the last year or so ... she was once one of the biggest homo-haters on FR, having had many banned for even the slightest support (or neutrality) for gay rights.

    DJMacWoW is another weird case ... while hardly posting anymore, she made quite a spirited defense of Milo Yianopoulos a few days ago ...
    this after years of denigrating her own brother on FR, in the most disgusting terms, for being gay.