Thursday, February 16, 2017


The political world is coming apart, though my life as a white dude working for the DoD has never been better!

Good, bad, or the guy with the gun, it's time for...TAGLINES!

TXBlair is still fucking that chicken!
(We will not forget Benghazi.)
Texas Eagle quotes himself, totally a sign of wisdom.
(If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals w.ould have no standtairds at all -- Texas Eagle)
laxcoach is not clear on how social contracts work:
(Government is greedy. Taxpayers who want their own money are not greedy.)
Fantasywriter, a huge birther and enthusiastic Internet sleuth, proclaims her false humility right before she declares every conspiracy proven by some sweet google work:
(Any attempt to do forensic work using Internet artifacts is fraught with pitfalls. JoeProbono)
txhurl waxes poetical in being a sore winner:
(The LEFT are screaming at the Tsunami, and the Sky, trying to set fire to the Ocean- S.Tom)
Grampa Dave rolls his eyes at all the people who claim Trump is screwing them:
(lesbians, gays, transgenderits, minorities, illegals, muslims, Uber drivers & children hurt by Trump)
Reno89519 wants to purify the party:
(Drain the Swamp: Replace Ryan & McConnell; Primary Lyn' Ted and others.)
a fool in paradise - is this a Superbowl tagline, or not?
(patriots win, Communists and Socialist Just-Us Warriors lose)


  1. Why Did Obama Install A New W.H. Computer System On Jan. 1...Where Did He Stash The Old One?


    1. And their source for this? Noted right wing nutbar and conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles.

    2. The thread poster, "Stayfree", is quite prolific at posting conspiracy vanities almost daily.

  2. Replies
    1. RedWulf: I told a good semi-leftist friend of mine about 2 weeks after the election that a civil war was brewing. He thought I was nuts. I had dinner with him last week and he was told me I might be right...He told me that his leftist social media is 24/7 none stop demonetization and dehumanization of Trump and everyone who voted for him. The first step in fighting a civil war is demonizing the other side to the point that they’re now subhuman and ok to kill.

      Umm, Freepers, you do know your archives throughout the Obama years, complete with your racial cleansing and CWII revenge fantasies, are available to the public and totally searchable. Right?

  3. Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of "More Powerful, Shadow Government"

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