Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

greeneyes is laying out a plot for a fantasy strongman crackdown:
The President and the Military is determined to protect the country, and they are going to have sweeps to get the bad actors out.

If they have to lock down the cities to do it, they will. Boarder security will also be strengthened, but is far behind where it needs to be.

We know that the jihad goons have made an alliance with the Cartels, and they intend to pour over the border at some point. This was revealed by information obtained after a shoot - out in Mexico where a new consulate was being constructed.
GOPJ  finds the radicalization of those around him. In completely unrelated news, SOROS is responsible for all seeming liberal enthusiasm:
Out here in flyover people are REALLY starting to hate democrats.

Besides, George Soros doesn't have enough money to pay off millions of people. He buys less than a thousand 'progressives/thugs - then flies them around from city to city. It looks like a lot of people but they couldn't elect a national dog catcher.
somewhere in his wide-ranging conspiracy doc maverick conflates protesters with people shooting police:
Soros money.....for the socialists and muzzies. Probably some Saudi money too. I am sure CAIR is getting money also. They must pay for their deranged army of protesters and cop shooters. Global elites must keep their shadow government supplied.

These “organizations” all need to be shut down.
DesertRhino yells that Europe is Muslim now and America should start treating them like the enemy:
I’m sure the Brits don’t need anything from us. And honestly, we should begin to regard them as a hostile Islamic nuclear power.

While we freak out that Iran might get a bomb someday, Britain is becoming more Islamic by the month. Within a decade, RN Captain Ali Mustafa Mohammed will take a British Vanguard class SSBN out from the Clyde, onto an Atlantic patrol with 128 Trident delivered nuclear bombs.

WHile we worry about a few homebrew bombs, the musloids are about to get a turn Key nuclear system. Same in France.

We had better pivot our thinking.
jazminerose doesn't know much, but Trump good, Obamacare bad:
The Dems are the ones with the death panels who keep raiding social security.

I don’t know much about Price other than he is also an MD and he’s expected to be a yuge help in taking Obamacare apart. It’s such a complex monstrosity, its tentacles run far and deep.

And Trump picked him, so he must be excellent.
granite clearly assumes everyone is like Freepers.
The only way to deal with these obstructionist people is for another attack to occur as a result of their partisan actions.

You know they will claim “False Flag.”
Ann Archy keeps her eyes on the important facts:
Six New England Patriots Say They Will Skip a White House Visit

Are they all BLACK???
ColdOne notes that Iran sounds a lot like how she imagines liberals do!
Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant 'Death to America': TV

Iran has the same talking points as the left does.
wilco200 is pretty excited about starting a boycott, except for where he actually has to change anything:
Boycott Liberal Stores and Companies

I can manage all of those, except Apple. 99 out of one hundred ain’t bad
hunter112 sounds exactly like my really liberal friends, except for the targeting only bad-guy states bit.
Spend NOTHING! Buy as much stuff as you can from the used market, grind the economy to a halt. 
And try as much as you can to avoid spending even a penny in the states that went for Zero, they need to be punished severely.
ought-six wants his drinking to be a political act:
What is a good, conservative brewery so I can buy their beer at the store? I believe Miller is into a lot of lefty causes, and Bud is owned by some Belgian company.
dp0622 just drinks. Not surprising:
It’s only 10:30am and I’m breaking out the Jack Daniels.

Wish I could say that was unusual...
i_robot73 points out that THEY are never killed by terrorists:
THEY are never afflicted, never 'inconvenienced' or bothered. Their gated communities never see the fruits of their (in)action. They don't ride the public buses\trains\planes that get bombed\hijacked. They don't shop\visit where the suicide bombers target. They never pay, with THEIR *lives*, for the decisions that affect us ALL.
Robert DeLong laments that people only oppose Trump because Republicans haven't gone full fascist.
These 3 judges were willing to blow up their reputations as arbiters of justice, all at the alter of left wing ideology.

They know the gutless Republican Congress will not move against them. They operate with impunity as a result. No judge signing their ruling though is very telling for sure. That omission shouldn't spare them facing the consequences. Like I said though, they do not fear the Republican control of both Houses of Congress because they know both leaders are weak sisters.
GOPJ proves the point that everything Freepers make up for their conjured imaginary evil liberals to do, they want to do also. Which makes ya wonder about Pizzagate...
I’m hoping we start appointing judges who will ‘find’ stuff inn the Constitution that pushes our ideas even if it fails in every vote done in the county. Kind of like Liberals did with gay marriage.

We have to play by the same rules and if they if their corrupt judges want to legislate - and we can’t stop them - then WE SHOULD DO THE SAME.
Windflier comes out against the judiciary being in the Constitution.
I’m sorry, but the issue of judicial supremacy is long-settled law.

See Marbury v. Madison 200+ years ago.

We either have a constitutional form of government and laws that actually mean what they say, or we don't. If judicial supremacy is baked into law, then that law is repugnant to the Constitution, and should be ignored or overturned.

I'm just past the point of giving a damn about people who insist that we can't have the country our forebears fought and died to bequeath to us. If it takes another civil war to sort this out, then so be it. I will welcome it.
Can't imagine why his family avoids him!

combat_boots reads only the titles of books:
Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America

Paul Sperry and P. David Gaubatz

It’s a book. I do not have this book. 0bama must have it, though, as it’s full of CAIR papers.
All that cheerleading takes a toll. HarleyLady27 is not being super coherent here...
Jason Chaffetz overreacts about Kellyanne

Well this Representative is in my State of Utah...

Instead of doing this piece of crap, he should be working on preparing to bring down the Clinton Foundation, all branches of it starting with Haiti and the sex trafficking from there...

Also, he needs to get Bears Ears back away from the Government that Barky took...

Then he needs to worry about what other people to look at such as Barky, John McCain, ‘Egg McMuffin’, Linda Graham...

Why is Paul Ryan taking money from George Soros? So instead of trying to put dirt on our President, go get the dirt that really matters and leave Kellyanne alone!!!
*yawn* John S Mosby calls for vigilantes to take out Democrats.
They are really going all out against Trump-Pence. This is going to keep on happening and they must be shut down, by the administration and by patriots.
Major Matt Mason renders Flynn a nonperson:
Didn't know he was a Democrat, which is being mentioned in this thread. Why do Republican presidents insist on including the enemy in their cabinet nominees? It is a practice that has to stop, IMO.
Note: the word Democrat did not appear anywhere in the thread in question.

petercooper knows the Flynn defeat isn't a big deal anyhow:
We’re still at 99-1.
KavMan isn't quite so sanguine. He posts this on a bunch of threads:
That gif...oddly hypnotic...

forgotten man knows what all black women are like!
ABC to cast first ever black ‘Bachelorette’

Will they be competing to date men in prison?
Yeah, Trump is gonna win over the black community to the GOP!

IWONDR seems to mix up downloading copies with deleting...
They are downloading stuff that is already archived on the false presumption that the Trump administration will “destroy evidence.

what they are really doing is hiding the evidence of their data manipulation to support their false religion of climate change.


  1. It's funny. I think the one thing both left and right can agree on is that their side's congresspeople are "gutless". I mean, how many times have we heard of a do-nothing congress? And... it's true.

    It would be really nice to see liberals in Congress take this opportunity to finally stand up. It's their chance to look good as the David against Goliath, especially since no matter how extreme a piece of legislation they propose, it won't pass. So, y'know, appeal to the base with no risk, since they seem highly averse to it.

    And then that'll hopefully galvanize the younger voters in the midterms as they see their reps actually trying to do something.

    1. That's an excellent plan. From your lips to God's ears.