Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Freepers on Milo.

Milo Yiannopoulos does not interest me. I got all pissed off at Ann Coulter back in the day, and it didn't mean anything. He's just the same thing with a more transgressive branding. Just the Westborough Baptist Church but with a partisan allegiance.

As the 4Channing of Freep is still in process, Freepers aren't all quite hip to his deal of 'my repeating your talking points is more compelling because I look like those you hate!'

So now Milo has been uninvited from the largely overtaken by events CPAC, mostly because someone dug up some quotes in favor of pedophilia - e.g. “I think in the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life-affirming, important shaping relationships very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences.”

In my cynicism, I would suspect he was trying to sell himself as an example of homosexuality and pedophilia being related.

Well, now you have a fine mess on Freep. Some hating him extra now, some just hearing about him, some reflexively defending him because liberals are surely behind this somehow, some grasping at straws, and of course many just yelling "FAKE NEWS."

WKUHilltopper wants the real facts:
I’d like to see what he actually said before getting pissed.
gaijin didn't see the quote I did, I guess:
he only said his own homosexuality began with him getting molested, he never said molestation was good.

And if these people were serious about molestation being bad they would more honestly look into PizzaGate, which is real.
GreenHornet knows this is a great time to call the liberals pedo-lovers! Better than talking about the matter at hand.
If true, this presents a serious dilemma for the left - now they won’t know if they should continue to attack him, or embrace him.
trisham hear Milo say it was taken out of context. Good enough for him - no need to check!
Milo claims that he was talking about his relationship with an older man (29) when he was a teen (17) and that the video was edited.
FatherofFive sticks to the party line, though:
He seems to be part of the homosexual recruiting efforts. I just wonder how many young boys this queer has 'helped'
Navy Patriot, of course, makes no effort to go out and find this info himself.
I will need to hear exactly what Milo said in context and the history leading to the event before I render an opinion.

Been lied to, too much.
over3Owithabrain wonders if maybe it was just a misunderstanding, again clearly having read none of the quotes, which mention ages:
Gay dudes call anyone younger “boys”. Milo clarified that and it’s true. He deserves the chance to explain himself. Which he did.
over3Owithabrain comes out and declares Milo to useful to abandon for something as little as principle. Just like Trump. And Clayton Bigsby.
Milo has been on the front lines fighting the America first battle with Trump, bravely and with little help outside we the people, just like Trump. He deserves the benefit of the doubt and support but instead he gets diced up at the first sign of trouble and handed to the enemy.
dsc is buying what I think Milo was trying to lay down:
I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.

He suffers from same-sex attraction disorder *because* he is a victim of homosexual molestation.

It is the trauma of molestation or seduction in the pre-adult years that induces same-sex attraction disorder.
Maverick68 is another who weakly tries to insult liberals to distract himself:
I have PROOF Milo isn’t a pedophile: The Left hate him...
max americana just yearns for status, doesn't he?
Well, there are a LOT of faggot lovers on FR. And here i thought this was a ‘conservative’ forum. I wont name names but these Fretards slip up in their posts and support the poofters.
Veto! has a bunch of anecdotes about how gays are all child molesters and also can never truly be your friend:
I was went to a Christmas party years ago at the home of a gay friend in San Francisco. Nice house, great food, charming crowd (I wasn’t the only woman or straight person there). Among the guests were a couple of older gay guys with what looked to be teenagers. They were acting like good dads, but it seemed possible to me that they were grooming the youngsters. Among other things, I wondered where they found those boys, were they homeless or fatherless?

Later, a gay fellow who had been a very good friend to me said, “If I told you what went on between (and among) gay guys behind closed doors, you wouldn’t like me any more.”

If you live in SF, and especially if you work in the arts, you have gay friends if you have any friends at all. But they’ll never be your best friends, more like charming, funny people you enjoy at parties.
LS wants to believe. So he does:
Milo addressed this on his Facebook page and completely repudiated what was said.
Meet the New Boss - what's a little pedophilia when someone is so useful against the super-evil NeoCons!
He would not have been my first choice, but having made the choice they should stick with him. Milo regularly goes into the most totalitarian, anti-free speech venues in the country and defends free speech.

And these NeverTrump Neocons who had their knives out for him for most part were all for gay marriage and not very troubled by the Supreme Court imposing it on the country by diktat!
heights agrees - nothing matters but the war he's made up in his head.
CPAC are Globalist dogs, Milo is a warrior for Free speech. Easy one, I back Milo.
RegulatorCountry suddenly goes all Christian forgiveness:
Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s without sin. I don’t approve of his lifestyle and don’t want to hear about it but he’s been doing some good, has been an ally and has shown some signs of being capable of repentance.
Tellingly, Trump Girl Kit Cat comes our as totally fine with homosexuality, and no one seems to care.
MILO is NOT a pedo he may be ALOT of things but a pedo is not one of them!!! I understand your feelings about him being gay HOWEVER he is NOT a gay trying to push the gay agenda down our throats!!! 
WE ALL have the right to live our lives any way we like as long as we are NOT hurting others!!! Milo being gay is between him and God Milo IS MORE conservative than John MCCain, and frankly I would choose Milo to be on OUR SIDE over MCCain ANY DAY!!!!
Maverick68 laments that Milo has been sidelined by this attack by people using his own quotes. SOROS!
This attack on Milo was meant to destroy his effectiveness and cause Civil War on the Right....Judging by this thread, it was 100% effective.....Kudos to the Soros Wing of the Republican Party....
Weaponized empathy-faker Yaelle is begging for a spotlight.
Milo is rationalizing abuse because he was abused. It is one way to deal with those memories. He may feel differently at 40 than he does now. I’m sure the whole gay community does this with those memories. If the molester was kindly, they can get away with this rationalization.

Milo admits 18 is probably the right age of consent. Which means he does deep down know that the 13 year old giving consent isn’t truly able to cope with an abusive molestation situation.

This has been going on, gay and straight, pretty much forever. But now we know life is better when we respect our young teens and don’t get sexual gratification from people who don’t have enough wisdom to really give it.


  1. max americana is freeperly correct ...
    not that long ago, even the slightest pro-gay sentiments would result in an immediate zot from the harpies who used to constantly scan for such things.

    I lol at the fact that max is "keeping names" for a future purge.

    1. max americana goodthinks freepwise? Plus trumpful! :D

  2. I don't supposed ever occurred to Veto! that maybe those were their sons? God forbid you talk to them and find out.

  3. "In a 4Chan post made the evening of Sunday, a user tells others that “FYI [for your information] the MSM [mainstream media] has a huge fucking media onslaught that is set to go live Monday to scorch earth [sic] Milo and destroy him via the pedophile label.”


    1. FreedomStar3028: Just because he takes on the left and their hypocrisy it doesn’t forgive the fact that he practices homosexuality openly. Milo just existing could inspire conservative Christian boys to think that it’s okay to be gay and influence them.

      How come they never think their heroes -- whoever they might be -- can turn a gay guy straight? Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, Donald Trump: Get to work! Just set an example, and undecided Christians boys can be turned straight. By YOU!