Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Potpourri pt. IV

tcrlaf is sure Civil War 2 is coming, because Democrats will all go to jail otherwise.
In my wildest fears, I never thought that the dems would go to these lengths to keep power when they lost at the ballot box.

You didn’t REALLY think all of those Corruptocrats and Radical Academic Socialists were just going to walk away quietly from ALL OF THAT MONEY, did you?

There are literally hundreds, if not a thousand, or more, of the most powerful people on THE PLANET facing long prison terms for what they have done, and how they enriched themselves on the taxpayer’s money over the last ten years.

Added to that are the thousands of lower level apparatchiks that helped them in these crimes, who also face jail time, who have no livelihood or future career left to them now that Hillary has lost, if Trump keeps even half of his promises to rid the US government of blatant corruption.

These people are not just going to march quietly into the prisons. Some will flee prosecution, running to countries without extradition. But many will do whatever it takes to retain power.

If that means starting a Civil War to protect their power and money, then a CIVIL WAR it will be. If it means arresting Trump on a “trumped-up” silly charge, they will do it. Whatever it takes to stay out of jail will be the rally cry.

I fear this is NOT going to end without bloodshed. As we can clearly see, there are plenty of liberal snowflake SJW’s who can be convinced that killing in the Democrat’s name makes them morally superior to “Those People”.
Diogenesis is always pithy.
Impeach the blackrobe terroristophile.
I didn't mean for there to be a theme, but this last post seems largely about making excuses for why Trump isn't bringing the sweeping changes Freep wanted. Lots of media blaming.
Angels27 seems unhappy that Trump isn't winning so hard anywhere except Freep:
Considering how hard Trump has been working and the things he has accomplished already, Trump should have a 70% plus approval rating. But in a polarized nation, I know that's hard to do.

But despite the onslaught of attacks and lies from the media, leftist, commies and old bull Republicans, Trump is managing to keep his approval above 50%
greeneyes is also making excuses for Trump:
I can’t imagine Trump and congress have no power over this now that obummer is out.

Is that wrong?

Ever hear of the deep state?
usconservative lusts for media death:
I've said it before, I've said it for DECADES, and I've said it here repeatedly on FR. I'll say it again, and I'll say it to my dying breath:

When the revolution finally starts, the liberal lamestream media MUST BE THE FIRST CASUALTIES. If they are left to live, there is no way the TRUTH of the revolution, of the country, of why the revolution is occurring ever gets out.

Period. Full Stop.
IronJack also wants to kill the media for having the temerity to use the pen not the sword:
These vile cowards hide their treachery behind press credentials while they promote ideas that will result in the deaths of millions. 
They are the worst kinds of vermin, sniveling whiners who fight with a pen because they're terrified to go out and man the barricades. They leave the danger to their useful tools.

But once the shooting starts ...
Pollster1 argues that Trump slow-rolling his campaign promises is because he's laying a judicial foundation:
It is better to get 2-4 conservative Justices in place, hundreds of conservative federal judges who believe in the rule of law, and a smaller footprint for government as a whole. That weakening of the Left and their source of power will allow us to win on the social issues later, perhaps two years from now or even in the first year of his next term. We lose out on some quick, feel-good wins, but we get more and bigger wins in the long run. I hope.
chris37 doesn't believe any negative news:
It’s just incredible. You can’t read or listen to anything and assume it’s true.

And it seems we have at least a few Freepers around here who are eager little beavers to post whatever fake garbage they can find.
RitaOK is concerned that liberals continue to exist, and haven't fallen in line with Trumpamania:
We are so screwed... up. Half the country is gone, infiltrated by a serious case of Marxism, spies, espionage, all acting to take down the country, from even the crevices of any room we care to name.

We have been right all along, but it’s worse than we thought out there. Thanks be to God for Trump.
SaveFerris takes his mind of his employment problems by raging about liberal treason:
This is so ridiculous that I have to hunt for lousy jobs while fundamental treason is openly-financed.
TomasUSMC has rationalized himself into a dictatorship:
Trump should have stated this, put it out on TWITTER AND TOLD THE JUDGE TO EAT SHIITE.

This is a National Security Situation....Courts ain’t got squat to do with it. We are being invaded and any judge siding with the invaders should be treated as one.
Alberta's Child has a super clever idea that courts will never catch on to:
Trump should withdraw the appeal and rescind his EO. Then issue a nearly identical new EO tonight.
McGavin999 - rule of law demands Trump ignore judges!
He can’t ignore the law. He is trying to restore the rule of law in this country. This lawless judge needs to be over ridden and then be impeached, not only for legislating from the bench but also for endangering the American people

The fact that he was appointed by GW Bush sickens me and reminds us all of why his numbers were so low when he left office
montag813 has great contempt for compassion:
What sick freaks that ENABLE this madness. 


  1. "I predict she will have a Whitney Houston moment that eventually takes her out."

    Freepers are WAY too interested in the death of Malia Obama.

    1. She wore a peace symbol t-shirt once, so she must be vilified FOREVER !!!!!!!!

  2. "Had my early dose of Obama this morning while working out at the gym. MSNBC having a lovefest over his learning to kite surf...

    **image of Obama kite surfing***

    My biceps are bigger than his, and I'm a 67 y.o. woman." -fivecatsandadog

    Uhh, yeah that's geriatric flab, honey. Not muscle. Sorry!

  3. Kill the meddlesome press, kill all the judges.
    They're no longer even trying to disguise that their agenda is the 14 signs of fascism.