Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hedging bets on Gorsuch

Now that it's clear that Justice Gorsuch is a sure thing, Freepers have become skeptical. I think in order to be able to say 'I told you so' if he turns squishy on any issue. And if he turns out to be as much a tool as Alito, well, no one will remember this little bit of dumbness!

For you see, it turns out the seemingly conservative judge is...Episcopalian!

Marvel as FR_addict  does a complete 180:
After hearing about how Gorsuch said that Pres. Trump's comments were "demoralizing" and "disheartening.", I think the positions of his Church need to be scrutinized.

I know I wouldn't be going to a Church that had these views.

Lou Dobbs said Gorsuch owed Pres. Trump an apology. He didn't have to make any comments on this on-going case that may end up at the Supreme Court, let alone bad mouth Trump to DEMs.

I think it's funny. He's backstabbing Trump and the Dem backstabs him.

I hope he doesn't get confirmed.

It doesn't say what the views of this Church are on abortion, but if the female rector went to the Woman's March against Trump, I bet she has liberal views on abortion.
I'm digging FR_addict's quirk of calling us DEMs. I'm hoping there's an acronym there.
I think Trump was trying to get a very conservative pick. He went to Heritage Foundation and worked off their lists.

Everyone told him, this was the most conservative judge on the list.

It looks like the Judge was telling Trump one thing, then telling the DEMs another.

He needs to removed from consideration.
Destroys Everything Marvelous
Demonic Eating Machines
Dunking Edible Munchies

yarddog is also unhappy:
That really is troubling.

A conservative would never belong to such a church.
And P-Marlowe utters the name they are all thinking:
I think Gorsuch just may be another David Souter.

Trump should dump him now.

If he’s going to publicly criticize Trump after he dressed down a rouge judge, then he may himself be a rouge judge.

Anyone who would attend this church on a regular basis is probably not a Christian.
Dick Vomer keeps his morality simple:
Senator Feinstein likes him. ‘Nuff said.
tinamina has some sweeping genrealizations about Christian sects for us:
I became worried about this as soon as I read that he was an Episcopalian and not and never switched to Anglican. Only liberals go to the Episcopalian church
RegulatorCountry will trust the Federalist Society, but as a Virginan, he historically hates Episcopalians...?
His record in the judiciary appears to be exemplary, to the extent that issues of concern to Constitutional Originalists have been put in front of him. I’m going to continue to rely upon that, however his educational and religious background as well as the nature of the church he has attended do worry me.

I had assumed before today that he was a lifelong Episcopalian, that it was traditional in his family, an historical tie. I know the surname and a few who bear it, from Virginia, no doubt distant cousins. It’s an old colonial era Virginia family.

I’m prone to being rather reflexively suspicious of Episcopalians, rightly or wrongly. I suppose this too is due to historical family ties of my own, in colonial era Virginia.
T-Bone Texan tells of how the preschool he sends his kid to is Episcopalian and super gay:
I send my preschooler to an Episcopalian school.

The headmaster is a flaming (but closeted) homo in the vein of Charles Nelson Reilly, and I’m pretty sure the married rector is a homo too.

And this is the conservative Episcopalian school in our city. There’s a more liberal one.
Antoninus finds some Jesuit past as well!!
From the article: "Gorsuch was brought up as a Catholic by his mother Ann, and attended an elite all boys Catholic school in Washington D.C. run by the Jesuit order."

This is not the pedigree of a conservative. I think we're in a lot of trouble here.
Maudeen doesn't want no Jews on the Court either, I guess:
Count me in the troubled column. Unless this Supreme Court Justice wanna be believes in ONE God . . .God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and believes in the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, then all you have is another empty suit on the bench with no yielding to Divine Authority. “Man-made” is what has gotten us in the mess we are in today. I sincerely hope that President Trump realizes this along with his advisors.
Cheerleader to the end HarleyLady27 is like the only one to show up and urge blind trust for Trump.
He has sources all over...don’t worry, President Trump is on top of things...
sport comes in to FAKE NEWS it up:
Do not believe anything, even if it happens to be true, you hear from the MSM for the next four and probably 8 years.
Because exclusion and bigotry are the lifeblood of this place, Jim Noble ends up declaring Episcopalians worse than Muslims.
The problem is not any specific ECUSA church - as if he chose his parish poorly.

The problem is that ECUSA is literally satanic, there is a professor at their flagship divinity school who preaches that abortion is a sacrament, they are radically pro-gay and pro-trans - rectors and even bishops have been expelled from ECUSA for even a hint of disagreement.

It is an evil, dark, pro-death monstrosity and to remain in it -whoever your own rector happens to be - is a sign of deep spiritual sickness.

I would rather he was a Muslim.


  1. I love the holier-than-thou pharisees of FR.
    Christian-Identity Snake Handlers only for the Supreme Court !!!!

  2. It is hilarious how Freepers are always accusing Islam of being a political movement and not a religion. Absolutely hilarious.
    They cannot even agree on which sect of their extremely narrow religious worldview is the "correct" one to govern everybody.

  3. When was the last time you heard, "I'd rather he was a Muslim" out of Freepers? Yikes.

  4. We have reached the point where so-called conservatives are so enamored of a failed reality TV star that they side with him over lifelong members of the United States intelligence community.
    Spies Keep Intelligence From Donald Trump