Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Not Spotlight: Trump and the Unions

I think there is a big political realignment coming sometime in the next decade. So I'm actually a little concerned about Trump courting unions. I'm not worried that the union heads called the meeting 'incredible.' That's what you say, especially to Trump.

But not knowing a lot about labor politics, it does look a lot like Democrats have been getting more out of unions than they've been putting in lately. Add in the empty but feel-good populist validation the GOP is offering...

Bah, what do I know. But it is a ball watching Freepers come around to loving unions!

blackberry1 dares to dream that Trump is going to be a repeat of America's best President of all time:
Trump is a present day FDR. It’s a New Deal and the Unions are gonna do backflips when the see the construction explosion.
Socon-Econ needs to get with the program, man!
Bad omen for economic freedom, low taxes, and economic growth. The unions are not going to endorse ANY Republican without getting a whole lot in return.
WMarshal explains that unions are actually good. Or at least no more socialist than everywhere else these days:
Listen, I know that many patriots have learned to hate unions because the union ledership has aligned themselves with the far-left Democrat party. However, it doesn't take a stretch the imagination to believe that without American unions, the majority of Americans, you included, would be working 18 hours days, living in holes in the ground, and being fed scraps by corporations.

If you think union members are not real freedom-loving Americans then you need to explain to everyone on this forum why the Rust Belt, a collection of heavily unionized states, voted for Trump.

It is the union leadership, not the unions that is the problem. We need to find a way for regular union members to regain control of the unions - just like the rest of America needs to regain control of government bureauracracies, education, the legal system, and corporations.

I am as pro-Trump is any man you'll ever find and I'm the son of a union coal miner so I take offense with your branding all union members as Bolsheviks. They are good, honest, patriotic Americans and they deserve better than shit like this from you.

There is not one major pillar of American society that has not been infiltrated by far-left termites. Don't throw out the babies with the bathwater
Crazy murder-lusting LeoWindhorse is a Teamster!
I’m a Teamster and I support our President Donald J. Trump . 100%
BobL knows that once unions are friendly to management we have a different country. Can't argue!
This is UNREAL. If Trump is able to either crush the unions, or at least make them friendly to ‘the man’, this will be a VERY DIFFERENT, and much better, country.
Heartlander2 is pretty excited for the coming single party rule:
I think this as well as other actions by the Trump administration show that we are witnessing the active destruction of the Democratic Party.
Heartlander2 just can't stop gushing:
We are watching Trump’s glorious, single-handed knockout of the leftist dream in America - and abroad. Observe the greatest historical event of many lifetimes unfold.
RedWulf dreams big. Pedophile big.
By 2020 I expect both Unions and a good chunk of the African American vote to be on Trump’s side while the dems embrace Pedophiles and beastly.
Who cares about unions, Liz focuses on the important - liberals must be sad!
Dumbocrats must be swilling valium and vodka as we type.
Still Thinking is the same, only with poop:
Leftards have to be crapping their pants.
eyeamok thinks Trump promises many more union members?
The Unions are ONLY about Money coming to the Unions, Nothing Else. When the Demonrats are in charge, they get their money through policies passed be Demonrats. With President Trump promising Massive Increases in UNION MEMBERS that means UNION MONEY. That is all folks.

Looks like the President just co-opted Labor Unions
This happened in January. I wonder if TwelveOfTwenty still supports dehumanizing yourself before the Orange One?
I just heard on the radio that the Democrats also support Trump's moves on these free trade deals. If Trump keeps this up, those crazies who protested against him during the inauguration and over the weekend may find themselves very isolated before long.

Let's admit it fellow Cruzers, the better man won.
Unable to even understand not generalizing about a group, jazminerose thinks hatred of Islam will bring the gays on board.
Trump’s going to win over the BLT community. Count on it. He’ll get their votes when the truth about Islam is finally understood and he crushes them.

Milo can lead that parade.
Senator_Blutarski dreams of Trump winning the blacks, who in the end are just Freepers of a different color.
Trump will win over the blacks as well. He will do the unthinkable: He will engage them in an honest conversation about employment, crime, education and family. The very act of sitting down at the table with them will change everything. Forcing then to an honest view of the facts will forever change how we view the races.

Americans of every stripe will respond positively when Trump enforces the laws on the books. People want law, order and civility in America again.

The times they are a-changing.

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  1. Freepers are turning 180s so fast these days, they can't even tell left from right anymore!