Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"What, do you think our country is so innocent?"

In defending Putin, Trump blundered into attacking America's moral high ground. And Freepers agree, eliding Putin's literal murder of dissidents in favor of conspiracies about Hillary Clinton.

I'm not sure Freepers believe in American exceptionalism at all anymore - another casualty on the road to believing in nothing but liberal misery.

Conspiracist Fantasywriter makes it personal, and decides this was almost as good as locking Hillary up.
It wasn’t a bad answer if it gave a case of the jitters to Hillary, Bill or some of the other dirty dealers in DC. If the media misconstrues, Trump will slap them down himself. Meanwhile he may have—and likely did—fire a shot across the bow of some of these DC insiders who have literally gotten away with murder. How can Hillary possibly know Trump wasn’t talking specifically about her?

I see a double scotch neat in Hillary’s future...several of them, in fact.
NKP_Vet declares this another Trump truth bomb.
Get over it. His truthfulness is refreshing. He’s not a lying, double-talking politician.
Mollypitcher1 also doesn't bother with what Trump said, she just cheerleads
I LOUDLY agree with President Trump. Continue to say what you mean and to hell with PC. Perhaps, eventually, Trump will break the LEFT’S stranglehold on Americans when it comes to FREE SPEECH.
It's the Freeper narrative - Enlightened1 believes Russia is a light against the evil globalists:
President Trump is correct once again, and it will upset the Globalists.

I expect them to attack.
Today's does of Russian propaganda brought to you by Ciexyz:
Of all the leaders in the world, why build up Putin to be the new Hitler? Someone wants to get us into a war.

The U.S. contributed to helping stage a coup in Ukraine during the Sochi Olympics which meant Putin could not retaliate when he was hosting the world at Sochi. Putin had to stand by and let an ally in the Ukraine government fall and be replaced by a pro-western politician that Russia regards as a thug, who immediately decreed an edict of discrimination against the Russian minority in Ukraine that Russian would no longer be one of the country's official languages.

The majority Russian populace in Crimea started a move for independence and yes, Russia surely sent them aid. Last time I checked, ten thousand people died in the proxy war in the Donbass region. Be careful what you start because Putin's not going to take any crap from US shenanigans on his border.
ROCKLOBSTER just lists people he doesn't like, and calls them all murderers as bad as Putin:
Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Weasely Clark, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, black Chicago gangbangers, Planned Parenthood..etc etc etc.
Roman_War_Criminal waives the bloody shirt of abortion, which is why every civilization ever has fallen, it turns out:
On abortion alone, we’re the top “killer” (MURDERER) in the entire world.

We can waive the damn flag all we want. In the end, God’s vengeance will destroy this Sodomite/Moloch worshipping nation.

If you don’t think so, just look at Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt, even Israel for actual references. They all participated in the same atrocities that we currently are, though on a much lesser scale.
Hawthorn found the only dissident, who gets dogpiled.
It was a bad answer, plain and simple

Sorry to have to inform you, but Pres. Trump & Co. can do no wrong.

grumpygresh is pretty smug that liberals are going to have to argue America is better than Russia.
Now the leftists have to defend 0bama’s, the klintoons, and bushies actions and foreign policy. Trump opposed all of them in this respect.
BobL thinks our stopping genocide in Kosovo was bad, because Muslims aren't people:
Our bombing of Belgrade alone (in support of severing off Kosovo from Serbia) leaves us NOTHING to be proud of.
jazminerose may want to lay off the cloak and dagger stuff and check into the Church Commission.
the CIA. They kill lots of people. Hopefully, only the ones who needed to be killed. But,who knows what went on when Obama was in office and Brennen was at CIA.
txhurl picks out our greatest crime:
It was about Ghadaffi: We came. We saw. He died.

Hopefully Trump is alluding to Seth Rich here.
lakecumberlandvet also holds up Ghadaffi as an innocent assassinated by America.
Remember Hitlery’s Libyan rebels? Proxy killers. We came, we, we saw, he (Muammar Qaddafi) died.
McGavin999 thinks America is immoral because we now care about civilian deaths. The merciful thing is total war!
We used to kill our enemies, now we expect our military to be social workers. Down through the ages there has been collateral damage, you need to do everything you can to avoid it, but if avoiding it means allowing the enemy to live to fight another day you will regret it, as will the civilians surrounding them.

War is ugly and painful, but what could have been over quick has been extended to years and decades of murder, maiming and subjugation because cowardly leaders didn’t want to be unpopular. Sometimes leaders have to make ugly decisions. Look at the fact that when our SEAL team went into Yemen, women grabbed rifles and shot at them.
chris37 seriously argues America is the Axis of Evil.
Our country isn’t innocent.

Not even close.

We have been a bad actor for a long time now.

We gave Iran billions of dollars. We allowed them to pursue nukes knowing full well what their intent is.

We overthrew a bunch of weak governments by arming Al Qaeda.

We had Republicans who were involved in this, namely John “I Work With The Enemy” McCain and his girlfriend Lindsey.

Our government was on the path of purposely provoking war with Russia right up until Trump was elected.

Our government runs exclusively on and consists of nothing but lies.

Is America the Axis of Evil?
Yaelle mixes up Freepers twisting their worldview with Trump adopting theirs:
It’s like we have a FReeper in the White House!
RedWulf prefers his conspiracies to the actual evidence about Putin's repeated assasinations:
I stopped worrying about Putin’s so called murders when I realized we had more proof that Hillary murdered people than Putin and nobody cares about Hillary’s murders.

BTW, political murder is not uncommon in the US. FDR probably had Huey Long murdered to prevent his run for president. Patton was murdered when he planned to write a book about occupation of Germany and the crimes of the FDR administration. Our media is much better about covering up our political murders.
At this point, I feel like Freepers would contentedly argue that America should become a protectorate of Russia, because they're the only force for good in this world.


  1. 99% of freepers have whiplash from all the 180 degree turns they had to make from their standard dogma in the last month.

  2. I am disappoint. I thought Freepers were patriotic Americans. Sigh...

  3. Are these mostly new Freepers or ones who only lurked previously? Maybe the old guard is gone, not changed.

  4. Replies
    1. Crazy racist MeganC came right out and said she gets her news now from "Russia Today", the english language russian government outlet.

  5. Freepers are now defending statements from Trump that had a liberal said them, would have gotten them called an America hater. I'll bet that Trump could eventually have them cheering for single-payer healthcare, imagining that they somehow stuck it to the libs.

    1. Absolutely. If Trump could guarantee single-payer, AND present a plan to pay for it WITHOUT raising taxes, RossiyaRepublik rubes would be all for it.

    2. As a liberal Democrat, I can't think of *anything* that would make me more upset than single-payer healthcare, closing Guantanamo Bay, 50 state handgun carry, and anti-discrimination laws covering gay and trans people. I would cry and cry! I sure hope Trump doesn't do any of those things!!

  6. I feel like generations of our educators have failed American children by not teaching them the difference between free speech and the consequences of being an asshole saying out loud in private speech.