Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Supreme Communicator

Freepers do not struggle much with the fact that Trump seems to be playing entirely to them and only them. And, to be fair, it's worked for them so far.

Trump's latest press conference played more like an Airing of Grievances than anything like a leader talking to those he serves, and Freepers, having learned from the best, doubled down on declaring that they were winning, even as their happiness seemed a lot more like ever more impotent rage.

detective loves Trump, despite all the evil around him:
President Trump gets an A+ for an excellent, extremely effective press conference.

And this was with the media trying to sabotage him.
ActresponsiblyinVA continues the conservative mantra that anyone criticizing Trump just makes more people vote for Trump:
The Democrats and media will never figure out that their hysteria will result in more Trump voters.
proud American in Canada is not the only Freeper who seems to have a pretty easy job:
I was stuck in my car for an hour —couldn’t stop listening.

Me neither. I am a reporter for a small community paper and was supposed to be working on a city council report, but I could not turn off the t.v.

It was incredible!
Who cares about policy? LoveUSA only cares  that Trump's happy:
The little nugget that made me relax was when he slipped in the comment about all his verbal battles with his detractors:

He said he "enjoys the back and forth".

When Trump is happy I'm happy!
WashingtonFire has moved on from Reagan:
If the Gipper was “The Great Communicator”, The Donald is “The Supreme Communicator”.
datricker compares Trump to Alexander Hamilton...?
I kinda remember president Reagan he was funny, strong and smooth - President Trump is the American Revolution in your face cutting across time, class and culture. We missed out on something similar when Burr shot Hamilton.
wildbill noted that Trump knows that the press will report when he says something sensational:
The defining moment to me was when Trump told the room what their headlines would be - that he was ranting about the press—and that they wouldn’t headliine any of the real issues or things he tallked about that were actions on behalf of the country..

The press conference was hardly over when the first reports on the internet sites of the MSM were exactly about the ‘rant’ on the press.

It’s all about them, not about the good things for the country.
Not that even one Freeper in the thread talked about these mysterious 'real issues' or 'things he tallked about that were actions on behalf of the country.'

 The_Media_never_lie is still stuck on Obama, though he refuses to say his name. Which only highlights his obsession:
Recall, the other guy would panic if the teleprompter went awry. The other guy NEVER, or maybe only a couple times answered contentious questions with multiple, disbelieving folloup questions. The other guy, in 8 years, never had the hostility Trump has had in the first month.
Inevitably, 353FMG blames the media for Trump not yet making America Great.
It is depressing to see how this POTUS is surrounded by enemies. His friends, and there are plenty, should show their support for him more openly. 
What is of grave concern is that, because of the constant infighting he has to endure, his personal agenda for MAGA is falling behind of schedule, that is: infrastructure improvement program and energy independence program. 
Those who are still waiting for an upturn in the job market should understand that they have the MSM and the RATs to thank if they have to wait another jobless week at home. Make your displeasure known at the ballot box in 2020.
manc thinks the issue is that Trump's always joking, but the media doesn't get it!
The media are used to having their elitist cocktail parties, and not having a guy around which has a sense of humor different to theirs.

This is why the media are out of touch with the average American, and to see them just sitting around thinking they should be attacking him instead of actually doing some honest reporting.

They put their agenda first, put their views first, and put their talking points first, instead they should be focusing on what their viewers want to ask and hear.
The problem is that the media takes any responsibility for informing the public.

MeneMeneTekelUpharsin loves how the press hardly seems free anymore:
Absolutely brilliant. He told them when to stand up, when to speak, when to shut up and when to sit down
Sure, there's no policy involved, but yelling at the press makes eartick pretty happy about the direction America is going.
This was a great speech to the American people.

I have been shouting from the roof top for our President to do this and have been getting hammered here on FR for it. Saying get off tweeter and talk to the PEOPLE. He did a great job and looked very presidential.

The news conference that followed was even great.

I am feeling good about our direction
Candor7 is thrilled that the press is acting afraid of our government. That's the way healthy Republics are!
President Trump showed his mettle as a genuine American leader.

He had CNN’s Acosta almost in tears.

One thing I noticed was that the MSM leftist press is now starting to huddle in a group, their reporters now feel as if they are under threat, lying cattle surrounded by the predatory truth.. This is a good thing.


  1. Were we watching the same press conference...?
    It was embarrassing.

    1. We call it a press conference when issues are discussed and questions are asked and answered.

      Freepers call it a press conference when their supreme leader throws a public temper tantrum.

      So yes, same "press conference" but with wildly different expectations.