Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Freeper activi$m

Freepers under Obama loved to claim how poor they were and how they couldn't afford to give gifts to their family.

Now that Trump's in office, they're all trying to one-up each other on how they spurn Nordstrom and much Ivanka Trump merch they buy to show their loyalty to Trump, who surely needs the money. Because buycotts are easier than boycotts for these noble warriors, somehow.

White Classy
drewh is ready to fight this war!
the good guys and gals are finally shooting back at the libtards! :)
DIRTYSECRET is also declaring victory in this vital arena:
2 can play this game! Does this mean us good guys ave the upper hand?
piytar is sure that the uniform shunning of Trump associations by just about every consumer goods company can't be a capitalist decision:
Isn’t it about time for a shareholder derivative lawsuit against these companies (if publicly traded) who are trashing their bottom lines over personally held political views?
aquila48 is ready to start the marches up again:
Superb! Way to go ladies.

Now we need the guys to get out there and reclaim the streets.

Let’s revive the Tea Parties.
DivineMomentsOfTruth has already been boycotting hard for a whole two weeks:
Makes me wish I had a Norstrom CC to cut up..

I’ve been boycotting them since they dropped Ivanka.
politicket does the usual dance of 'I used to spend soo much money with Nordstrom, now they will have to suffer without my fat sacks of cash money!'
My wife has had a Nordstrom card for 40 years - plus a Nordstrom Visa from when they first began offering them.

All of our household purchases went on the Visa, so that we could get Nordstrom Notes. My last Boss suit was entirely purchased with them.

Those days are GONE NORDSTROM! My wife said she has had enough of you attacking our President - and thereby our country!

Dacula seems a bit mixed up about who this boycott is targeting...
During the obama years we were told it was racist to object.
repubmom - now THIS is virtue signalling!
I found a beautiful Ivanka dress at SteinMart today - tried it on and it fit perfectly and beautifully! I’m so impressed!! I bought it with a smile on my face and can’t wait to wear it for a special occasion! I’m so tickled to have a piece of history in my closet!! :)
3D-JOY urges all the 80-year-olds to buy Ivanka's stuff!
I am 80 years old and have many Ivanka pieces.

Draped blouses to go under jackets and nice narrow leg slacks. Many of the pieces come from Ross which cuts the cost for nice fabrics and pretty colors to the 20-30 dollar range( other stores 48-85 dollars ) Styles are like Lauren and Ann l .

Skirts and dresses run too short for me at 5’8”
Did someone mention racism? Bigg Red is here to deliver!
Also, these women were not wearing obscene costumes and spewing 4-letter words.
sheana makes the racism more explicit:
Suburban women, which translates as wealthy white women who live in the suburbs. Does anyone think the inner city shoppers made Nordstrom successful? In fact, the Nordstrom in Columbus Oh, (that I once frequented) is the whitest store at the mall.
Jmouse007 remembers such long-dead stores as Target and Macy's.
As for Nordstrums, boycotting them: they have permanently lost us as customers. May they rapidly go the way of Macey’s, Penney’s and Target. 


  1. Let’s revive the Tea Parties.

    Yes, let's! I can't wait to see them marching in front of the Slovenian Rapunzel's golden tower to tell us all how we're Taxed Enough Already!

  2. Ross? SteinMart? Soon to come ... Ivanka's K-Mart and Dollar Store line!

    If that pic is Drewh, I'm sure more than half of that cash will end up at the doughnut shop

    1. Ha! Yeah, I was thinking that too. These aren't high-end brands (nothing with a Trump title is, is just tricks poorer people into thinking it is). It may as well be the Kathy Ireland line at Walmart. She was hot in to early 90's so you'll look hot in this flouncy pansuit, for reallys!

  3. Well if Freepers are so loaded why is the thon dragging on?