Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gorsuch to SCOTUS

I could almost feel it; just like that, all Trump's hamfisted bigoted antics and polarization were forgiven by the vast majority of Republicans. Like it has for so many issues for Republicans, the right-wing drumbeat that the Supreme Court is the most important thing has become adopted well beyond the base - I expect his approval to go up quite a bit. And not a jot of comeuppance for the GOP's unconscionable gamesmanship with Garland.

I don't know much about the guy, but from what I can tell he stands out in believing in a Court that does not interfere with the President, but that also interferes with executive agencies. Oy.

Freeper joy is usually repetitive and boring, but luckily you can always find some side issue where there paranoia takes the fore. Here, they fret because the New York Times has an opinion piece that liberals shouldn't filibuster the guy. Watch as they struggle to integrate this into their black-and-white reality.

MrEdd knows that the subset of New York Times pieces Free Republic publishes are taken as marching orders to Democrats.
Libs gonna fold like a cheap suit on this one...?

They enabled the end of the filibuster.
They have to make losing sound dignified.
RushIsMyTeddyBear reassures her fellows that this is some kind of trickery:
NY Times leftist supporting Gorsuch. Maybe we should be worried.

Maybe a ‘tar baby’. IOW.....’concern trolling’.
Repeal 16-17 takes what has become the party line - that the real fight is the next one.
Should I be worried that the NY Times is endorsing this guy?

No, the New York Slimes is simply telling Senate Democrats to hold their powder until Trump is nominating someone to replace Kennedy or one of the Liberal Justices.
Sarah Barracuda crows that this makes everything else he does not matter: imagine, if the NeverTrumpers had won and Hillary Clinton had been able to make the pick tonight what we would be looking at..Thank God Trump is President!
bryan999 is still on the idea that the Democratic Party is in existential danger, I guess not watching the news lately:
Might be a signal to not attack, and let this one pass... bigger battles ahead. This one is a lose-lose for libs no matter how they play.

And if you think about it, the RATs really can’t fight without the necessary fortitude and willing manpower. Right now they are seriously depleted of both.. ! Might be best to step aside...

Or maybe not, I guess we’ll see.
Like so many Freepers, jcon40 just wants revenge by making liberals sad. He calls it 'restoring law and order.'
Haha. They’re worried Trump won’t follow the law???

From the news media, states, sanctuary cities, anarchists etc who are urging others to not follow the law...

I can show you what not follow the law looks like but I’m an American who just voted for a man who ran on restoring law and order.

These disposable A$$w!pe$ are stained up in the head


  1. I'm kind of split on this. On the one hand, Republicans stole this seat from Obama. He had every right to appoint Merrick Garland and they shouldn't have held it up for a whole year. On the other hand, this will not tip the balance of the Supreme Court. Gorsuch is replacing a conservative. It may be best to keep our powder dry for if a liberal justice retires or dies. Now there's precedent for keeping the seat open, especially if it happens in late 2019 or any time in 2020.

    1. They already tipped the balance by blocking a replacement for over a year. They should do the same thing to Trump unless he nominates an Obama pick.

    2. I see your point, euphgeek. I hope Congress changes hands in two years -- I think there's momentum for it too, in spite of gerrymandered districts. Unless this weird administration pulls an alarmist stunt.

    3. I'm split too ... Gorsuch was the best of a slate of rather extreme conservative candidates.
      He's been known to rule in a progressive manner when presented with persuasive arguments. Him being a conservative does not mean conservatives can just "phone it in" when presenting their case before him.

    4. John Doe, what I mean is that both Gorsuch and Scalia are/were conservatives. If Republicans had allowed Garland to go through, that would have tipped the balance of SCOTUS.

  2. "I wish that fat disgusting pig #### would be shoved under the table for good."

    Beats me why Freepers are so intent on killing Malia Obama. What did she ever do to them?

    1. Since when is Malia fat?
      Anyway, you know that Free Republic hates women in general, and black women in particular with the heat of 1,000 white hot suns.

  3. Mosque shooting suspect in Canada known for far-right views

    I guess my favorite comment is this one,

    "I smell patsy"

  4. Already in the hopper for tomorrow morning!

  5. In yet another thread about Malia Obama there were 5 different comments that had to be pulled. Five. What in the world were these things that Freepers were saying about Malia Obama that were so bad that they had to be censored?

    Malia Obama Pictured In 'Mom Jeans' and Crop Top Heading To Her Internship (oh no she didnt'!)

    1. Especially in this age of freep ...
      pretty much anything racist goes.