Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Muslim Ban

Well, we had an exciting weekend! I live a few blocks from the White House these days, and got to hear the protesters and sirens. This hamfisted and radical policy is Bannon's play - he's doing this to piss off liberals in the hopes that the resistance to 'keeping us safe' plays well with the rest of the country. We'll see; I'm not sure which way it will go, sadly.

Freepers' reaction to the court orders so far has been rote - dox the judges, disobey them, blah blah. But Freepers are clearly off balance, as they often are when weekend news breaks and there is no talk radio to guide their message.

It makes for kinda watered down threads despite the explosive subject matter, so I'm going to focus on a particular example of their attitudes. Trump's broad ban will prevent an Oscar contender from attending, because he's from Iran. Freepers seem to dimly sense this might not play well, and some try and rationalize, as the dimmer among them double down.

Fightin Whitey is proud of his racist school:
Asghar Farhadi?

Dude never would have made it in my high school.
Mandingo Conservative knows bigotry is the hard choice, but the right one.
Iranian and liberal heads are exploding. 
This director might be a decent person and as an artist I don't like to ban art too much, but I think this is something as a nation we need to do when it concerns the Middle East. It's extreme and it might make people hate us more but too bad. 
The way I look at it is this: Iran doesn't play nice with us or Israel - it's still a gigantic sponsor of terror. If normal Iranians don't like this ban well...they need to then work within Iran to remove the Islamic dictatorship and foster a nation wide human rights movement. If this is done, the ban will be removed.
montag813 is sure that if this policy seems kooky, it must be liberals making it seem so:
He could EASILY get a waiver...he’s trying to get publicity to help him win the Oscar.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch is sure Iran and Islam has never had anything to offer world culture:
Given that the ‘religion of peace’ has lead to nothing but warfare in its’ inherent doctrine of global forced submission to Sharia Law for 1400 years....

....it is a real lose that this guy won’t show up
Mean Daddy argues America isn't banning the important stuff:
There’s no banning of art, just people.
Goddamn, that reads like satire.

Tennessee Nana attacks all art that isn't anti-Muslim propaganda.
unrealistic propaganda movie...

if she was raped she gets stoned to death...

and the rapist gets away with his crime...

apparently he didn’t show that part of Iranian real life.....

so its no loss that this guy might not get to come to the US..
InABunkerUnderSF decides we are at war with Iran.
If you are a loyal citizen of a country where government officials, and the public at large, routinely chant “Death to America”, maybe you should not come to the US.
dsc is just eager to use this new thing he learned.
Iran, Hollyweird, and every muzzie on the face of the earth can go TAFFAARD.
'take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.' Hipster profanity.

fhayek on the virtues of collective guilt:
Well, now they are lumped all together, and maybe this will give them incentive to reform, or otherwise get rid of the bad apples. If they choose not to, then, I would question how ‘good’ they are in the first place. Either way, none of them can come here and set down the roots of future terrorism. And I am good with that.

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  1. President Bannon is pulling the strings of
    Puppet-dent Trump quite well.

    The acting Attorney General was going to get fired soon anyway ... I'm happy she went out with a bang, ha ha.