Friday, January 20, 2017

Hoping for Inaugural violence

Friday spotlight has been preempted by Trump's ascendancy.

I live about 4 blocks from the White House these days, and so I'm getting the hell out of dodge for inauguration. But I leave you with a post about what the police-state wishing Freepers hope inauguration becomes - open violence against liberal protesters. Instigated by liberals, of course. Because once again protesting has become treason.

Fomenting treason?
gundog predicts dumpster fires.
These clowns love smoke in photos of events. It speaks volumes. Step one for professional protesters is to torch dumpsters. After all, the whole world is watching.
Tough guy CodeToad is ready to shoot people if they ever come to wherever he lives:
Rioters and looters should be shot.

They will be if I see them!
JerseyDvl unironically laments how liberals never have the real facts, followed by not trusting any facts about Russia.
I’m sick to death of this insane propagandist nonsense. NONE of the facts fit their narrative yet they keep digging the hole deeper.
I’ll accept that Russia hacked whatever as long I’m shown evidence of it. Anything, however flimsy needs to be revealed.
Da Coyote is pretty sure protesting makes people love Trump more.
I am loving this. We get 100 new votes for each low-T marshmallow brain that appears in these rallies.

Keep it up ‘tards.
Cletus.D.Yokel hopes for criminal charges against the New York Times:
And Trump’s recourse will be to bring the WWP and it’s associates (AKA: NYSlimes) to defend charges of...

wait for it...

That is exactly what the above sentence calls for.
Nuc 1.1 is pretty sure protesting is open revolt.
The time for trying to reason and get along with evil is over....time to start cracking their skulls.

Past time really. They are in open revolt now and as we know they have been for a while.
dp0622 lusts for death:
Just declare open season and let the police and/or national guard use batons like they were killing rodents.
lgjhn23 is explicitly joyful about protestor death at the hands of bikers:
They have no idea how bad of a hellacious azz-whipping they’re fixing to get.
Some of em may even die.
The bikers are gonna go “full Negan” on em...and the cops are gonna stand by and let em get it.
Bring it!!! Best election ever.


  1. So Negan is their protagonist? That explains a lot.

  2. Jeez Louise, has Free Republic gone down again? This is bad for business. You have to pretend from time to time that money is needed to keep Freeperville alive but you have to let the old geezers gloat on a day like today.

  3. Replies
    1. Freepers will claim its the last parting shot from Obama.
      But I would like it if it were a thank-you from Julian Assange and Wikileaks for releasing Chelsea Manning.

  4. How much money has Free Republic taken in since it's beginning? The total must be a staggering amount. And what has RimJob done with it all? He sure hasn't put much of it into the web site. They aren't even up and running on the day Mr. Grab them by the Pussy is sworn into office. lol

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  6. Replies
    1. Translated:

      "John has to sober up enough to drive, this will take at least several hours.

      Praying John doesn't decide to get drunk again in San Jose instead of fixing our hunk-o-crap server.

      So sorry about wasting all your donations over the years living like Donald Trump instead of on system maintenance and improvements.

      God bless, Jim"

    2. I really thought they took down the site because they didn't want to have to talk about what an abysmal turnout they had for their gloomy, rained-out, funereal embarrassment of an "inauguration."