Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Gen.Blather reports that blacks have become much more docile now that Trump's President.
Obama is more “popular” than ever and Trump during the transition of power, has the lowest ratings ever.

My observations are, of course, just one small data point in a huge pile of points. The blacks I interact with at Gold’s gym, and they are about half the clients there, act completely differently towards the whites than they did two years ago. They have gone from surly, angry body language to very pleasant and accommodating. Some of these are the same men. My, what a wonderful difference an election makes.

I really wish I had a good enough relationship with some of them to ask about the change. How do they really see Trump vs. Obama?
And just like that jdsteel isn't worried about the debt.
The public debt numbers have never, ever been accurate in their predictions. So I’m not so worried about that.
Arthur McGowan is going to continue to play games with Obama's name forever. And from birtherism he segues smoothly into 9-11 truther. Lots of those among Freepers.
Obama is almost certainly not President now, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien.

The article says he will not be the “active President” as he leaves Washington. He won’t be any kind of President. He will be SENATOR Obama. (Although, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien, he was almost certainly never a Senator, either.)

I want the Trump Administration to publish the truth about Obama’s citizenship. I want the truth about LBJ’s murder of JFK. I want the truth about the controlled demolitions that took place some years ago, on a Tuesday.
LouisianaJoanof Arc knows why Obama changed our Cuban immigration policy to agree with every other country in the world!
Others have said it, I will chime in, Cuban’s lean republican.

He isn’t even trying to hide his agenda. Spitting in their face but after the election of course.

What a puke.
Proyecto Anonimo has been persecuted, man.
I have said over and over, I will take the take the word of Russia one million times before I believe the U.S. Government establishment once. I will believe and support Putin one million times before I support the U.S. Government establishment one time.

Those who have had their family members physically hurt or killed by their own government understand your comments.
Poor Proyecto Anonimo continues to float that hook out there just begging a Freeper to ask him about his persecution. None does.
For citizens, Freepers, Americans, etc who have never had human rights violations against your family....

ZERO human rights organizations will respond if you contact them alleging violations against the government if you are a white family.

They are exactly what you say: Soros funded creepy organizations with hidden global agendas.

Every one of them.
marktwain smugly questions one of Free Republic's most common sources.
The Washington Post is now a valid news source?
See, you use them, but you say your disgusted every time, and get to ignore all the parts you disagree!

The_Media_never_lie is pretty OK with the swastika these days.
I am more concerned with the BLM symbolism, because it is relevant today, than the Nazi symbol, that was relevant prior to 1945.
pasr trusts only Russia.
The Russians are the only in the election who did not use fake news
gaijin is also happily Putin's bitch.
It’s really weird when I trust Russia and a homo lib 200% more than my own Prez.

DoughtyOne looks forward to the glorious future, full of goal posts I expect he'll move.
We will until the economy is sparked by the tax cuts.

Then the growth will ease. Trump has a goal, and I think he’ll meet it.
Cowboy Bob has a plan for Trump to play brinksmanship politics that would totally not blow up in his face:
There are 8 RED State Democrats up for reelection in 2018. Trump needs to call the 8 in and say "I'm offering positions in my Administration to only 2 of you. I will campaign vigorously to defeat the other 6. Jump now, or be destroyed. I'm only taking 2. First come, first served. Now, who's it gonna be?"
Diogenesis knows why protestors aren't arrested just in case they are assassins - the government is in on it!
Protestors to Inauguration Paid In Tulsa

How is this not Pay4Sedition?

And when one takes a shot at the elected officials,
why did the SS and FBI not take them down BEFORE.

Answer: Just like the Boston Atrocity,
just like Florida and so many more,
they knew in advance — and are complicit.
ballplayer blames all activism in America on the unbelievable fact that blacks won a court case about housing discrimination.
Guess who is paying them.

Through the Obama Justice department,led by Loretta Lynch,the settlements worked out in the Housing Crisis with the offending Banks,the deal was made when they settled,part of the payments were made to community organizing organizations,also the Just US department skimmed some off the top,
So who do you think those community organizations were?
Where else do you think they get all that money for paying protesters and renting buses?
Erm, I hope Eleutheria5 means Melania, not Ivanka...
If they had pictures, you could take it seriously, but it’s a crock. I can’t imagine Trump hiring hookers. He’s got Ivanka, and if he wanted to fool around, he wouldn’t have to pay for it.
i_robot73 thinks the federal government is by definition immoral, and the solution is of course to limit voting:
There’s ‘ETHICS’ in anything related to taxpayer $$\power? Our Founders were not so naive, hence their limited power(s) and everything State\local!

Just some of the reasons why there should *ALWAYS* and *ONLY* be over-view made up of PRIVATE Citizens, none of which EVER had *any* dealings w/ govt\’taxpayer funding’\etc. personally or by blood\family (too many wink-wink nudge-nudge otherwise).
Happy MLK Day from Lonely Are The Brave. This 'denied the divinity of Christ' thing has been making the rounds this year for whatever reason.
The FBI had the goods on his voracious appetite for white prostitutes which were paid for by church money. Not only that but this "great man" denied the Divinity of Christ, said the Vietnam soldiers were traitors and kept in his inner circle known communists & homosexuals. The county began its inexorable downslide into the dirty abyss when it honored this total fraud.
exit82 is still unable to transition to Trump cheerleading.
Just stop already. The election is over.This crapola does not help Trump move us toward anything 
This is not crapola.  
These are excellent points to make with your Demon friends and co-workers as they continue trying to push the theme that Trump is not a legitimate President. Hillary and the Demons are mortal enemies of the Constitution and the United States of America.

They must be destroyed as a political force if America is to survive.

The last 10 years should have made that crystal clear to you.

And Trump is not going to be like Bush, having book reading contests with that idiot Karl Rove, while the Demons and the media savage him..

Thank God for that.


  1. Eleutheria5

    Proof that Trumpers pay little to no attention to their savior as a real person.

  2. Just some of the reasons why there should *ALWAYS* and *ONLY* be over-view made up of PRIVATE Citizens, none of which EVER had *any* dealings w/ govt\’taxpayer funding’\etc. personally or by blood\family (too many wink-wink nudge-nudge otherwise).

    But having your children run your businesses while in office is completely legit?

  3. was MLK a sex-crazed queer-loving communist heretic now? I thought they bragged that he was a gun-loving conservative Republican??

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  5. Erm, I hope Eleutheria5 means Melania, not Ivanka...

    Well, Donny-boy did say if she wasn't his daughter he'd be dating her. So I wouldn't put anything past him.