Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday Pix

Only close angles contain Truth.
What childish, bullying dickheads.
Hating Obama has become their comfort, they cannot give it up.
My favorite bit is the football helmets. Football, that's manly, right?
Switching monkey for boar doesn't make you any less ridiculous.
Freepers are pretty excited to get back to military worship.
The same guy posted this to a bunch of threads one day. I know it's half to shock and troll, but trolling doesn't usually comment on the troll's sexuality like this does...
A lot of that stuff is lies, but I like the larger point. Because she sure does look oppressed.


  1. Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot (and here is how they do it)

    The article being discussed reads in part,

    "Forward to our next local election, where the illegal alien presence and an unlawful day labor site were THE issues, I noticed that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in their purple tee shirts, and their local spinoffs were canvassing the town. I followed them for awhile as they went to homes and neighborhoods where the illegal aliens concentrated, and watched them exit each home or apartment with a new handful of voter registrations."

    This is where the author's story falls apart.

    1. Illegal aliens voting always boils down to "a bunch of brown people voted for someone and I don't like that."

    2. I like how the author basically says "This is how they could do it," but offers no proof that it's happening. His argument about sanctuary cities seems to be that because they have a lot of illegal immigrants and Democrats seem to win there, ipso facto, that must mean illegals are voting! So what, he thinks that illegals snuck into some unsuspecting Republican town, started registering to vote en masse, voted all the Republicans out and it suddenly became liberal? All this without anyone noticing? American Thinker must be ironically named.

  2. In a thread about Malia Obama some Freeper says,

    "she is free to practice black sexual promiscuity epidemic among liberals"

    but then this happens,

    "If you think about it this cannot be a surprise to those who have been paying attention.When you're raised by two utterly amoral individuals like Chelsea and these two kids were how can we expect them to become anything *but* worthless filth?

    All three have clearly been subjected to the most breathtaking forms of child the best we can hope for is for them to die young.

    Yes,we can hope for their 'salvation' but I fear that they're too badly damaged for that."

    Let me repeat that just in case you missed it,

    "All three have clearly been subjected to the most breathtaking forms of child the best we can hope for is for them to die young."

    Free Republic is an awful, awful place full of awful people. Shame on all of them.

    1. The attack on Barron Trump was way out of line, but conservatives conveniently forgot everything they said about Chelsea.

    2. But those classy Palin kids, classin' up the joint with their classiness. Speaking of sexual promiscuity.
      Also, which president has five kids by three different wives? His name is right on the tip of my tongue...

    3. To somefake: It really is an awful place. All of this ugliness just because Malia Obama joined a protest of an oil pipeline. It's amazing.

      And notice that after nearly 100 posts on that thread nobody calls out GayStateConservative over that incredibly disgusting and hateful comment, which means to me that they tacitly approve of what he said.

      How can any of them seriously call themselves loving Christians? How can they possibly look at themselves in the mirror and be so smugly confident in their salvation and in their self-righteousness? How impossibly arrogant can they be??

  3. The majority of Trump's EOs contain this at the end: "This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations."

    To even the marginally educated, that means that without Congressional approval through the appropriations process, these EOs are basically garbage.

    The morons at FR think he's actually done something this whole week and he's "winning."

    He hasn't done shit besides file Memorandum of Understandings.

    1. It's all about appearance with The Donald. As long as it looks like he's doing something, that's all that matters to him and his fans. Never mind that it's all smoke and mirrors.

  4. I still think that Free Republic was down on inaguration day on purpose because they couldn't have people live streaming the astonishingly empty parade route. Must change the narrative immediately: 24-48 hours oughtta do it.

    1. It's back to slow-loading of pages ... another failure is imminent.

  5. Free Republic, the most trusted name in news.

    "Unconfirmed, but here are the suspects names:

    Bashir al-Taweed and Hassan Matti, two Syrians who entered Canada as refugees last week."

    1. "Clearly, refugees need to be stopped. Everywhere. Can Trump rule for other countries too?"