Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK's heresy

Monday's shenanigans are moved to Tuesday, because this is Freep's favorite holiday!
In searching for MLK day posts, I found one from 2011 that the original poster has been rebumping every MLK day. It's about King's theology. It goes into some pretty complicated weeds about the Trinity and Nicean Creed and all sorts of things that make me glad I'm a Unitarian.

The article is posted by "Zionist Conspirator," who is a Jew who is super into Christian eschatology. He seems to find the article a huge indictment. Other Freepers stop by to move things beyond religious subtleties and into mainstream denigration.

Zionist Conspirator lays out the case, such as it is:
Here (from a friendly source) is everything one needs to know about the "theology" of Martin Luther King Jr. That Fundamentalist Blacks who know better (Peterson, Childress, his niece Alveda) cover up these facts and play along with the "born-again chr*stian who would be horrified at his followers today" is absolutely unconscionable.

Notice especially his rejection of any supernatural consummation of history and righting of wrongs--always the great threat to people who want to reduce the eschaton to "equal pay" and a full stomach (and anyone who would be satisfied by such a "paradise" doesn't know what it's like to suffer!). While many chr*stian traditions regard a messianic kingdom on this earth as the root of Communism, it is actually quite the opposite. A literal messianic kingdom governed by the laws of G-d is the ultimate nightmare of secularists everywhere.

This evening there was a local community celebration of King at which the speaker was a preacher from some church with a fundie name two miles long (some sort of spirit-filled house-of-deliverance or something). The Black church is schizophrenic.
Long since zottee naturalized shows up to advocate theocracy:
Not Christian. Denying the Resurrection should be labeled hate speech.
I know it was 2011, but redgolum seems to not know Free Republic:
Good article, but might just get you banned.

There are certain things in this dark age you can’t touch. MLK is one of them.
yefragetuwrabrumuy is pretty sure that King's problem was that he was thinking like Satan:
I think that King’s essential failure is the same one made by so many who are brilliant in their own way: they think they can imagine a better definition of divinity, so sure of their brilliance, and argue it into reality.

“Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”

His writings are like the rationalizations that Lucifer gave, and each and every one can be read from that perspective. Lucifer would never imagine Jesus as his superior, but as his equal, perhaps even his inferior.
wideawake starts with the King plagiarism canard (which I understand was common practice at the time), and moves on to declare King was a Commie:
Fascinating article. I will point out that determining what King's theology was is made more difficult by his documented habit of plagiarizing his liberal white colleagues' work. While I'm certain that he acknowledged all this post-Christian Teutonic blather as a useful construct for maintaining a Christian facade, I believe that this is precisely what it was: a facade. His real interest was radical socialism and the erasure of republican government and civil society.

The civil rights movement was his first taste of power - by 1965 he had already moved on to the next level.
lurk also excommunicates King:
In other words, he was an unbeliever who saw the church as a convenient vehicle for an agenda.

That’s never happened before.
SoConPubbie is amazed at what Freep has uncovered!
I am simply amazed and dumb-founded.

So this so-called "Man of GOd" was a liar and hypocrit.

He had no religion, he was not a Christian, and he continually denied Christ.

Whatever respect I use to have for this idiot has now faded away.
sasportas is sure Blacks would hate King if only they knew!
I was not aware of all this. And to think, just about every major city in America has a “Martin Luther King Street” Avenue or Blvd. The black community reverences those streets, and almost all of their churches theology about creation, the Bible, and Christ, would be diametrically opposite to their great hero’s. Incredible.


  1. Oh Oz, this is great:
    Leaked Audio - Libs Planning to Blockade Trump Inauguration, Disrupt, Crash DeploraBall

    It has EVERYTHING! Self-righteous anger, CW2 predictions, explicit threats...and they WON!

    Imagine how angry they'd be if Trump lost!

    Well, probably just as angry...and they'd probably be posting the same stuff about guns and beating people...but they'd be calling Hillary a traitor and yelling Benghazi and shit.

  2. His real interest was radical socialism and the erasure of republican government and civil society.

    I know that's republican with a small "r," but isn't it another one of their canards that MLK was a Republican? So, he was a not-a-Christian reverend and a Republican commie.

    I was not aware of all this.

    That is an understatement.

  3. "Obama is almost certainly not President now, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien.

    The article says he will not be the 'active President' as he leaves Washington. He won’t be any kind of President. He will be SENATOR Obama. (Although, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien, he was almost certainly never a Senator, either.)

    I want the Trump Administration to publish the truth about Obama’s citizenship. I want the truth about LBJ’s murder of JFK. I want the truth about the controlled demolitions that took place some years ago, on a Tuesday."