Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. III

pissant dramatically explains what make America Great again means. It's not a surprise.
Trump’s task is literally to save our Republic. Not just on the economy and trade and illegal immigration. But he must stop and reverse the whole trajectory that this country has been on at least since the 1960s. The shithole, islamicized, feminized, neutered states of Europe is our future if he (and we) fail.
WildHighlander57 picks up the dog whistle in Trump's immigration EO. Until Rudy made it explicit, lol.
“...ban on allowing refugees into the United States except for religious minorities escaping persecution, ...”

Religious minorities = Christians

(and others, but mostly Christians)

It’s about time 0’s policy was reversed.

Winning !!! Not tired of winning yet.
21twelve doesn't know what social media is.
As we know, these protests are too well-organized to just be spontaneous. Maybe Trump can put a “tariff” on Soro’s money coming in to support these protesters. Or better yet, put a bounty on Soro’s head for supporting these terrorists.
a fool in paradise has some high standards for his media:
And ABC got the Oscar nominations wrong today as well.

And Time got it wrong that the MLK bust had been removed from the White House.

And this is the “trusted media”.

A bunch of crooked hacks.
Suddenly all the martial law BS they feared from Strawbama is Constitutional and good - DesertRhino
President Trump Says he Is Open To Using Feds to Fix Chicago Violence

  • RICO
  • Massive immigration fraud
  • Massive violations of the Felons using firearms
  • and last... they came in and started consent decrees on police departments. Obama just did one in Chicago. It means the feds RUN that department. Now Trump can use the authority Obama launched. 

  • And last but not least, a refusal of state and locals to protect civil rights. You may recall three civil roghts workers murdered in Mississippi back in ‘64. The Feds came right in.

Yes, they have plenty of authority. They can roll into town and enforce every federal law in existence. Dope, Guns, RICO, you name it.
martin_fierro is one of them manly individualists:
PBS/NPR In Panic: Trump Administration To Defund/Privatize

BansheeBill wants some institutional reform at NPR:
This might make NPR have to reduce the bloated number of producers on their shows.
Check out how many producers and assistants are needed to put Morning Edition on the air:
x_plus_one loves some tough-guy Trump.
Visualize a poster of Trump al la Teddy Rosevelt. One hand holding his rifle, the foot resting on big bird, a basket of phesants with elmo and oscar the grouch hanging out with x’s on their eyes. The public will either be appalled or highly amused.
x focuses on the important:
Trump has more important stuff to do than stare out the window.
Obama didn't.
It's a wonder how he found time for anything else.
HotKat continues Conservatives' obsession with protest cleanliness.
I have been searching for photos post innauration of Obama vs Trump. I remember the Mall was trashed after Obama’s, but i haven’t seen any after Trump’s.
When you can't find moral highground except on such remote arenas, I guess you make due with what you have...

x1stcav is still hating Obama, and half of America. But loves Mozart's 5th!
hope the most vile and evil things plague this POS the rest of his life.

I don’t feel affection for the creeps that votec him in twice either.


dit dit dit dah
Reno89519 makes me wonder what Cruz's long term prospects in the GOP are, and then I laugh.
Do you have a bot running that notifies you every time an article is posted that mentions Cruz, just so you can be sure to post more crap soon after the article is up? No, but like many others on FR, I a tired of Lyn’ Ted BS so I and others are quick to reply. Good riddance to Lyn’ Ted.
Yaelle remains second to none in mixing a rational perspective with batshit insanity.
I always preferred Bernie to Hillary because it’s only a fair fight with an honest ideological difference. I have seen no evidence Bernie is a dirty double crossing murderous traitor, committing felonies as easily as coughing and seizing up.

He is a legit politician, for what that is worth, and believes his crap. I differ with him on 95% of issues but I respect him and his right to believe as he does.
dragnet2 suddenly thinks Presidential death threats are important.
. Holy sh!t ... a Trump advisor survived an ASSASSINATION attempt!! Oh, wait a minute ... it was only sugar or flour in that envelope.

Never mind the fact Trump and his family have received 5000 threats, some from mass murdering billion dollar drug kingpins, key Republicans, Democrats, ISIS, Celebrities , members of the media, foreign leaders, and thousands of other death threats from every direction.

What a piece of work you are.
Key Republicans and Democrats

Dilbert San Diego has some really strong confirmation bias going.
A bit off topic, but do you ever notice, that it tends to be religious faith organizations, which step in to provide disaster relief?? Has anyone ever heard of any prominent liberal organization doing this sort of humanitarian work???
Doctors Without Borders: not liberal, I guess.

Gay State Conservative is pretty sure the Obamas and Clintons have been abusing their kids, so now he hopes for those kids to die.
When you're raised by two utterly amoral individuals like Chelsea and these two kids were how can we expect them to become anything *but* worthless filth?

All three have clearly been subjected to the most breathtaking forms of child the best we can hope for is for them to die young.

Yes,we can hope for their "salvation" but I fear that they're too badly damaged for that.


  1. Beethoven's 5th, not Mozart's.

  2. "Here is a recent news report. A French Canadian student has been arrested for killing 6 Muslims, 39 and older, and wounding 5. He was known to be an outspoken supporter of far right Le Pen in France, and also President Trump who he spoke to other students about. Note French name."

    And with that the thread came to an abrupt halt. When it turned out that the perp was just an angry white boy and not a couple of Syrian refugees one week off the boat, they lost interest in the subject entirely.

    1. Would one of our Freeper readers please post this article to Free Republic? Thanks!

      The White House Just Used The Quebec Mosque Shooting To Justify Trump’s Travel Ban

    2. Don't forget: if a white supremacist male shoots the place up, he is (1) a false flag (2) a liberal (3) gay. This way, Freeper ideology is never wrong or dangerous.

    3. Right on cue!

  3. So, according to UK's Telegraph, back in 2009, Obama was getting 30 death threats per day:

    I couldn't find any death threat numbers on Trump, but when googling all but a couple articles I could find were about post election Trump supporters committing death threats against liberals:

    As should be a surprise to no one who isn't a Freeper. I'm doing this from my phone so a better comparison is rather difficult.

    Fairness here, in my search I found an article quoting the CIA saying his death threats were on parents with those against GWB and Clinton.

    Suffice it to say, 5000 threats against Trump? Hyperbolic fantasy, IMO, at the very kindest. Outright dangerous pitchfork mentality against "liberals", more likely.