Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'ObamaCare' to 'TrumpCare'

anonymousB found this, and it's pretty quality.

There are not many joys to be found in Trump's blatant corruption running unfettered. But one bit of joy is the GOP struggling to address it's own promises while trying to avoid the inevitable effects of actually delivering on them. Repealing Obamacare, for instance, would crash the insurance market and put a bunch of sick and old people in the poorhouse, or worse. Replacing it requires either a very similar plan, or something like single payer.

Obama has realized this, and in a move that I can't be sure isn't trolling, has said he doesn't care if the GOP calls it TrumpCare, if they can "come up with a system that insures more people cheaper, better."

Freepers once again show the GOP what they're up against, insisting Obamacare is awful, but decrying any replacement as more of the same, and through it all fearing from the bottom of their souls an unacceptable win for Obama.

Salamander does the common Freeper trick of ignoring Obama's words, declaring Obama's sad, and then wanking off it.

/bet he’s eating Zantac like candy
SkyDancer is sure Obama's ashamed, which is why he's talking about it.
Yeah, he wants to get his name off that fiasco.
Fungi heard Obama's name, and automatically posted this I guess.
This guy cannot stop lying.
Ouderkirk contributes doodoo.
Onambla is the skidmark in the underwear of America
Kaslin declares liberals all crazy.
He is delusional

All rats are
CPONav is sure Obama is just plotting to take credit for Trump's success/failure. The only option is to completely destroy Obamacare. Anything less and maybe Obama looks good!!!
He’s not delusional.

If the Trump Admin “make changes” to Obamacare and it works, it’s still Obama’s program. If the changes don’t work, the Trump ruined Obama’s wonderful program.
If Obamacare is repealed, then he cannot ever take any credit for any health care programs that the Trump Admin implements.

Anything other than complete repeaal will leave the Democrats room to take credit for anything good that comes out of fixing this mess.
DBrow agrees - the GOP majority means the GOP might soon get blamed for things!
Once a Republican touches it, even to make the tiniest changes (like getting the student loan program out of ACA) it will be a Republican failure. That’s all we’ll hear about.

No Child Left Behind was Ted Kennedy- but Bush endorsed it so it was Bush’s fault.

Nixon ran on ending the Kennedy-Johnson war. Once elected it became his war.

So naturally Obama and the progs will be happy to have Trump make reforms.
Pretty sure Vietnam is still Johnson's war, dude.

Ray76 also fears Republican blame:
It’s your “signature” legislation. It is ALL yours and the Democrats. ALL OF IT.

Repubs would be idiots to modify it - “you broke it” will be the Democrat claim. No more games, RINOs.
Lumper20 wants the free market, mostly to spite the lazy poors.
To hell with the name. Let folks choose their own plan. No free health care. You either earn it and/or you pay for it.
Ann Archy just knows Obamacare bad.
I’ll bet he does!!!! It’s BREAKING people!!! It’s a HORRIBLE bill!!!
ForYourChildren declares victory. And CAPS don't cover for how weak an attempt it is.
This frees Obama from his catastrophe. Gets him dissociated with it.

It is an admission by Obama - OBAMACARE IS A FAILURE!!

clearcarbon found a great analogy, and screw content!
I wouldn't wish obamacare on my worse enemy, but comrade dictator obama would. It was like another hussein using WMDs on his own people.
faithhopecharity is similarly not really engaging with the issue.
it does not work and its killing millions of American jobs
let;s not change it to TrumpCare, let’s instead
change it to DumpCare
txrefugee also hates those undeserving poors:
How about Taxpayercare, since that’s who has to pay for all the freeloaders signing up.
Never one to consider carefully, gaijin is unclear on why the healthcare market's demand curve is different than teeth and animals.
Why isn’t the Vetrinary care system totally screwed up?

Why is the dental system MUCH LESS screwed up?

Cuz the government role in those is much, much less.
In a thread all about Obama, lgjhn23 declares Obama irrelevant.
He’s totally irrelevant to the issue now....a lame bird, dead duck, whatever.
No one cares what the lying POS is “fine” with.
Forward the Light Brigade is sure Trump can win...somehow.
Trumpcare is a good name—if Trump can make it really affordable—make it work! and beat Obama at his own game. Trump can do this—he will be hailed as the equal to Lincoln.
Forward the Light Brigade also has great faith Freepers' Obama delusions will be proven soon.
The Truth about his term as President will cause him to vanish away like a vampire exposed to sunlight. Once the tell all books start to comeout he will become a laughing stock and all the media will not be able to put him back together again.


  1. Pardon me if I am repeating what's been said before but the Republicans must not have expected to be in power. They cannot deliver on their promises.

    What will Freepers do when they learn that they have been fooled again?

    1. Whatever happens, they'll probably continue to pretend it's what they wanted all along.

    2. And blame minorities and poor people.

  2. "If Trump can make it affordable" -- wait, I thought he ran in already having a plan, a tremendous plan?

    Also, how can it (the ACA) be simultaneously outrageously expensive AND "free government stuff"?

    1. Well, obviously it's outrageously expensive for white conservatives, but free for those undeserving poors.