Thursday, January 12, 2017

Freepers mock a tax revolt

Many liberals are having trouble dealing with a Trump Presidency. And, unlike me, they are trying to actually do something about it. I do think their lack of complacency is pretty nifty, but this leads to a lot of silliness. One such proposal is a tax revolt.

What makes this amazing, though, is that Freepers have been threatening a Tax Revolt since the Kenyan Usurper Affirmative Actioned his way into office. I even had a thread on it! Now, though, paying taxes has suddenly become a moral obligation. Freepers have really stopped believing in anything.

RooRoobird20 makes the very common, very tired, Freeper joke that people who vote for Democrats don't pay taxes. Can't tell which of them aren't joking.
If Time did a little fact-checking, they would find that most of Cankle’s supporters are welfare/entitlement slugs, they don’t pay taxes anyway.
Thibodeaux focuses his hate on one group who voted wrong:
Purge California

(those there that wish can petition for their area to return to the union)
TigerClaws, of course, goes deep into voter conspiracy. From his spotlight, it's not that he believes it, but he thinks paranoid false propaganda might help.
Legal voters? No.

2-3 million of her votes were from citizens of foreign countries not eligible to vote in the U.S.

In fact, it’s a felony to do so.

But did Obama encourage them to break the law? Yep. Go look on YouTube...
Paulie is sure there are no liberal doctors or lawyers or anyone in Hollywood etc. etc.
Of the Hillary! supporters who do pay taxes, most of them are W-2 wage earners from government or public school jobs.

Ironically, the system they set up makes it virtually impossible not to pay income tax, and probably most other taxes as well.

Live by the sword; die by the sword...
Palio di Siena thinks this article means it's Civil War time.
they are coming out of the woodwork.
catharsis is good.
conflict is under rated.
tcrlaf is pretty smug about these silly liberals breaking the law:
Liberals should not pay taxes this year, so they can all be exposed to the fines, penalties, and criminal enforcement actions of the IRS!

A little Karma can go a LONG WAY to reforming things.
EDINVA thinks this is a good excuse to persecute all Hillary voters:
Or how about: anyone who voted for Hillary! doesn’t get ANY federal benefits? No child care credit, no food stamps, no subsidized rent, no subsidized college loans, no medicaid, no medicare, no SS. Methinks it would more than offset any failure to pay taxes by Hillary! voters.
nighthawk may want to check this website he's posting on:
Democracy restored? So it’s only democracy if their candidate wins?
dp0622, on cue, calls the liberals babies for doing what Freepers have been doing for eight years.
Geez!!! AGAIN what ####ing babies!!!

Just wow!!!

little boys and girls. it’s Pathetic.

Or are the 65 million so ####ing dumb that they don’t know about the electoral college?
pieceofthepuzzle has been going through life these past eight years blaming Obama for everything, but taxes are patriotic!
I really can't stand these people.

My life was turned upside down by the outgoing administration, and my profession changed dramatically. I had people from the left gloating at me, including way overpaid media people who were unaffected by Obama’s policies.

I, like many others from many places and backgrounds had to eat our pride and get on with our lives, avoiding the cheerleading by the MSM when possible. Now they want to ignore the vote? They don't want to pay their taxes? They don't want democracy or our federal system. They just want their way, and don't want their world to change. It's very consistent with their narcissism and inability to actually see the world beyond their myopia.
Brooklyn Attitude knows Republicans would never threaten not to pay their taxes and then not do it!
Republicans aren’t whiney babies. They understand and respect the Constitution and the dangers of a pure Democracy.

“Is signing a pledge to not pay taxes legal? Yes, if no overt act of conspiracy is involved, and the pledge itself is hypothetical. No one knows when or if it would be carried out”.

So you wont get in trouble for pledging not to pay taxes as long as you keep paying them. Such pledge is worthless, like all DemocRAT pledges. Brilliant.


  1. I love pointing out to freeper types at how all their threatened actions mirror exactly all the actual actions taken by leftists.

    Then I call them long-haired hippies.

  2. "Freepers have really stopped believing in anything."

    They still believe that white is right.

  3. As shown by the absolutely inadequate website JR has created, the bottom line is that people like Freepers- who complain about the lack of jobs- are at least partially responsible for their won difficulties.

    They've studied buggy whips while innovation has passed them by. They, and people who complain about not having a job, have been provided ample opportunity to develop their skills to be a part of the new global market. They were either unwilling or unable and now they have no one else to blame for their own failures but themselves.

    1. *own difficulties

      I've had a few drinks. It's Thursday and I have tomorrow off!

    2. "They don't want democracy or our federal system. They just want their way, and don't want their world to change. It's very consistent with their narcissism and inability to actually see the world beyond their myopia."

      Change "they" to "we" and this could be FR's new mission statement.

  4. They are very conflicted about their zero tolerance on immigration!

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